Zumimall wireless outdoor security camera Gx1s setup, troubleshooting

Zumimall provides you a wireless rechargeable GX1S security outdoor camera that is a total solution for the security of your home or office. The camera assures your better night sleep and determination on other works as it monitors every single movement in the area whether it is day or night. Zumimall security camera GX1S is an outdoor wireless security camera with 1080p resolutions that can be operated using the cloudEdge application via a mobile device or computer. The camera is waterproof, supports night vision, and compatible with cloud storage or sd card.

External accessories with the gx1s camera

The box is packaged providing multiple essential products and parts for a secure and safe video monitoring of your home or office. We have listed the products that are provided with the zumimall gx1s camera below with their respective functions.

  • Iron ball wall mount (x1)
  • Quick user guide (x1)
  • Double-sided Adhesive (x2)
  • Screws set (x1)
  • USB cable (x1)

Zumimall security camera Gx1s Features

The camera provides several essential features to the users. The key features of the Zumimall wireless security camera are provided below.

    • Zumimall wireless security camera captures images or pixels at a very high speed with high quality.
    • Ultra-long standby Time: It is a rechargeable camera with a 10400mAh battery and can last for 5-6 months or 1500 times once fully charged enhancing your experience.

It is compatible with 2.4G wifi, it doesn’t work with 5G wifi connectivity.

  • Enhanced PIR motion detection: The camera has flexibly adjustable motion sensitivity to eliminate false alarms or avoid false capturing caused by flying moths, insects ensuring you see only what is necessary.
  • Advance Alert notification: The camera sends you on-time notification alerts and the motion-captured videos are saved in the memory slot, micro SD card(expandable up to 128 GB), and in the paid cloud storage when captured by the high-sensitive PIR motion sensor.
  • Full HD 1080p recording with IR Night vision: The camera is equipped with 4 Infrared lights to detect IR motion. The outdoor camera in the camera is designed to switch automatically to black-white night vision to provide clear visuals to the users in the dark. The camera provides monitoring up to 120° and 55 ft. Height night vision range. The camera proves to be a complete solution for the security of your home or office.
  • IP65 Weatherproof and vandal resistance feature: The camera provides you high security even with turning weather. It can keep capturing visuals and withstand temperature from -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C) which means you can keep receiving signal and visuals monitoring from the camera in changing weather, storm, or snowy weather.
  • Two-way Audio: The advanced home surveillance camera with an attached microphone and high-modified speakers allow you to communicate with people clearly in different situations and places.
  • Multiple Remote Access: The camera can be operated using multiple devices at a time which allows you seamless connectivity from anywhere.
  • Full wifi connectivity: The camera comes with wireless and enhanced antennas and the outdoor camera is operated using the wifi batteries.

How to Add Zumimall Gx1s camera to CloudEdge app

As we have mentioned above, the Zumimall gx1s is a outdoor wireless security camera that can be operated using the CloudEdge application. Once the gx1s camera is connected to the application, it is ready to transmit signals and provide visuals. We have provided the steps to add the camera to the application below.

Install A micro SD card

Install a micro SD card in the card slot of the camera for video recording when it catches any motion. The wireless camera supports up to a 128GB memory card.

Note: Insert the micro SD card before powering on the camera or else it will not be recognized.

Turn the camera ON

Power on the Camera by clicking and pressing the Power button for 5 seconds. If the camera doesn’t start, charge it for a minimum of 15 seconds via DC 5V 1A/2A phone adapter.

Note: Before setting up wifi, make sure the indicator light is slowly blinking in red color.

Set up Wifi

Place the camera and the connecting device i.e smartphone 1to 3 feet away from the router to set up the wifi connection.

Note: The Zumimall wireless security camera is only compatible with the 2.4GHz network, not the 5GHz.

Download ZUMIMALL Camera APP

ZUMIMALL Camera APP Click Here to Download ZUMIMALL Camera APP

Configuring wifi using the App

  • Open the cloudEdge app on the Mobile phone, click on the plus(+) sign, and select Battery camera.
  • Select ‘The device has flashed red’ and click on next.
  • Select the 2.4GHz wifi SSID and enter the password then click on next.
  • Scan the QR code using the camera lens with a distance of about 15 cm.
  • Click on ‘hear tone’ and the camera will start connecting to wifi and will skip to the ‘search for device’ page.
  • Click on Done to start watching the live recordings.

Note: After the Wifi setup, you can edit the camera name.

Zumimall Gx1s Wireless outdoor security camera Installation

You can place the camera anywhere in the home or office. For example, you can place the Zumimall wireless security camera on Tables, chairs, floors, etc.

Zumimall Security camera Installation with Wall mount

Fix an Iron ball bracket to the wall using screws or double-sided adhesive. Magnetize the camera to the iron ball. The installation process of the camera is very easy and convenient and helps a lot in adjusting the angle. Make sure the wall surface is plane, flat, and contains no dust. If the surface is hard or rough, we suggest placing the Camera using the Wall mount with screws instead of a magnetic mount.

Reducing False reports/alarms by the Camera

The Camera may catch some false motions caused by flying moths, dust, or other insects if not installed properly. False alarms waste your time by sending unnecessary notifications to the CloudEdge application. There are Some precautions provided below that should be taken to reduce getting False alarms by the Camera.

  • Avoid installing the Gx1s Camera facing any object with bright lights that include sunshine and Bright lamp lights also.
  • You should not mount the Camera too close to a place where there is frequent movement of vehicles.
    Note: According to studies, the preferred distance between the Camera and the vehicle should be a minimum of 15meters(55ft.).
  • Keep the Zumimall security Camera away from Outlets, air-conditioning windows, vents, heat transfer vents, projectors, and so on.
  • Never place the Camera facing a mirror.
  • To avoid wireless connectivity fluctuations, place the Camera a minimum of 1 meter away from any wireless network including phones, wifi routers, and so on.

Cover Wider monitoring area

The Zumimall wireless Gx1s security Camera worth much more than defined if used properly. In this section, you’ll learn how to cover a wide monitoring area by the Camera.

Do not place the camera so the PIR sensor vertically faces moving objects while installing the Camera. If you do so, it’ll struggle to detect motion events.

The Camera should be placed as there is an angle between the PIR sensor and the object of a minimum of 10°.

How to Enable the Gx1s Camera P2P sharing

P2P sharing stands for Person-to-person sharing of information and recorded videos. Using the feature, you can share live recordings or recorded videos with a particular person at a time. The steps to access the P2P sharing of the Zumimall wireless security camera is given below.

    • Connect your friend’s account to the app.

Note: Make sure that your friend has the CloudEdge app installed on his device before the connection.

  • Your friend will receive a connection request on his/her phone, ask him/her to accept.
  • That’s it, you are ready to share any video with your friend now.

In this section, we have collected some important issues faced by the buyers along with their answers.

Q.1. The zumimall gx1s Camera is not connecting to the network.

Sol^n- There may be different causes of the problem. Try the solutions given below.

  • Make sure you have entered the correct username and password. If not, enter the correct one.
  • The wifi may be of 5G, make sure the wifi to be 2.4G as the camera doesn’t support 5G.
  • Make sure the camera and the device(phone) is placed between the suggested distance.

Q.2. How to reset the zumimall gx1s Camera?

Sol^n- Follow the given steps below to reset the camera to factory defaults.

  • Click and hold the reset button for 5 seconds.
  • The camera will produce a ‘Boogie’ sound.
  • The red light will turn to slow blinking.

Q.3. I am unable to add a device to the gx1s Camera.

Sol^n- Turn on the Cellular data ‘On’ of the CloudEdge application in your phone settings.

Q.4. Not getting any alarm push in the app.

Sol^n- Turn on the CloudEdge notification in your phone settings.

Q.5. Not recorded any alarm video.

Sol^n- You may have not inserted an SD card in the camera. Insert an SD card up to 128gb in the card slot of the camera.