Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight

Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight

The Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight renders 2000 lumens of light which boosts the vision of the camera even at night. It is designed to charge your Arlo camera regularly for surveillance. The battery remains fully charged without creating any trouble. It offers you to observe even in low light conditions. Inbuilt light power and motion sensors assure that the floodlight will be on by itself on a dark night when the motion is identified at a distance of around 33 feet. It also turns off the device if no motion is recognized to save the battery power. It arrives with a charger and a mount.

You can customize the Arlo to different angles by mounting the plate in position. It is equipped with a silicon protective layer on the cable connector while mounting with an IP6S waterproof layer. Therefore, it can be installed in outdoor conditions such as garages, parking lots, alleyways, roadways, backyard, yards, etc. It gives safety, security, and total peace of mind. The Wasserstein Floodlight features are as follows.

Wasserstein Floodlight Features

The Wasserstein wired floodlight arrives with great specs and features. Some of the main features are as follows.

  • It delivers regular power to your outdoor camera without hesitating about the battery charge issue. Therefore, it gives safety and total peace of mind.
  • The 2000 lumens of light advance the camera view even when the lighting condition is not up to the mark. Thereby gives access to monitors at every corner of your garden, yard, alleyways, roadways, parking lots, yards, etc.
  • The light intensity and motion sensors catch the movement from 33 feet away. It turns off automatically to conserve the battery power.
  • The charging cable is designed from high-grade rugged material to assure work and surveillance in outdoor conditions.

Safety Info Before Wasserstein Floodlight Installation

  • Evade dissembling the light head because it may create damage to the internal components. Due to this, the floodlight may not work accurately.
  • The power to the floodlight should be off.
  • Do not separate the shielding floodlight lens.
  • Evade looking straight to the floodlight LEDs that are in on condition for any period of time.
  • Do not leave the cables outside the wall canopy enclosure. The Wasserstein Floodlight installation and setup are as follows.

Wasserstein Floodlight Setup

Unpack the floodlight unit box and carry out the Wasserstein floodlight with charger, USB charging cable with a barrel plug, integrated mount, mounting screws, weatherproof gasket, and user guide. Put all this stuff comes with a unit box on the even surface. Understand the floodlight user guide carefully. For safety purposes, assure that the floodlight is off. Now follow the steps to install the gasket.

Install The Gasket
  • Attach the crossbar to the junction box.
  • Unwrap the foam stuck to the gasket.
  • Now stick the gasket at the rear of the floodlight.
  • Pull the wires from the gasket holes and join using the nuts.
  • Assure that the wire is connected to black to black, yellow to green, and white to white.
  • Set the mounting bracket. Now go to set the floodlight bracket on the wall or any plane surface.
Set The Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight To Bracket
  • Now attach the floodlight to the mounting bracket with the help of screws.
  • Place the rubber to cover the screw.
  • Adjust the floodlight sideways as per your need. Now it’s time to install the camera.
Install The Wasserstein Floodlight Arlo Camera
  • Remove the base mount and attach the barrel plug to charge the battery.
  • Position your Arlo camera to the middle of the floodlight pir to attach it.
  • Employ mounting screws to harden it.
  • Tilt the Arlo to make the arrangement. But the arrangement is restricted as it hits the floodlights top
    Join the inbuilt USB wire to the Arlo camera. The Wasserstein Floodlight troubleshooting tips and guidelines are as follows.

Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight Troubleshoot

A bundle of problems may happen while utilizing a floodlight device. It may be due to incorrect installation or manufacturer’s defect. Sometimes, the device is not turning on while sometimes the device blinks frequently. These are some well-known problems that may occur often.

Wasserstein Floodlight not turning on? Solutions

If your Wasserstein Floodlight is not turning on, it may be due to many reasons. Try the following possibilities.

  • Confirm your connection to the powerhouse.
  • Assure that you are experimenting with the floodlight on a dark night.
  • Leave the field for around ten minutes and give them time for the floodlight to reset without triggering them. Come back and verify by powering off for around a minute. Turn on the floodlight again.
Does the Wasserstein 3-in-1 floodlight blink frequently? Tips

There are various possibilities by which your floodlight blinks frequently. Try the following solutions.

  • Verify the powerhouse connections.
  • Assure that the field where you set the floodlight is clean. Maybe the small animal or something is triggering the field.
Wasserstein Floodlight not working? Here are the Solutions

If your Wasserstein Floodlight is not working, then try the following possibilities.

  • Verify the power to operate the floodlight.
  • It may be due to a faulty bulb. Assure that the bulb has accurate wattage.
  • Confirm the nuts are properly tightened.
  • Turn off the floodlight from the socket and verify the wire is joined correctly.
  • Get sure that you have set up the floodlight to an even level.
Wasserstein Floodlight sensors not working? Fix it

If Wasserstein Floodlight sensors are not working in a proper manner, then follow these tips.

  • The motion sensors may not work due to the reflective surface. If the sun rays hit directly to the lens, it may create an issue. Evade positioning the floodlight on that place.
  • Make sure that you install the floodlight parallel to the pathways.

Wasserstein 3-in-1 Floodlight Review

Purchased it recently and installed it in my garage. The installation is not too complicated. The light is bright too. The spotlight is adjusted vertically as well as horizontally. The ambient sensors guard the lens in daylight conditions. Works very well with the Arlo 3 camera. The continuous battery charge gives total peace of mind. However, the low-light view is not up to the mark. It is equipped with silicon guarding coating on the wire connector while mounting with an IP6S waterproof layer. The light intensity and motion sensors capture the action from 33 feet distant. It switches off automatically to keep battery power. I feel it is an amazing floodlight and the Arlo camera provides clear video recording. I must suggest users willing to purchase should grab the deal.


Q1. What’s the brand name?


Q2. Is the material plastic or metal?

The build material is plastic.

Q3. Does this floodlight need an electrical connection to run?

Yes, this floodlight runs with an electrical connection.

Q4. Purchased it recently but it is not turning on. What to do?

Assure that you have installed it properly. Leave the place for about ten minutes and provide them time for the floodlight to reset without triggering them. Come back and confirm by power off for about one minute. Switch on the floodlight again. Authenticate your connection to the powerhouse. Get sure that you are testing with the floodlight on a dark night. Hope it helps.

Q5. Should I mount this floodlight horizontally?

To view the best line of sight, mount the floodlight vertically instead of horizontally.

Q6. Can I swap the bulbs to a new one?

No, you cannot replace the floodlight bulbs. It is designed to serve a long time.

Q7. Short charging cable included in the floodlight unit box?

Yes, a short charging cable is included in the floodlight unit box.

Q6. My floodlight is not working. How to fix it?

Recheck the power connections required to operate the floodlight. It may be due to a defective bulb. Validate the screws are properly hardened. Ensure that you have installed the bulb of the correct watt. Prove that you had installed the floodlight to an even level. Power off the floodlight from the joint and confirm the wire is connected accurately.

Q9. Is the Arlo camera included in the package box?

No, you had to purchase the Arlo camera separately.

Q10. Do the lights work as always?

No, the lights are motion sensors only.

Q11. Can I adjust the intensity of the light?

No, you cannot adjust the intensity of lights.

Q12. Sensors stopped working suddenly. Any suggestions?

The motion sensors may not operate because of the reflective cover. If the sunlight hits directly to the lens, it may generate an effect on the sensors. Escape from locating the floodlight in that area. Get sure that you set up the floodlight correspondence to the pathways.

Q13. How far does the floodlight detect the motion?

The floodlight detects the motion from 33 feet away.

Q14. Is it a waterproof device?

Yes, the floodlight is a waterproof device.

Q15. Can I install this floodlight in the garage?

Yes, it is perfect to install in outdoor conditions such as garden, yard, alleyways, roadways, parking lots, yards, etc