Top 10 plants that blossom throughout year

In this blog, we will know about the top 10 plants that blossom the whole year. If you have a garden and you want to make it beautiful, you must know about the plants that bloom all year. Love and magic are synonymous with flowers, flowers are very pleasing and charming.
Many people have developed a habit of gardening and it is very calming and relaxing. Gardening is a work of patience and hard work. Nowadays no one has the time and patience to weed out a dried plant, sow new seeds, water them and repeat the same process every four months. So, you must know about the plants that will stay green all year. These plants are very easily available in market as well as you can buy plants online.


– It is a climber plant that grows towards sunlight and it requires at least 6 hours of sunlight every day to thrive. Bougainvillea can grow anywhere between 1 to 12 meters and its flowers are generally small but in great density. This plant belongs to the Nyctaginaceae family and has 4 to 18 species.
This plant is cattle resistant because of its thick piercing thorns. You can grow this plant with seeds and stem cutting from March to May. This plant needs nutrient-rich soil and deep watering every 3-4 weeks than frequent shallow watering.

2) Ixora Coccinea

– Rukmini is a common name for this plant in Hindi. This flowering plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family and it is a native flowering shrub of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Southern India. This plant is known for its large corymbs of bright florets.
There are around 544 species of Ixora Coccinea plant and, its center of diversity is in Topical Asia. Dysentery and astringent can be treated by using flowers. From September to November, this plant can be grown.

3) Crape Jasmine

– It is one of the most common flowering plants found in India. Due to its wheel-like shape, this is also known as a pinwheel flower. Apocynaceae is the family of this family. This plant has multiple uses like ayurvedic products, eye drops, antioxidants, analgesics, and anti-tumor.
This plant needs a warm climate and well-drained soil to grow. You can plant this flower from September to November.

4) Rose-

It emits beautiful positive feelings, so it is called a masterpiece of all flowers. This flower is considered the symbol of love and they have established a strong base in human minds. It is one of the oldest flowers whose fragrance is used in perfumes. Every plant lover wants Roses in his garden. There are over 300 species of roses.
It is grown in the summer seasons from March to May. It also has medicinal qualities because it contains anti-oxidants that are used to heal scars, cuts, and burns and soothes skin irritation. Rose is the national flower of the U.S.A. It can flower throughout all year.

5) Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis-

This plant belongs to the Malvaceae family. It is a large flower with vividly colored petals which is very significant to a garden. This flower belongs to subtropical and tropical regions and is commonly known as the Shoe flower.
This plant is also grown in summer from March to May. Around 679 species of Hibiscus were found by Botanists, which includes annual and perennial plants. Its flower has 5 or more petals and ranges between heights of 14 to 18 cm tall.

6) Crossandra

– This plant is also known as the Firecracker plant due to its brightly colored flowers. This plant belongs to the Acanthaceae family and has 54 species that are found in Africa, Arabia, Madagascar, and the Indian subcontinent.
Crossandra plant can grow up to 2 feet tall and wide. Generally, this plant is grown for commercial purposes but, many people like to grow this all-year flowering plant for adding sheen to their garden.

7) Snapdragons

– Antirrhinum and dragon flower are commonly known names of this plant. This plant resembles the face of a dragon and mostly grows in rocky areas. You can grow this plant in the winter season from September to November.
It needs a cooler temperature to grow. Snapdragons can grow up to 6 to 48 inches and comes in various colors, depending on their variety.

8) Orange Trumpet Creeper

– This is a perennial plant that flowers all year. It is one of the most spectacular winter flowering plants. Extrafloral nectar at the base of each flower grows in the orange trumpet creeper plant. This flower has a pipe-like structure at the base and opens wide at the ending, which grows about 2 to 8 cm in diameter.

9) Mussaenda acuminate

– It is an all-year flowering plant that grows in the winter season from September to November. This plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family and has multiple colors. It is mainly known for its attractive appearance and fragrance. It has huge leaves which grow up to 7 to 12.5 cm long.


– This plant grows in the summer season from March to May and flowers the whole year. Princess flowers, Krishna kamal, and Begum Bahar are the common names of these flowers. Generally, it is found in vivid dashes of purple color. It needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. This plant belongs to the Melastomataceae family and its shrubs can grow up to 3 meters in diameter and are almost fluorescent at night.