Tethys Camera SETUP

Tethys Wireless Security Camera

Very few brands are known for the manufacturing of security cameras. It’s harder to find wireless security cameras from good brands and Tethys Wireless camera is an exception. These cameras come with an amazing set of features with a good wireless range. They have many advanced features such as Night Vision, Motion detection, 2-Way audio, Baby monitor, and more.

Still, the best feature is its compatibility with Amazon Alexa. Although Alexa connects with a wide range of products, it’s surprising to see Wireless security camera integration with Amazon Alexa. Tethys Wireless security camera supports both Pan and tilt moves and comes with a 1080P HD camera. It can alert the user if any Motion is detected. It offers Cloud data storage and ease control using one single application. Tethys Wireless security camera comes with one year warranty as well. Let’s go through setup now.

Setup Tethys Wireless camera with your Smartphone

To connect your Tethys Wireless camera, You need to prepare your smartphone with the following steps.

  1. Connect your Smartphone to the Wi-Fi
    Note: Doesn’t support dual-band, so connect 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network.
  2. Manage volume on your smartphone.
  3. Download the MIPC application from Google play store or Apple App store for android and ios users respectively.
  4. Register an account from the MIPC App.
Setup Tethys

We can connect your Tethys Wireless Security camera via a wireless and wired connection. For a wired connection, we use the Ethernet connection. Let us go through a wireless and wired connection through the following steps.

Tethys Cam Setup via Wi-Fi Connection

Tethys Cam reset
  • Firstly, power your Tethys Wireless security camera with an electrical outlet using Micro USB Cable.
  • Now press the Wi-Fi icon button in the MIPC Application.
  • Please wait less than one minute until there will be chime and IR light turn OFF.
  • Tap the “ The Prompt tone had been heard “ button.
  • Press the RESET button for few seconds.
  • Check whether a voice prompt heard.
  • Finally, choose your SSID and enter your password.
    Note: Try to place your phone and camera as nearer as possible to the router as possible.

Connection via Ethernet connection

  1. Connect your Ethernet cable from the Ethernet port of Tethys Wireless Security camera and router.
  2. Press the Ethernet connection icon in the MIPC application.
  3. Change your Password which is not mandatory.


1. Does the Tethys support HTTP/RTSP video feed?

A. NO, Tethys doesn’t support HTTP/RTSP video feed.

2. Do the Tethys camera is secure or hackproof?

A. As the camera does not support HTTP/RTSP video feed, there’s less risk in Tethys Smart camera.

3. Why do my visuals from the camera blur?

A. Try to clean your camera lens with a good cloth which we used to clean glasses.

4. Which frequency band Wi-FI Tethys camera supports?

A. Tethys Wireless security camera supports 2.4GHz only. Tethys can’t connect to 5GHz connection. For alternate connection, use an Ethernet connection


First, off the bat, it is quite an affordable camera with a number of good features. The affordability is the main problem in almost all surveillance devices. This makes it quite difficult for people to acquire the basic necessity of security. TETHYS though, makes it easier to acquire its products with a good and reasonable price range and a very compact and good design. The compactness of the device makes it easier for the user to use it anywhere in the background and survey the view. It also has a panning system which really increases its field of view. Apart from those features, it has a surmountable amount of battery life.

It also possesses an internet and application support system making it a more accessible camera. It is remotely controllable through the app and can be planned and zoomed remotely. These features all at a reasonable price are unbelievable. Tethys have been exceptionally generous with this product number. You could easily acquire it and set it up via the app, connect it to the internet, and forgot about it you till some issue arises which does not in good long time. For reliability and affordability, the Tethys receives full marks. An exceptional camera at an affordable price.

Download Tethys Camera App

Tethys camera app Click Here to Download Tethys Camera App