Wyze Cam V2

The Wyze Cam is the cheapest one and it is like iSmartAlarm’s Spot. It has a static base and we angle it manually up and low. By using its 14-day event-based storage and a MicroSD card slot we can do a continuous local recording. Wyze Cam Pan covers up to 360 degrees and it detects tracks movement in its field. Once it detects movement or sound it mechanically records a 12-second event video. Here is the Wyze Cam V2 Setup available below.

Wyze Cam V2 Setup

Wyze Cam, Smartphone or System, and Internet connection need for Wyze Cam V2 Setup, it will take 5 minutes’ time.

First, we need to download the Wyze app and create accounts in this. After that need to connect it into the WIFI network. Then plug in the camera by using a USB cable & power adapter. Once the yellow light starts flashing the camera is ready for setup. The next step is to add a new device, for this we need to press & hold the SETUP button at the bottom of the camera till you hear the beep sound and “Ready to connect”. Make sure you are connected with the 2.4GHz WIFI network because Wyze Cam v2 will work with 2.4GHz WIFI network only. In the final step, we need to scan the QR code displays an in-app screen with your camera. Solid blue light indicates your camera works properly. Wyze Cam V2 Setup is complete.

Mounting the Wyze Cam V2

Once the Camera is live you will place it anywhere you like because Wyze Cam & Wyze Cam pan provides you tons of choices. Using the adhesive tape you can set the metal mounting plate on a wall.

Mounting the Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Cam Pan carries ¼”-20 threaded screw hole in the base that will fit a standard tripod mount. We need to purchase a mount separately. Wyze Cam mounted safely depends on Mount type.

Notes for installing your Wyze Cam or Wyze Cam Pan:
  • We can also mount Wyze cam in upside down
  • Wyze Cam Pan can be mounted laterally, but there is no 90-degree rotation.
  • Wyze Cam Pan is not water-resistant and it is not designed for mounting or left outdoors.

Keeping Your Camera Updated

Wyze continues to add new features, error correction, and updates to the Wyze app. To make sure you are using the latest version of the camera firmware and Wyze app make sure they are updated from time to time.

Updating the Wyze app

The best technique to keep your Wyze app up to date is to set your Wyze app updates automatically. This is done by way of setting on your phone or system. By tapping About in Wyze app you can see the version of the app.

Firmware Upgrade

Firmware runs on the camera itself and its main work is to keep your camera’s firmware up to date. So that it functions properly and enables new features as they released. You will be asked to update your camera’s firmware when there is a new version available. Meantime you can check the version of the camera’s firmware and if there is any new version available in Wyze app by tapping Account>Firmware upgrade you will be able to check if you have any newest version, also you can upgrade if the new firmware version is available.

Renaming Your Camera

You can rename your camera at any time. For example, if you move your camera from one location to another location you can able to name that location name as your camera name. During the setup process, you can choose to name your camera before pressing “Start” after you scan your QR code. By using a camera setting you can change the camera’s name at any time. Home tab—->Live stream—–>Settings—–>-Name tab, here you can change the camera’s name as per your wise.

Wyze Cam Design

iSmart Alarm iCamera Keep Pro and Wyze Cam Pan has the same size and shape and both have a black motorized base to provide mechanical tilt adjustments. The Wyze Cam Pan provides a 360-degree pan range and a 93-degree vertical tilt range.
The Wyze Cam Pan has a light sensor and an LED indicator in its front and it glows solid blue when the camera is connected and flashes yellow during setup. The backside of Cam has a speaker and Type-A USB port and it can be used to connect other Wyze cameras. On the base of the camera has a MicroSD card slot, a setup button, a USB power port, and a microphone. It has a six-foot USB power cable, a USB power adapter, and a quick start guide.


Due to its small size and low price, the Wyze Cam V2 offers a wealth of options together with motion following, two-way audio, free cloud storage, and a microSD card slot for storing your video internally and allow continuous recording. We will get Day and night 1080p video is sharp, with nominal distortion, and two-way audio communication is clean and adequately loud.

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