VAVA Dual Dash Cam

VAVA Dual Dash Cam

The VAVA Dual Dash Cam is the powerful and strongest web camera that has a compatible design. Also, it is easy to be installed without taking any technical support. Also, the Vava dash cam has built-in G-sensor technology that can easily detect any electric shock or accident. It keeps a keen eye on the road that records everything in full 1080p HD with an incredible ultra wide-angle that can rotate upto 150° and provides footage of an unexpected event. The Vava camera is a beautiful innovation that can directly impact the lifestyle of people. It makes your life modern as well as easier.

The VAVA Dual Dash Cam also provides the facility to record videos in the dark night with 1080 HD recording. It has infrared lenses that can easily capture all the moments at night. In case of any tragedy like misfortune, it captures everything to describe solid proof for the insurance company. In addition, the camera has built-in mic features that can seamlessly record audio. So while playing a recorded video you will get sound too with pictures.

Impactful Features of the VAVA Dual Dash Cam

The VAVA Dual Dash Cam has multiple functions and features. As it has a G-sensor that can provide protection from any mishap by alerting you. You can simply take a snapshot while driving the car, just press the remote button and it captures the images in a crystal clear mode. As Vava dual dash cam with night vision is an amazing feature. Because there is the probability of an accident during the night. So with its infrared night vision, it records every video in high quality and works as evidence of what happened at that time.

G-Sensor technology

The Vava dual dash camera has G-sensor technology which detects sudden collisions with other cars. You can enable it for the Vava dual dash cam parking mode so whenever you are going to park your car and it detects and crashes then it automatically produces the beep sound which indicates to you that you are going to collide with another vehicle.

1080p infrared night vision

The VAVA Dual 1920x1080P FHD installation can record or capture anything with its night infrared lenses. Also, it provides protection from any sudden incident by its beep noise. You can view the night recorded actions anytime. It also acts as proof of an accident by recording the live video.

GPS enabled camera

With the GPS-enabled device, it can record the speed, location and easily coordinates with other vehicles. Aso, it helps to provide you with the live location of your car with the help of the app. You get the car’s live location on your mobile device.

Works in any kind of Temperature

It can work in the harshest environment. You can park in the direct ray of sunlight and still it does not work on the camera. If you are using it in the snow it can still work better. So the camera can face any kind of temperature and still does its job perfectly.

150° Wide-angle motion

Its Front and Rear dash camera can provide a 150° wide-angle for recording the incredible view. You can also filter, edit or view images from the app. Also, it manually records any video or image with the press of a snapshot remote button.

Hardware installation of the VAVA Dual Dash Cam

So whenever you buy any product, you go through many steps from installation to setup. So if you are also looking for how to install a Vava dual dash cam, here is the Vava dual dash cam installation in which you will go through from every step. So read every instruction carefully.

What is in the Vava Dash Cam box

Here you get to know what you will get along with the Vava camera.

So first of all When you open a box, you obviously get a Vava Dash Cam.

  • car mount
  • Car charger
  • Snapshot button
  • Charging cable with a GPS module
  • Crowbar
  • Five Cable Clips
  • A user manual Guide

These are the things you will get when you open the Vava dash cam box. After getting your package and all the appropriate things inside the box. Now you have to manually camera setup.

Installation of the Vava Camera

Here you will get to know that you will install the Vava dash camera from its SD card to the Vava camera installation in your car.

  • First of all, you need to place the SD card in your Vava camera.
  • Simply include the SD card into the memory card slot of the camera. If you want to eliminate the memory card then gently pull it out from the slot.
  • To view the captured video, you need to insert that memory card into the computer or connect to the Vava dual dash cam app of your mobile device.
  • For the appropriate installation of the camera into the car. Firstly, turn off the engine of the car.
  • Then stick the car mount on the car shield of the card and set the camera onto the car mount using a magnet.
  • After that, connect the USB cable to the USB port of the Vava camera by ensuring that it should be away from the airbag area. Simply tuck it into the car’s windshield with the help of the cable and connect it to the car charger.
  • Now connect the camera to the car charger by inserting the cable into the cigarette lighter for charging the camera if its battery is down.
  • Now adjust the angle of the camera by ensuring that the lenses of the camera should not touch the ground level of the car.
  • Now turn on the engine of the car and check if the installation is accurate or not. Is it working properly or not?

Follow these guidelines properly for the installation of the VAVA Dual Dash Cam

How to Enable the Snapshot button in the VAVA Dual Dash Cam?

The Snapshot Remote button is used to take videos or capture images in HD quality when you are driving. You have to simply press the snapshot remote button and it easily records everything in 1080p quality. So to enable the snapshot button, follow the steps properly.

  • First of all, you have to pair the Vava cam with the Snapshot button. For that, you need to turn on the camera first and press or hold the button for 5-10 seconds until you hear the beep sound from the camera which indicates the successful connection between the camera and the button.
  • After pairing up both the devices to each other. Now you have to install it in your car. You can place or locate the button into the steering wheel of the car nearby your hand. You can also use the key chains to attach the sticker with the button.
  • Now check by a button while taking some images. You need to just press the button to take the picture. If you want to record a video then you have to press the button for upto 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound from the device.
  • Now place the Vava dual dash cam battery inside the remote button to function properly. The battery should be Lithium CR 2032 3V. If the remote already has a low battery and you want to change it then open the button of the Bluetooth and place the battery with the right polarities.

To enable the Snapshot button, follow these steps or tips.

Setup of the VAVA Dual Dash Cam

The VAVA Dual Dash Cam is operated by its official Vava Dash app. This app is available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Open the play store on your phone and type the Vava Dash app and you can easily get it. Just install or download it on your phone and you are ready to operate the camera via the app.

Follow the tips after the Vava dual dash cam dual 1920×1080 fhd installation for the setup of the camera.

  • Firstly, turn on the WiFi on your mobile phone.
  • Now find the “VAVA_XXXXXXXXXX” in the available WiFi list and connect to it.
  • After that, the device asks for a password so that you have to enter 12345678 when you are using it for the first time and then log in to the dashcam app. After that, you can customize the password by accessing the Vava app.
  • Now open the app on your mobile device and follow on-screen instructions for Vava dual dash cam setup.

That’s it! This is how you will set up the camera with the help of the mobile app.

Firmware Update or App Update of the Vava Dual Dash Cam

The Vava dual dash cam firmware update is simple and easy. You can use two ways to update the firmware of the camera. Either you can simply update the app or read the Vava dual dash cam manual to get every step in detail.

Firmware App update

If you are using the Vava app and a new version of the app is released. So you don’t need to give your precious time to update the app. It automatically updates itself when they release a new version. If it’s not updated itself then you get a notification on your phone for the update of the app. In that case, you will update your Vava app.

Firmware update of the camera

You can update the firmware of the dual dash camera Either OTA or using an SD card.

OTA firmware update of the camera

In this method, you will get instant notification on your mobile device whenever they release a new version of the app. The app will notify you of the update and you have to install the new version to get the latest features of the app. Kindly backup your files on time and format the recorded videos and images into the memory card before or after the update of the app.

SD Card UpdateIn

this method copy the updates into the SD card and then insert them into the camera. It will update itself whenever it detects a new version of the app.

Troubleshooting Tips of the Vava Dual Dash Cam

The Vava Dash Cam has a lot of features that make this camera reliable. Also, it provides safety by detecting electric shocks and accidents. It comes with the latest technology but the Vava camera has some issues like sometimes it automatically starts and keeps beeping, not connecting, and shows errors while accessing the app on the mobile device. But we have some basic tips to fix these kinds of errors.

If the Vava Dash Cam does not work.

If the Vava dashcam is not working properly. Then kindly format the SD card of the camera and reset that card. If you still face a problem then you can contact the dashcam support team.

The Vava dash cam keeps beeping

If the Vava dash cam keeps beeping and creates a noisy sound. Then it indicates that the camera is not recording anything. Maybe the SD card is defective and it denies recording anything. It will also affect the camera’s ability to record the video. So while inserting the SD card always use a new SD card.

Whenever tries to access the camera it keeps disconnecting again and again

If you are also facing the Vava dash cam keeps disconnecting issues. Then you should replace the battery inside the camera. Turn off the camera properly first and then swap the battery inside the camera. If there is any corrupt file that keeps disconnecting the camera then it automatically fixes it.

The Vava dash cam does not connect to the wifi

If the Vava dash cam is not connecting to the wifi then open the wifi settings in your phone and select the WLAN button and then tap on the VAVA wifi option. Now you have to enter your preferred password to log into the account and amble the wifi mode. If this does not work then try to perform the Vava dash cam reset operation. Firstly, turn off the camera for a minute and turn it on after waiting for a few seconds. Also, unplug the dashcam if it is connected with the cigarette lighter and replug it after a few moments.

How to solve the problem of the dashcam lights?

To fix the problem of the Vava dash cam lights. If it blinks solid red LED light then there must be two reasons: memory card and memory card error. To solve this problem try to insert the SD card properly and format all the files and documents with your computer or Vava App.

If the Vava dash cam fails to record audio sound.

If the Vava dash cam is not recording sound then this happens when the SD card does not have enough space. The SD card is filled with unnecessary videos, images, or parking mode. So make sure that you are using a new branded SD card for your camera otherwise delete hazard record files every month.

How does dashcam parking mode work?

The Vava dash cam automatically starts recording the video when it detects any kind of clash. As it has G-sensor technology that can even detect electric shocks and notify you on your mobile device while you are driving in your car. It works right in serious situations. If your car is going to collide with any other car then it instantly records the short clip of the scenario and adds it into the emergency section of the app.

Hope this article will solve most of your queries related to the Vava Dual Dash Cam. If you have another problem regarding the camera then you can contact the Vava support team for more help.

Review of the Vava Dual Dash Cam

Here is the accurate Vava dual dash cam review, as the users of the camera said. The installation of the camera is not quite as easy as it seems to be. But it works properly if you get the installation method. It requires a 4B memory card that you can insert into the camera for recording videos and capturing images. Although the app works great. To update the latest firmware hardly took ten minutes. It is handy and easy to use. You just need to get the instructions carefully and you will get every little step. It also has a motion detection sensor which is quite great.


Q1: What is the size of the SD card camera?

A1: The size that can work with the camera is a maximum of 64 GB. Also, it can work with other PCs and cameras.

Q2: If the SD card memory is full then it can automatically delete the unnecessary files?

A2: No, you have to delete those files every month so that it can’t disconnect with the camera and does not affect the ability to record the video of the camera.

Q3: Does it require technical support to install the camera?

A3: No, you don’t need any technical support while setting up the camera. The setup of the camera is easy with the help of the Vava app. Download the app on your mobile device and follow on-screen instructions.

Q4: I am not able to watch playback videos and images on the app?

A4: Ensure that your mobile device is wirelessly connected to the Dashcam app.

Q5: Wherever I enter the password it shows that you have entered the wrong password. How to solve this query?

A5: To solve this problem. Perform the reset operation. Press or hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds and the camera will automatically restore the settings into the factory default.

Q6: Will this camera use a capacitor?

A6: No, the camera will not use a capacitor as it already has a 320 mAh battery inside the camera.

Q7: Does the camera can be used on motorbikes or any two-vehicle?

A7: No, the camera is specially designed to be used in the card, not for two vehicles.

Q8: Where is the SD card inserted into the camera?

A8: It is in the camera. When you turn around the plastic cover of the camera and remove the slot then you find the SD slot which is right there.

Q9: Does the camera work on a car wrangler windshield?

A9: Yes the card has a palm flat surface to mount on the wrangler windshield.

Q10: Does the camera fall off because whenever I park out in the sun then I often use sun shades? Will it impact the working of the camera?

A10: No it will not create any impact on the working of the camera. As it is made to be worked in any temperature out there. So as soon as you walk away from the car, the camera automatically shuts off.

Q11: How does the GPS tracking of the camera work?

A11: By enabling the GPS tracking mode of the camera if it records any fast-moving vehicle and to enable it you need to go through the settings of the app. So it can connect with the help of the app and provide the live location of your car as well.

Q12: I have lost my old car mount so where do I get another car mount?

A12: In that case, you should contact the Vava support team and ask them to provide a new car mount.

Q13: Where is the reset button of the camera?

A13: You can find the reset button above the SD slot of the camera. Just press and hold the reset button for a few seconds and leave when you hear a beep sound. The camera starts resetting after the beep sound.

Q14: Does it need to buy the snapshot remote button separately?

A14: No, you don’t need to buy that remote separately. It comes with a camera.

Q15: Do two Vava dash cams work with one single Vava app?

A15: Yes, you can easily handle two cameras with one app. But you need to log in to two different accounts to use the app.