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Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Setup | Troubleshooting

Whether you are living in a traditional home or a smart home, security is a primary concern. The advancement in technology has also resulted in a steep rise in ways of carrying out a burglary. There are various security measures that you can adopt to protect your home from being an easy mark for theft or vandalism. One of the best and effective security measures is to install an outdoor camera. If you are at all familiar with smart home security, then you are probably already familiar with Vivint as a company. Vivint offers a product namely the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro. But one thing to keep a note of is that you can only use this camera if you have the larger Vivint security system. This article covers the specification, installation steps, setup and FAQs related to the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Specification

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is an 4K high definition outdoor security camera which works with Vivint smart home system. This latest security camera comes with Smart Sentry technology, the company’s new motion detection technology.

The following are some of the features that this camera offers:

  • 1080p HD video quality and a 4K image sensor show all the details
  • Sophisticated sleek and discreet design
  • Two-way communication allows seamless conversation
  • 85db built-in siren is loud and clear
  • Infrared LED night vision provide clear images even in the dark
  • Motion-detected clips get created automatically
  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity improve performance
  • Smart Sentry proactively discourages thieves
Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling voice commands.

How to Install Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

You can install the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro all by yourself or you can call a professional. Though the later is recommended, here are the steps for the DIY.

  1. Select the location with the highest visibility where the outdoor camera will deter the most threats. Some of the popular locations:
Front Door:

You will never miss a delivery, answer for a solicitor, or open the door to a stranger with live notifications and two-way-talk.


Threats come from either the front of the home or the back. Depending on your property and its access points you will want cameras to show all the angles. The back outdoor camera is also great for watching the kids play while your inside.

Detached Garage:

Tools, toys, and vehicles are often housed in garages which puts detached garages in a particularly vulnerable position as they are positioned away from the house often in dimly lit allies. In addition to video on the detached garage, the Vivint Smart Garage Control module is another great way to check to make sure your garage is secure.
Install Vivint Outdoor Camera

  1. Once you have chosen the location for your new Outdoor Cameras make sure you have all the equipment in for installing the outdoor camera install. For example, drilling through wood, drywall, or metal, a regular drill bit may be used. However, material like stone, brick, or other hard surfaces will require hammer drills and an assortment of bits. Drill the hole where your data/power cable will exit the home.
  2. After the hole is drilled for your outdoor camera wire, the data cable is attached to the bit so it can be fished through the wall and plugged into your closest power outlet. As the wire goes from outside to inside, make sure you use a proper weather seal.
  3. Now, connect the Camera to your Vivint Smart Hub panel. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro has been designed with simplicity in mind. Indicator lights on the camera will automatically flash green and show it has been powered and connected.

Your Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is installed successfully!

How to Setup Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

The setup of Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is easy and requires few steps as follows:

  1. Swipe through the menu for descriptions of your outdoor camera’s features and then tap Get Started.
  2. Name your camera and tap Confirm.
  3. Now you can set up the detection zone for your camera. Use the green dots to adjust the size and shape of the zone then tap This Is My Property to confirm. If your image is upside down, the Flip Video option will turn the feed right side up. This can happen due to the camera joint allowing 360-degree movement.
  4. Now you can select when you want the deter feature to be on for your camera. Once you have chosen your preference, tap Confirm.
  5. Choose the ringtone that you want your camera to make when someone is lingering in the camera’s detection zone and then tap Confirm.
  6. Finally, choose if you want to make your camera smarter automatically.

Congratulations on setting up your Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro!

How to add Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro using the WPS button?

To add Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro using the WPS button, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your router then locate and press the WPS button. There should be a flashing WPS symbol or LED to identify the correct button
  2. Go to your camera then locate and press the WPS button.
  3. Press and hold WPS button until light flashes blue. Within a minute the LED will turn solid green.
  4. Go to and click Log In.
  5. Enter Email and Password and click Sign In.
  6. Click Control This Home.
  7. Click Video > Settings.
  8. Click Add Video Device. The camera will be displayed on the screen. If there is no camera displayed, you can manually enter the Mac ID number.
  9. Now, select Install on the camera you want to install.
  10. Once the bar loads, follow the prompts to finish the set up.

Add Vivint Camera Using an Ethernet Cable

To add Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro using Ethernet cable, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the vivint camera to your router with an Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug the camera’s power cord in and wait for the light on the front of the camera to turn green. This can take a few minutes.
  3. Once the light is green, go to your computer and log in to the online account center and click Control my home.
    Note: Do not use the Safari browser on a Mac or your installation will fail. You can view the camera through your online account from Safari, but you cannot install it from this browser.
  4. Click Video on the left, then click Settings.
  5. Scroll down and click Add Video Device. Follow the instructions on the page to add the camera.
  6. Once the camera has been added, you can disconnect your camera from your router and move it to wherever you would like in your home. It must be close enough to your router to get a signal. If the camera has trouble connecting where you place it, you may need a Wi-Fi extender.

Why is my Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro not getting connected?

To get your Vivint outside security camera back online, try the following steps:

  1. Restart your Vivint Smart Hub.
  2. Unplug your camera for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.
  3. Restart your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.
  4. Restart your computer modem.

How do I reset my Vivint outdoor pro camera?

To reset your Vivint outdoor home security camera, locate the power cord wired through your home and remove it from the outlet it is plugged into. Wait 30-45 seconds, then plug the camera back into the outlet to restore power.

How to adjust Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro?

Since every door, front porch and yard are unique, you might need to adjust your video detection settings. Follow the steps below to adjust your Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro.

  1. Go to your panel and tap the Camera icon at the bottom, select the camera you want to adjust.
  2. Tap the Settings gear in the top right corner
  3. Now, enter your 4-digit PIN.
  4. Tap Detection Settings and adjust the motion box as needed.
  5. Use the touch screen to adjust the size and placement of the motion detection area.
  6. Use the two horizontal bars in the bottom right corner of the box to stretch and shrink the size of the box.
  7. Use the sliders on the bottom to adjust motion sensitivity and object size. Motion Detection Sensitivity measures how sensitive your camera is to movement. If you are getting too many visitor detection alerts, lower your setting by one or two. Object size determines what size of object your camera will look for. The lower the number, the smaller the object. If there are too many object triggers, raise the setting by one or two until you are satisfied with the number of alerts.

What are the light indicators on Vivint Pro Camera?

  • The lights on the bottom of your Smart Drive will tell you what status your device is in.
  • Step State LED Audio Statement Action Notes
  • Setup Booting Up Solid Yellow
  • Setup Initializing Breathing Yellow
  • Setup Ready to Pair Breathing Green “Hello, let’s get your camera setup.”
  • Setup WPS Transaction Blinking Green “Now connecting to your Vivint system.” Hold button down for 3-10 seconds
  • Setup Updating Firmware/Finalizing Fast Blink Green “Camera connected, now finalizing.”
  • Setup Connected Solid White “Congratulations, your camera is now ready. You can now view live video in your Vivint app.”
  • Connected Button Press Light Off If button is pressed Light will turn off if button is pressed when the camera is connected
  • Not Connected Button Press Yellow If button is pressed Light will turn Yellow if the camera is no longer connected. You can re-enter troubleshooting stages (WPS, Reboot, Reset) from this state.
  • Troubleshooting WPS Connection Failure Solid Red You can re-enter troubleshooting stages (WPS, Reboot, Reset) from this state.
  • Troubleshooting Reboot Yellow Hold button down for 10-20 seconds
  • Troubleshooting Reset Red & Green Hold button down for 20-60 Seconds LED will alternate between Red and Green.

How to save videos from Vivint Outdoor Pro?

Save and share clips recorded by Vivint cameras by following the steps below:

  1. Tap the Cameras icon in the middle of the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Tap All clips to find desired clip.
  3. Tap the Share icon and select your clip. The clip will only have audio if the camera is capable and set to record audio.
  4. For iOS users, tap the Save Video icon and the video will be available in the Photo app.
  5. For Android users, select a Video player and the video will download to the video files.

Note: If you are not able to see the options to share and/or save videos, please chat in for assistance.

How to delete and re-add Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro?

Here are the steps to delete and re-add your Vivint Outdoor Camera:

  1. Disarm your system
  2. Go to your camera settings
  3. From the home screen, tap the Menu icon in the bottom right corner, tap Devices under SMART HOME SETTINGS,
  4. Enter your PIN.
  5. Tap on the camera you want to delete. At the bottom on the page, tap Delete camera, and then Yes to confirm.
  6. Return to your doorbell then press and hold the button for 20-45 seconds until the light ring turns red.
  7. Release the button and wait while the doorbell resets. The light ring will go through a series of colors during the reset. This takes about 2 minutes. The doorbell will announce when the reset is complete, and the light ring will be pulsing green.
  8. Once pulsing green, hold the button until you hear a tone.
  9. Your doorbell will begin flashing green and start searching for your panel. This will time out after 5 minutes.
  10. Return to your panel and tap on Add new device.
  11. From the home screen, tap the Menu icon in the bottom right corner, tap Devices under SMART HOME SETTINGS, then enter your PIN.
  12. Tap on Doorbell Camera and press Connect.
  13. This will allow your panel to being searching for your doorbell.
  14. Wait while your panel and doorbell camera connect
  15. The camera will announce when it is connected. This may take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Getting poor video quality in Vivint Camera Pro

The video quality of your Vivint Outdoor Pro video on your mobile apps, panel, and online account is dependent on many factors including: the signal strength of your camera to your panel, your home network speeds, and the number of other cameras connected to your system.

  1. If you feel that your video quality is poor, first check your camera’s wireless signal strength.
    • Signal strengths between 80-100% will result in optimal performance, whereas signal strengths between 70-79% will result in reliable, yet slower, performance.
    • If your signal strength is consistently below 70%, this could be due to your home wireless internet speeds. We recommend at least 2MBPS of upload speed per connected camera. You will need to contact your internet service provider for higher upload speeds.
  2. If you know your internet speeds are fast enough to support your cameras, but your video quality is still poor, adjust the video quality slider in the Doorbell Camera settings menu.
    • The slider will automatically be on the recommended settings based on your last panel speed test but can be overridden manually.
    • Note: If you adjust the video quality slider away from its recommended value, your other camera views could be impacted.
  3. If your video quality is still low after confirming the signal, upload speed, and video quality setting, please chat with one of our Smart Home Specialists for additional support.
How Do Vivint’s Severe Weather Alerts Work?

As you search for the best monitored home security company for your needs, it is important to know what unique features and services each company offers. For example, Vivint goes above and beyond when it comes to helping you and your family stay safe. In addition to a wealth of powerful home security solutions, like remote access and two-way communication, it offers innovative features like Severe Weather Alerts.

Severe Weather Alerts give you timely information about tornados in your area, so you can take necessary precautions to protect your family immediately. According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, an average of 1,200 tornadoes occur annually in the U.S. The information is provided by the National Weather Service, so you can trust it is accurate. The alerts integrate with the Vivint SkyControl touchscreen panel so you always have fast access to the most up to date weather-related information.

If the National Weather Service issues a tornado alert, the SkyControl touchscreen panel will loudly beep three times and a detailed warning message will appear on the panel’s screen. A series of three beeps will continue until the homeowner dismisses the warning or the alert is cancelled by the National Weather Service. The Severe Weather Alerts service is available in nearly two dozen states and is included as part of every Vivint monitored home security package at no additional charge.

Vivint Camera

Even if the TV goes out, you can count on Vivint’s Severe Weather Alerts to provide you with the important information you need about natural disasters.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro Camera not working?

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Make sure the camera has power
  2. Make sure the camera is plugged into a working outlet. To test the outlet, unplug the camera and plug a different device into the same outlet. If it also does not receive power, try restoring power to the outlet.
How long does Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro store camera clips?

Security cameras will store a certain amount of footage. Vivint cameras record 20-90 second clips, depending on the camera, for up to 14 days.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro not recording videos

If your Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is not recording any new events, try these steps:

  1. Reboot your panel.
  2. Reboot your camera from the panel.
  3. Restart your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in.
What is Smart Sentry?

Smart Sentry is a feature that autonomously deters burglars through lights and sound. You can customize time of day setting to give you peace of mind when you are away or sleeping.

How does the vivint camera firmware update?

The camera’s firmware will update automatically as long as the Smart Hub is connected to the internet.

How long should it take to update the vivint camera firmware?

This depends on internet speed.

How do I protect my security vivint pro camera wires?

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro uses a Hybrid Wired Wi-Fi connection, so you won’t need to worry about too many wires. To ensure the few wires are protected:

  • Have a Smart Home Pro handle installation.
  • Know where the wires and pipes inside of your walls are before drilling.
How far can outdoor security cameras see?

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro features a wide 140-degree field of view that provides sweeping views of the property, capturing as much as possible.

What do I need for an Outdoor Camera Pro to work with my system?

You need a Smart Hub panel and Wi-Fi connection.

What other equipment is compatible with Outdoor Camera Pro?

iOS and Android mobile apps as well as Smart Drive (V2).

What new features does Outdoor Camera Pro have that HD450 does not?

This camera has a 4K image sensor, 140-degree field of view, dynamic clip length, Person Detection, Smart Sentry, siren extender, two-way audio, and Intelligent Awareness.

Vivint camera pro review

Although the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is very pricey, it is one of the best security cameras we have ever seen in terms of its 4K HDR video, amazing infrared night vision, storage options, smart platform integrations, and person detection. If you are already in the Vivint ecosystem, this camera will be a great addition, well worth your money.