ZOSI C301 Wire-Free Cameras Security System Setup, Troubleshooting

ZOSI C301 ZSWNVK-R4204A-W-US Wire-Free Cameras Security System is wire-free, rechargeable, and easy to install a security system for all your security needs. This completely weather-proof HD camera is popularly selected for surveillance. You can check the ZOSI C301 Camera Setup.
Here are some of the many reasons why ZOSI C301 is a popular choice among consumers:

ZOSI C301 ZSWNVK-R4204A-W-US Camera Features

  1. Durable and rechargeable Battery: C301 security camera comes with a 7800mA rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that consumes less battery and lasts longer that saves the user money and energy.
  2. Easy Installation: The completely wire-free setup provides the ease of hassle-free installation as no power cables or power outlets are required.
  3. Effective Siren Alarm System: C301’s intelligent alarm system gets automatically activated whenever any human movement is detected and works even in darkness.
  4. Wireless connection range: Its long-distance wireless range extends up to 250ft in a home environment and may extend to a 1000ft distance when it comes to open areas. It uses 2.4GHz FHSS technology that prevents interference with the WiFi router.
  5. Solar Power Support: The camera also supports powering through solar panels that could also in turn extend its battery life.
  6. 1080p Full HD Resolution: The camera comes with 2 Megapixels CMOS sensor that helps the camera to produce high quality, visibly crisp images and videos as compared to other 720p cameras.
  7. Live Video and Audio: You can also use ZOSI App to live stream or keep track of what is happening in the area where cameras are installed. The built-in mic and speakers in the camera allow you to hear and talk to the person on the other side.
  8. Single Touch Emergency Alarm: In an emergency, you can just tap on the “Alarm” logo that activates sirens and light on the 4 cameras at the same time to catch the intruder off guard.
  9. Reliable Storage: The Micro SD card that comes with the recorder gives 128GB storage. You can also upgrade the Hard Disk up to 8TB for your extra storage needs.


To set up the ZOSI C301 you just need to follow some quick instructions and you are good to go –

  1. Firstly, you need to connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network and scan the QR code that came with the installation guide.
  2. Download the ZOSI Smart App and perform the next steps.
  3. Now you connect the camera to the power supply by connecting its power port to the power outlet using the given power adapter. The humming sound coming from the camera confirms it is activated. Different lights on the indicator LED indicate the different modes of the camera. If the LED is solid red, it means that the camera is pairing. If the red light turns to off state then it indicates that the camera is successfully connected.
  4. To configure the camera, press the connect key present on the back of the camera that operates the camera on the NVR operation page.


For the installation purpose, make sure that the wall you plan to mount your camera has enough strength to hold weight three times that of the camera. After you have selected the perfect wall for your camera follow the given steps:

  1. Mount the base on the wall to support the camera and then mount the anchoring.
  2. Now adjust the angle of the camera by loosening the adjusting screw.
  3. After you have your required adjustment, tighten the screw and your camera is installed.

What to do if you cannot add devices by using a local search?

If you are unable to add devices using your local search, see the following:

  1. Check your device and mobile phone and make sure that they are using the same LAN.
  2. If they are not and you are unable to add them in the same LAN then add the device manually by adding the UID of the device.

How to set the screen display of the ZOSI C301 camera system?

You can follow the following steps to set the screen display of your C301 camera system:

  • In the DVR menu, find the “Start Scan/ Stop Scan” option. If you don’t want the monitor to display all the channels, go to the “Multi” option and select the channels you want to show.
  • Select the “Start Scan” option if you want the monitor to show different channels one after the other. Then you can go to the “Multi” option and select the channel.
  • You can also move to DVR’s Main Menu and from there go to “Setup” then “Live” and then select “Main Monitor” in order to set up the display mode and interval.
  • After you have the required settings, click on “Apply” to save the changes.

What to do if you are unable to access the previous recordings on ZOSI Cam?

If you are unable to access the previous recordings check the following:

  1. Now you are using the “Playback” option to play the previous videos then that will show the recordings of only the past 24 hours.
  2. If you want to access recordings other than that of the last 24 hours, you need to go to the “Search” option and it will let you search recordings of a specific time.
  3. In order to find a specific recording, go to the specific date on the calendar and select the channels you want by checking the boxes available below the calendar. Now on the top right corner of the menu, click on “Search”.
  4. On the left side, you can see a light blue box with footage of that time and channel, if any. Click on the play button located on the left of “Start Time”. Start time can also be inputted manually.

Is it possible to turn off the IR LEDs on the ZOSI security camera setup?

The Infrared LEDs on the security cameras are equipped with a photosensor that is present on the front of the camera. These allow the camera to switch modes between night and day. When there is little to no light available, the photosensor is able to sense it and helps the camera to switch to black and white mode and it turns to color mode when it senses enough light. Usually, the night vision in the surveillance cameras or systems is an intelligence feature and cannot be controlled.

Using their photosensitivity, they automatically dim or illuminate as per requirement.

What to do if the ZOSI ZSWNVK-R4204A-W-US Security Camera is not showing images?

If the security camera is not showing images then check the following:

  1. Make sure that the camera is properly supplied with power. To check, cover the lens of the camera and see if there is a click sound or the red light in the lens show up. This indicates that the camera is receiving power.
  2. If there is no problem with the Power source, check by connecting your camera on a different DVR/NVR port.
  3. You can also try to switch the input cables to see if this helps to resolve the issue.
  4. Also, check if the video formats supported by your DVRs/NVRs and security camera system are compatible with each other.

Why are there issues with the image quality of the ZOSI C301 security camera?

If you are experiencing issues with the image quality of your security camera like bad quality footage, no night vision clarity, showing blur or colored patches on screen, there may be a lot of reasons for that. Check for the following:

  1. Check your camera lens for traces of dust, dust, or any kind of impurity that can cause the image to blur or distort. If you find something, take a clean and soft cloth and carefully wipe the lens.
  2. Make sure that your camera is in the router’s range. Connectivity issues may also cause the images to distort.
  3. In case of colored patches on the camera screen, try and move the camera to another location and check if this resolves the issue. Turn the IR lights on and off manually to see if there is any change. Try to turn the camera off and then turn it on to see if it works.
  4. If the image is brighter than expected, make sure that the camera is not facing a direct source of light like a spotlight or the sun.
  5. You can also adjust the brightness settings on your security camera.
  6. Try and move the camera to a different location and check if you see a difference.
  7. If the image is too dark, change the brightness and contrast settings on the camera. If that doesn’t work try to put the camera in a different location where it is receiving sufficient light.
  8. The resolution of your footage is low then check the resolution settings on the camera and make sure they are set at the right number, preferably at the highest.

How to resolve the “Can’t connect to WiFi” issue on ZOSI C301 ZSWNVK-R4204A-W-US?

If you are unable to connect to the WiFi network with your camera, there can be a lot of reasons like the antennas of the WiFi camera are loose or not connected properly, the camera lacks power supply, wrong login credentials, the camera is installed far from the router range, the firmware is not compatible, the router channel is crowded, the router firewall is blocking the connection and many more.

You can get rid of the issues by applying these little fixes.
  • Make sure that the antennas of your security camera are fixed properly. Check if the supply of power to the camera is constant or not. Double sure that the batteries of the camera are working fine and are not out of charge, if discharged take them out and charge for directed time and install again and recheck.
  • When you log in your WiFi on the camera, make sure that the password input is correct. Most of the time, the camera fails to connect to the WiFi because of a wrong password.
  • Check if the SSID of your camera is the same as that of your router. Connect the camera to the router using an Ethernet cable. Install the free ZOSI Client software on your computer and run it. Add your camera to the software. Now in the WiFi settings, set up the SSID and password.
  • Check your WiFi signal and see if it is strong enough. Go to the security camera software and then go to the WiFi settings. If the signal is low then either the router is located at a far distance or there are multiple objects in between that are interfering with the signal. Move the camera to a more suitable location or add an extender in between to boost the signal.
  • Often connection issues center around poorly connected cables. If there is an issue with the working of the camera like lights (IR LEDs) turn off in the dark, the problem is likely to lie in the cables. Use another cable to connect to the camera.
  • Make sure that you enable the settings that need to be enabled manually since some of the settings are enabled by default while some need to be done manually.
  • Try Rebooting the Security camera to release the cache and self-revise the connections.
Ensure that there are no IP Address Conflicts. To check follow one of the following steps:
  • Search for cmd on the PC your camera is connected to, to open the DOS command prompt. Type arp-a to check for IP conflicts
  • Type ping ‘camera IP address’ -t. For example, if your IP address is, type in ping and if the results come as unreachable or timed out, it means that there is IP conflict and the camera is unable to connect to the network. Change the camera’s IP address and try again.
  1. In case your firmware of software is outdated, go to the manufacturer’s website and check if there is any new version of firmware available. If there is, make sure that your firmware is updated to its latest version. Also, check if the camera app is updated to its latest version as well. Check if it resolves the issue.
  2. If nothing works then contact the support team for further support.

Why is the ZOSI C301 camera discharging quickly?

There can be multiple reasons that lead to the fast draining of camera batteries like long live streaming hours, multiple motion alerts, harsh working temperature, continuous mobile access, constant audio streaming, frequent night surveillance, wrong or low-quality battery, etc.

  1. Replace the unreliable low-quality batteries with high-quality rechargeable batteries.
  2. Reduce the use of battery consuming activities like motion sensors, night surveillance, continuous mobile access when not required.
  3. If your camera is installed in a low traffic area, there are chances of unnecessary alerts that would in turn eat up a lot of battery if your camera is an HD motion-activated one. To resolve this, change the camera angle or place the camera at a more suitable location.
  4. You can also choose to change the motion detection setting on the camera app itself, this will also keep the false alarms and alerts at bay. You can disable motion sensing at a particular time or even schedule motion sensing.

Why is there a lag in motion detection?

Lag or delay in motion detection can be a result of poor WiFi connection. A poor network contributes to delay in initiating motion alert that in turn leads to delay in capturing movement.

Make sure that there is no interference between your camera and the router. Place the router and camera in close proximity to avoid multiple barriers between them and to ensure high bandwidth. Also, make sure that your firmware is updated to the latest version and is compatible.

What to do if your C301 is showing offline on the ZOSI app?

There can be multiple reasons that ZOSI view apps show the offline message. The reason can be related to either your authentication credentials that are, user ID and password, or your network connection.

  1. If you are able to get the NVR connected to your ZOSI view app but the app shows the error that the camera is offline, then the problem is not with the network but if you are unable to do so, please check your network connection.
  2. In the prior case, check if your login credentials are correct or not.
  3. For the same issue in DVR, Click Main Menu then go to Information and then select Network option, make sure the network status says “Connected” or else it will not work.
  4. In case it is not the scenario, go to network setup, and fix the network. When everything starts working you will see “Ready” in place of the “Connecting failed” error. Now you can just start the cameras in the usual way.

Why is the ZOSI camera experiencing video loss?

Your camera can be experiencing video loss due to multiple reasons some of them being unstable power supply, inconsistent network, issues with hardware or wiring, IP conflict, incompatible firmware, etc.

  1. Most of the time insufficient power supply is the reason for video loss. Make sure the batteries of your camera are sufficiently charged and are in good condition.
  2. Weak Wi-Fi connection can cause footage loss during live view or recording due to signal loss. Make sure the router and camera are installed in close proximity without any physical barriers between them and high bandwidth. This will minimize signal loss.
  3. Many times, outdated firmware and software cause video loss due to bugs in the previous firmware. Make sure your firmware is timely updated and your camera runs on the latest compatible software/firmware version.


ZOSI C301 Wire-Free Camera’s easy installation with no wire hassle makes it highly flexible for the user to install it anywhere, indoor or outdoor without concerning the extra bulk of the wires or sockets. With long-lasting battery life and a rechargeable battery option, it comes in handy. The C301 provides a high quality 1920 x 1080 resolution image resolution and video recording. For crisp image production, the camera is well equipped with a 1/2 .7” CMOS image sensor. In case of an intruder alert, the built-in siren system provides the option for push notifications as well as email notifications. The built-in mic and speaker function make it easy for you to interact with your kids or elders at home when you are out.

You can watch activities in multiple areas at the same time and on the same screen using the Multi-Channel live view. A quick and easy interface helps to search for and playback video of any date or time, you can save or share the videos at per convenience. The built-in infrared LED comes with a 90° wide-angle support that provides the camera the ability to have night vision up to 80ft.

Not only that, equipped with IR cut filter and 3-D DNR technology, this C301 can also filter digital noise from scenes without enough light and that results in sharp and clear recorded footage. C301 with its robust and sturdy design with an IP66 rating, being completely weatherproof is a highly reliable option whether you want to install cameras indoors or outdoors. Packed with all the features one would expect to have in a reliable surveillance equipment, ZOSI C301 Wire-Free Cameras Security System is a great option to consider at an affordable price.