Wali Bullet Dummy Fake

WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Camera Installation, Setup And Review

The wali bullet security camera is the best wireless surveillance CCTV camera. This dummy camera can be mounted on a wall outside or inside your home, business, school, backyard and any place. There are 2AA batteries in it, which can be easy to change by twisting open camera housing. The wali bullet dummy fake camera helps to surveillance the house and office. And also, record pictures and videos. It is a totally wire-fire camera and capable of indoor and outdoor monitoring. We can also use the outdoor camera in an indoor way. However, indoor cameras cannot be used outdoors. Wali bullet dummy fake Indoor cameras are most beneficial for the security of home and office.

At the same time, the outdoor camera is made in a very strong way. Due to which he can withstand the weather outside. Outdoor Dome Security Cameras are weatherproof and can withstand all weather and temperatures.

The installation of a wali bullet CCTV camera(TC-S4) is quick and easy. It involves the solution of a problem like theft. The picture quality of this camera is high and it records everyone in the house, this means it is around 360°. It is easily compatible with mobile phones, laptop and computer.

Connect the Wali bullet CCTV camera to the wifi router with wired connection

If you are connecting the wali bullet security camera to the wifi router with wired connection. So for this you will need an Ethernet cable. There are some steps to connect the camera to the wifi router.

  • Firstly, make sure the power of the CCTV camera is OFF.
  • Power of the wifi router is OFF.
  • Now you have to take an Ethernet cable, plug one end of it into the camera and the other end into the router.
  • Power ON the router and Wali bullet dummy security camera.

After that, the wired connection of the wali bullet dummy fake camera and wifi router is successfully done. You can easily login and Setup the security camera.

Installation of WALI Bullet Dummy Fake Camera

If you bought a new Wali bullet cctv camera, then you can install the camera. The installation of this camera is easy. It eliminates the fear about the theft of the house. If you want to install the wali bullet indoor or outdoor camera without any hassle then follow the some given below steps.

  • Unbox your wali security camera in the box. And with this, the camera’s connecting tools also came out of the box.
  • The tools like DVR power adapter, remote control, USB cable, batteries and etc.
  • Locate the perfect location, where the camera is mounted on the wall.
  • Now prepare the camera and receiver accordingly.
  • Here, insert the 2AA batteries and SD card in the camera.
  • Then, using the drill machine and fit the camera on the house, office, apartments walls.
  • Take a camera power wire and directly connect to the electrical circuit.

After that, the camera one LED light is automatically turned ON, this means installation of the wali bullet cctv camera is successful. You can easily set up the security camera through the App.

Access the login page of Wali Bullet CCTV Security camera through App

You can access the login page of the security camera through the app, so it is very simple. Every user easily logs in the camera with the help of an app. It provides the best security in the whole house or office. There are some steps to bullet dummy fake camera login, which are as follows.

  1. The initial step, download wali bullet CCTV camera “App” from the google play store on the mobile phone.
  2. After installing the app, the “app” icon appears on the mobile screen, tab it and open.
  3. Then, follow all the given instructions and tab the “Next” section.
  4. You will find the “+icon”, to “add” this camera, then tab to it.
  5. Using the mobile phone camera and scan the QR code of your camera.
  6. Now, on your mobile screen you find the wali bullet dummy fake security camera name and tab on it.
  7. If you want to login the wali bullet fake camera, then tap on “sign-in” option.
  8. Then, you fill the “login credentials” details like username ID and password.
  9. In the last, click on the “Login” section.

After that, the login steps of the CCTV security camera(TC-S4) is complete. These are all the steps, which can easily login by follow these steps.

Steps of Wali bullet Dummy Fake security camera setup

The wali dummy security camera surveillance the house and offices. It works to capture the image and record the videos. Ir provides the full security, If a thief comes to the house, it gives us an alert. If using the camera, then you can Setup the dummy fake camera. The wali bullet security camera setup is effortless and easily setup with the help of camera App.

  • The foremost steps, locate the best place to hang the camera on the wall. You have to select the place from where the whole house is surveillance.
  • Power on the camera and add the camera on the camera App.
  • Login the bullet fake security camera using the password and username.
  • After accessing the login page of the security camera, then go to the setting option.
  • You will find the administrative option and then, tab on it.
  • Under this option, select the wireless setting option and tab on it.
  • Then, the wireless setup menu window will pop up on the mobile device screen.
  • Here, follow the prompt on-screen instruction.
  • For the wireless setup, you can select the camera wifi name and you can also change camera wifi name.
  • After that, click the apply section.

Now, the wali bullet security camera setup steps are complete. You can also follow these steps and these steps are very helpful to set up the camera.

Troubleshooting tips for the wali security camera is not working

The wali dummy fake security camera captures and records the photo or videos. The photo quality of this camera is high. This camera around all the direction and surveillance the entire house. But sometimes wali bullet security camera not working, for this some troubleshooting tips. The troubleshooting tips of the fake security camera is available below.

Sometimes the wali bullet dummy fake camera does not record the videos, so fix the issue power ON/OFF the camera.
The security camera gives the blur photo, so for this you have to check that the upper side of the camera is not dust.

  • Sometimes the login page of the wali security camera is not accessed, to fix the issue, you need to check the security is properly added to the camera app. You have to fill in the correct username and password. You can also use the web browser, to access the login page.
  • Sometimes the issue comes, the security camera power is not ON, you need to check the batteries. To fix the issue, replace the battery.
  • You need to check the time-to-time update version of the camera.
  • After following all these steps, but the security camera is not working, you will reset the security camera.

Review of the wali bullet CCTV camera

The wali bullet dummy fake security camera is a tremendous CCTV camera. It is a wire-free security camera. It has a dummy real digital camera that provides high-quality pictures. This camera has one flashing red LED light. The wali bullet camera is attach in any place like an office, store, warehouse, front doors, garage, backyard etc. It is easily monitored indoors or outdoors. The installation and setup process is simple and effortless. And I also use this camera, there were a lot of results from this camera. It provides the best security in the whole house, by which I can roam anywhere with free-mind.


Can I reset my wali bullet dummy security camera?

Yes you can easily reset wali bullet CCTV camera. For this, locate the reset button of the camera. The reset button is on the bottom side of the camera. Use the paper clip to hold the reset button. Then, press the button for at least 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, release the button and turn the orange light on the front side of the camera, this means reset is successfully finished.

Is the Wali bullet Dummy fake security camera good for surveillance?

Yes obviously, the wali camera is a tremendous security camera. This camera rotates around, which means everything is recorded in it. If you want to keep surveillance in your home, apartment, warehouse, school, store and office, then you can use a wali bullet security camera. The camera setup is easy to works.

What should I do if my wali bullet CCTV camera is not connecting with the wifi?

If your dummy fake cctv camera is not connected to WiFi then you have to check that your wired connection is fine. You have to pay attention to whether the internet is being access by the internet service in the router. Make sure the router is power On and the power LED is a steady connection.