Tethys wireless security camera

We built our houses and use all the top-class interiors to make it look classy but often it is seen that we ignore the safety of our home. Nowadays it is not very difficult to work to improve the safety of our home sweet home. The CCTV cameras are usually seen placed at almost every corner and it is one of the most cost-effective systems to protect our property. TETHYS Wireless Camera is suitable for you.

Here is one such TETHYS Wireless Camera 1080Pixel in high definition which provides crystal clear image for both day and night settings. It comes with a 30 Frame per second (FPS) visuals resulting in a steady image. One of the amazing features is that it comes with 350 and 90 degrees horizontal and vertical access respectively and the microphones can even pick up the minor whisper with ease and you choose to mute it at your convenience.

TETHYS Wireless Security Camera amazing device comes with a complete one year warranty and all the features can be manage from one single application named MIPC APP which you can download free on your phone on the AppStore or play store. The storage is also easy because you get the cloud support feature and have access to all the footage using any SD card.

TETHYS Wireless Camera via MIPC APP?

Once you get the camera set up now you need to download the App named MIPC App. The first step after downloading the app is to connect to the router and after opening the app click on the device type and after clicking the app will ask to scan the QR code which is under the camera. Once it’s done connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet whichever is available by following the same steps while connecting to the internet. Now, it is connected to the router.

Once you are connect it will ask you to change the device name and the passwords. After that, you can have access to all the features with your phone whether it is the direction of the camera, you can change it by just touching or moving your finger to the direction you want the camera point. You can change the quality of the picture as well, by just simply adjusting the color and contrasts on the app. There are the whole set of other settings of the device as well as the app. It can easily adjusted and altered as per the need and also experiment.

How to use TETHYS Wireless Security Camera with Alexa?

The most important feature of Tethys Wireless security camera is its compatibility with Amazon Alexa. We can go through Amazon Alexa setup with Tethys Wireless smart security camera.

1. Setup your Wireless camera with the steps shown above.
Note: We’re assuming you’re having an Alexa ready to use.
2. Download and install the Amazon Alexa from Google play store or Apple App store for android and ios users respectively.
3. Register or Login the Amazon Alexa using an Amazon account.
4. Open the Alexa application and select skills and games from the menu.
5. Look for your Wireless camera or search “Tethys” and open the skill and enable the skill.
6. Enter your Tethys Wireless camera details to connect.
7. Now go back to the homepage and select “ Discover devices “ or give a voice command.
8. Now you’re ready to use and start giving commands to your TETHYS Wireless Smart camera.

Amazon Alexa is a highly intelligent AI platform that supports many products. Tethys Smart Camera is Amazon certified for Alexa compatibility and comes at an interesting price point. So Tethys Camera is an excellent choice for those who looking for a security camera.

Video surveillance app

The MIPC App is an advanced mobile real-time video surveillance app, the app is available on android and IOS platforms both and have various features in it. It provided the video gallery which will help you to access all the videos being stored in the phone. It also comes with various features such as cloud service for the storage, 2-way speaker. An option to turn the microphone on/off and the settings of the images and the best part, it can be controlled from the phone only.

Another amazing feature is that one can connect the device with the Alexa by following some simple steps. Open the Alexa app, open menu and select skills after that find the skill for the camera. Enable the same, further there will be some on-screen instructions which will help you to connect. Once you are done, you can either say find my device or call Alexa to open the camera (by saying the device name set up by you.

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