XVIM Wireless Security Camera

XVIM Wireless Security Camera

XVIM Wireless Security Camera with CCTV security and DVR recorder comes with one terabyte of the hard drive. It simply can install, record, or monitor the activities in the surroundings of your house. You can set the camera into an auto-driving mode so that it can easily record the motion videos with its motion detection sensors. Moreover, you can also use the remote playback for the smart camera recording to catch the live view nearby your house. The wireless security camera also offers you indoor and outdoor video capturing technology with night vision. Along with that, the home security camera comes with four PCs 1080P HD, 2.0 Megapixels Security Cameras with IR cut 80 ft Night Vision.

The XVIM security camera provides IP65 weatherproof technology that can stand by any weather. It can work in a scorching summer of June or the bitter winter of January. As it has built-in IR cut filters that help to secure that you get true colors of monitored video whether it is day or night. The wireless security camera is equipped with HDMI or VGA ports for the multi-purpose of video recording. Moreover, you can catch a live view into the computer or HD TV.

Approved Features of XVIM Wireless Security Camera

The XVIM wireless security camera provides quick and simple remote access because it can be connected to the windows system by using the internet connection. Also, it can scan the QR code as well to install the XVIM app on the mobile phone or tablet. You can also add the device information system from the app to get knowledge about the wireless security camera. Like all these camera features, there are many more that will help you get familiar with their product.

  • The XVIM security system helps to provide protection to everything and everyone you love. Well, the camera is fully equipped with multiple qualities and characteristics like it has one terabyte of hard drive that comes with motion alerts or night vision.
  • The 4-in-1 DVR camera system supports various channels such as HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, or CVBS camera.
  • Moreover, you get more flexible when you extend the additional security system.
  • Hence, the wireless camera supports playback time so that you can view the recorded videos remotely by using the XVR pro app. When you use the app, you get access to monitor indoor and outdoor activities of your house from the palm of your hands.
  • With easy remote access, you can watch the live recording from the wireless security camera by using the computer device, smartphone, tablets, or many more. As it supports both Android or iOS versions.
  • With the help of twenty-four PCs, night visions, or IR LEDs that simply allows recording the video 24/7 whether it’s day or night.

Here are the XVIM security camera features, by reading these you get to know more about the device, and helps to make a difference between XVIM wireless camera or other security cameras.

XVIM security camera Installation

Before you begin the installation process of the XVIM security camera, you need to read the basic instructions first.

  • Always make sure that all the electrical operations and installation should be done with the local power codes.
  • Make sure that to keep your camera device away from the water splash, heavy stress, or violated activities while the installation, storage of the camera is in process.
  • When you install the device, always handle it with care and keep the position of the camera upright.
  • While installing, do not apply the power to the camera DVR and also not place things or objects onto the DVR camera.
  • All the processes of the installation and the setup should be done under the supervision of the technical person.
  • Place the XVIM camera into a cool or dry place and away from the direct rays of the sunlight.
  • Make sure wherever you put the camera, it should be placed where it receives a temperature of 0° C to 50° C.
  • Make sure to use all the accessories or equipment given in the XVIM camera box.
  • Always check the accessories before the installation of the camera and then read the manual as well for proper instruction.
  • If you find any missing or broken pieces then immediately contact the XVIM security camera customer service.
  • Also, you need to make sure that the battery should not be improperly inserted into the camera as it results in an explosion, fire, or any personal injury to you.

Must read these basic instructions before you start doing the installation. Now move to the installation process of the XVIM security camera.

XVIM home security camera system manual

In the manual of the XVIM home security system, you get to know about the accessories and the equipment that are going to be used with the installation of the product. You get to know about the setup of the device as well. When you open the manual, don’t forget to read and then follow the basic instructions before the setup of the camera. In the installation points, you will learn what steps are required for the hardware installation. In the setup of the camera, you get to know what app will use to complete the setup process. After the setup, if you face any problem during the step then the troubleshooting tips are also mentioned on the last page of the manual.

How to install the XVIM security camera?

When you receive the product the first step you do is the unboxing of the product. Unbox the wireless security camera and check you receive all the major equipment or accessories with the camera according to the manual list. The accessory list you will find on the reverse side of the box. Let’s check what you have got?

  • A DVR system
  • A mouse comes with the DVR system
  • 4 PC XVIM wireless camera
  • 60 feet of power cord (that needs to connect to the cameras)
  • 1 power splitter light.
  • Each camera comes with a set of mounting screws.
  • A power supply cable
  • 1 TB memory disc

These are the accessories that come along with the XVIM wireless security camera.

  • Power on the DVR system with a 12V/3A power supply.
  • Hook up the DVR system with a monitor by using the VGA or HDMI cable.
  • Insert the USB mouse and plug the Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the red female cable to the power splitter cable.
  • Connect the yellow video cable to the DVR system input.
  • Then, Connect the camera to another end of the video cables

The installation of the wireless security camera was completed successfully.

XVIM security camera Setup

Use the XVIM security camera app for the setup of the camera. The app is the best and the easiest way to do the setup. Let’s see how you can install the app.

  • Establish internet connectivity to use the app and connect the device with an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect one end of the port into the modem or router and another end of the port into the network port of the rear device.
  • Then turn on the power of the DVR system. When the system fully started then it shows a smart setup wizard of the windows screen of the monitor
  • Now scan the QR code to download the XVR Pro app.
  • Create an account and scan the device with an SN QR code to add the device.
  • After the installation of the app, remember to input the correct device username and password which you have set up before.
  • Now the DVR will show you live feeds from the list of the camera channels.
  • Use the playback button to review the footage. However, you can also select the date, channel, and time from the app.
  • Therefore, the app will help to search the recorded video or footage.

Hence. The setup of the XVIM wireless security camera is successfully done. You can read the XVIM security camera manual.

XVIM Security Camera Login

Well, there is no limit to the number or the group of users to have the access administrator account. Basically, there are two different levels one is for admin and another one is for the user. Also, the user management is based on two simple levels: one is group and another one is the user level. Also, the group and the username cannot be copied. Each user is specified with a different name. Simply, you can add group members or users to set the authorities of the camera.

  • The XVIM Security Camera admin password consists of two usernames 1234546. In which the advanced authorities are given to the admin and the playback authority is given to the user.
  • The users can modify the settings of the group that includes the information related to the camera and the authority.
  • Moreover, you can add groups and also set the authorities to the group members.
  • By using the reusable option you provide the access to the users to enter or to add the username or password. It also helps to be used by multiple users.

XVIM security camera Troubleshooting Tips

The users of the XVIM wireless security camera faced a problem while using the security camera. Here are the troubleshooting ideas that also ensure that it works smoothly. The problems with the wireless camera are listed below.

Why is the XVIM security camera not recording?

The wireless security camera lacks to record the video. It happens because of a lack of storage capacity, misconfiguration, or many problems that affect the working stability of the device. To troubleshoot this problem, follow the below-detailed tips.

  • When you are configuring the camera, make sure that the XVIM camera recording should be turned on. You can also check the settings of the camera such as DVR settings or the CCTV settings.
  • Ensure that the DVR recording media has sufficient storage capacity. You can also remove any particular video that does not require you.
  • Also, check for the wifi network connectivity. If you have failed to record the video then check that network server to the media storing account of the XVIM camera. Maybe the local storing capacity of the camera is full.
  • Another reason may be the hard drive of the DVR system is collapsing. The DVR has a limited storage capacity that affects the software when the storage is full. It may also create a problem of no recording into the XVIM wireless security camera.
Why is the XVIM security camera not working?

When the XVIM camera is not working appropriately you can reboot the device. The rebooting of the camera helps to release the caches and revise the camera settings by flushing the calibrates. You can directly unplug the XVIM wireless camera from the main power supply. After waiting for a few seconds, replug the camera into the main power supply source. And the wireless security camera device successfully rebooted.

Why is the XVIM security camera not connecting to my phone?

Make sure that you have installed the right XVIM camera app on your phone. You can also scan the QR code to redirect to the app. The setup with the mobile phone is easy and the difficult part is about the setup about the remote access and the email settings. Make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection. Simply connect the DVR to the modem by using the patch cable. If your email is not working with the phone app, then you can use another email account so that you can complete the setup. Revise the below-mentioned points.

  • While login into the app, make sure that the email address and the password should be correct as it is a case-sensitive issue.
  • Make sure that the sender’s email account should be original.
  • You should receive the alerts as the receiver is whomever.
  • If possible, enable the cloud service of the XVIM security camera.
  • Simply add new devices by scanning the remote access control from the remote access barcode.

XVIM 8CH 1080p security camera system review

I live in an area which is not secure and my bicycle was stolen more than a time. So I decided to install the camera on the backside of my camera. One of my recommendations is the XVIM security camera. I received the camera and installed the camera into the backyard, front door, and others in my house. Well the installation is just based on the wires and the setup needs an app and it’s done. After installation, I also checked the quality of the camera and it actually works well during the night. I would definitely say it is the best security camera. I will suggest you read the XVIM security camera user manual.


Why is my security camera not working?

Maybe the storage capacity of the DVR system is full. Simply reboot the XVIM wireless security camera.

How do I reset my security camera password?

For the XVIM security camera password reset, log into the app and then open the super powerful tool. After that enter the date and then enter the button. Use a different password to log in to the app and then follow the prompted instructions.

How do I connect my XVIM camera to my phone?

Download the XVIM Pro camera app and then connect to the network connection. Also, verify the email section that should be correct. Then select the SSL or enable the cloud services. After that, remote access to the DVR settings. Finally, configure the camera with the modem.

How to set up an XVIM camera?

You can set up the camera with your mobile device by installing the XVIM Pro app. After downloading the app, follow the on-screen prompts.

How does camera motion detection work?

The XVIM security camera motion detection helps to detect any kind of infrared energy by animals or human beings. When there is an instantaneous change into the energy then motion detected by the camera, it sends you immediate alerts as a notification into your mobile phone.

Is the XVIM the best home security camera with motion detection?

Yes, the XVIM wireless security camera works greatly with motion detection.

How can I access my security camera online?

To get access to the security camera online, you should have an internet connection that offers a static IP address. As you know that you can access the camera remotely but you should have the same IP address and it does not require the DNS setup.

How to see security cameras online?

You need a web browser that helps to find the IP address of the wireless security camera. Open an internet browser and then enter the default IP address. Then go to the settings and then tap on the basic button and then select the network information where you get to know the port number which the XVIM camera uses. Hence change the port number in order to save the changes after rebooting the settings of the wireless security camera.

How to troubleshoot security cameras?

To troubleshoot the XVIM security camera you should know the login details. Also, check for the PoE connection and check the camera is working in the outside condition or inside the condition. Check the cable wiring, if all is well then reboot the DVR system of the camera. Check for the XVIM security camera errors with the IP address. If required, upgrade the firmware of the XVIM wireless security camera.