Tapo C200 pan tilt home security wifi camera

Do you keep worrying about your things been safe at home? Do you wish to keep an eye on the activities your children are doing at home? The Tapo C200 Pan/Tilt Home Security Wifi-Camera is then what you are looking for. By making a connection with your home network, it provides a full coverage to the area where you want to peep in. Even if you are anywhere around you will get to know what is going on in your place by just notifications popping up on your phone. Tapo C200 camera features are available below.

Features of Tapo C200 Camera:

1. Peep even at your corners –

You can have a look at every corner of your room just by pan and tilt feature of Tapo C200 camera. The Tapo C200 camera has full 360 degree horizontal range and 114 degree vertical range, allowing you to rotate with complete freedom.

2. Quality in your footage –

The Tapo C200 camera captures every details with crystal clear images with a definition of about 1080p.

3. The night owl –

You can now sleep sound knowing that you are safe home. With a night vision up to a distance of 30ft, you can know capture everything in your camera.

4. Track movements at your home –

With motion detection you can keep record of every movement in your house and send you quick notifications. Next time don’t panic thinking about if there are burglars in the house.

5. You have got siren to alert you! –

The sound and trigger light alarms will warn you and also frighten the unwanted visitors at your home.

6. Talk to your mates through the camera –

The Tapo C200 camera has a built-in microphone and speakers so that you can communicate with anyone at home.

7. Store in safely –

Insert SD card in your camera which provides a storage of 128GB. (SD card is not provided)

8. Easy sharing options –

You can now share the recordings through different social media network.

9. Voice assistant to help you –

The camera has got functions to link with your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant which will help you to guide your orders without performing hand controls.

How to setup your Pan/Tilt Home Security Wifi-Camera?

The following steps are to be followed to set up your Tapo C200 camera at your home:

  1. You first need to download the Tapo c200 Camera app in your device to begin. Now, You can download it from Google Play store for Android users and from Apple App store for IOS users. You can even try scanning the QR code provided on the box to begin.
  2. After successful installation of the Tapo Camera app you are required to log in by using your TP-Link id. If you are a new user you need to first sign in by providing general information.
  3. When you log in you can see a plus (+) shape symbol somewhere on the screen. Click on it and then select your device. Here you have to select your device as C200.
  4. Turn your camera on and wait till 30 seconds. You will see the red light blinking and turning green. Move forward by clicking on Next.
  5. Later perform the configuration of your camera and connect it with your home network. For this go to your phone’s Wifi setting and look for your camera’s name in it. Also grant location access and location permission for the camera. You can disable the settings later. Then it will start looking for your device. Go to the app next.
  6. On the app you can find the app searching for your camera. It will take a span of about 2-3 minutes.
  7. After that pair the camera by going to the Wifi setting. Provide the password in it. See to it that the camera’s LED is blinking continuously during the entire process.
  8. After you successful configuration you will see a page asking for unique name for your device. Give a name you wish and also set unique location to be easily accessible. After the complete setup click on Next.
  9. Click on ‘Done’ on the next page and you are now set to access your camera.

How to set up your Tapo Account to Amazon Alexa?

  1. First open the TP link Tapo app.
  2. Check for that you are able to turn off and on your Tapo Camera.
  3. Look for your Alexa app on the home screen of your phone.
  4. In the Alexa App, click on the three thick lines available at the upper left corner on the screen.
  5. Now from all the available options search for ‘Skills and Games’ and click on it.
  6. Under ‘Skills and Games’ click on the search bar and search for Tapo. You will see a search result as Tapo skill. Click on that search result.
  7. For activating it click on Enable to Use.
  8. You will be further guided to sign in to your Tap Account. Provide your TP Link Id and your password. Click on login to move further.
  9. Further there will be a dialog box asking for authorization of your account. Click on Authorize to link your two accounts.
  10. Now you can see that you have successfully linked your Tapo account with Alexa App.
  11. Then you can go to discover your device further. It will take up not more than 45 seconds.
  12. You have done setting up your Tapo account to Amazon Alexa. Try by giving orders.

How to Link your TP-Link Tapo Account to Google Assistant?

  1. Go to your Tapo Account App.
  2. Check for that you are able to turn off and on your Tapo Camera.
  3. Look for your Google Assistant app on the home screen of your phone.
  4. Next go to your Account Settings. Click on Home under different sections and further click on Add.
  5. Then under the search bar, search for Tapo. Click on the Tapo search result.
  6. You will be further guided to sign in to your Tap Account. Provide your TP Link Id and your password. Click on login to move further.
  7. Finally, click on Authorize to link your two accounts.
  8. You also have an option of assigning different device for different rooms.
  9. You have done setting up your Tapo account to Google Assistant app. Try by giving orders.

How to mount your Pan/Tilt Home Security Wifi-Camera?

  1. You can locate your camera on the wall or place on the ceiling by using the mounting screws provided in the box.
  2. You can use the mounting template to place the camera or even drill holes on the wall to tangle your camera.
  3. Append the basement of your camera using the screws provided. If you are mounting on the wall place anchors using that screws and then locate your camera on that anchors.
  4. Place the camera and try rotating it to know its grip.

How can you prevent home burglary by using Motion Detection?

Tapo C200 has a great feature to track motions inside your house and notify you if it find something fishy around. For this you have to setup the Motion Detection technique on your device. The following are the steps to follow for it:

  1. In your Tapo Account, go to the Detection page and under it select Current Settings. Another way of doing is by managing the detection settings in Detection and Alerts under Camera setting page.
  2. You can choose in for which camera you want to detect the motions. Enable the Motion Detection function for it. It also have an option to turn on your notifications for it.
  3. You can customize the tones, light, sound alert settings through Alert Type and Alert Sound in Camera Alert settings.
  4. You can customize to only focus on particular areas by Activity zones setting. If you do not choose any option, the default settings choose to show the entire view.
  5. By using the Motion Sensitivity option you can alter sensitivity in recordings and notifications.
  6. You are also provided with an option to schedule the motion detection through the Recording Schedule in Camera settings.
  7. You can find all the recordings under orange sections in playback option from Live View.

How to record videos continuously through your Tapo C200 camera?

  1. Go to Camera setting page under Live View.
  2. Enable the Local Recording function and choose for Continuous recording in Recording Schedule.
  3. Find all these recordings as blue sections in playback option from Live View.

How to maintain privacy with your recordings and streaming?

  1. Click on Privacy mode in the Live View page.
  2. Your recordings and other options are now temporarily hidden in order to maintain privacy.

What can I do if I can’t find my Tapo camera on Tapo app?

  1. Check that the LED of your camera is glowing green.
  2. Check that you are providing correct password.
  3. See that you use same WiFi network for both your camera and your smartphone.
  4. Try turning off the firewall of your router and re-configure your camera by resetting it. To reset your camera, click on the reset button at its back. Keep holding till you hear “Reset successful.”
  5. Check that you are log in with correct Tapo account.
  6. Look in for your DHCP server of your router and check that it is turned on.

Review for Tapo C200 camera :

Tapo C200 has marked its bench as the most pocket-friendly camera most suited for indoor services. It has established itself as a better alternative to most other camera models in the market. Tapo C200 has brought its best feature of pan-and-tilt support with allowing you to have a look at every corner of your room. It gives us large coverage of your room which many other cameras fail to provide. But the device lacks to give this feature when you have turned on the motion detection feature. It will give you super video quality even when the lights are turned off in your room. Even in the zoom in option you can find no blur images and gives clarity in the recordings.

Unlike other cameras who use cloud technology for recordings, Tapo C200 uses micro SD Card which is built inside. But due to this we get a drawback that due to backup in cloud storage, if anyone destroys the camera or if try to remove the SD card you are left with no video footage. Even for the motion detection feature you cannot alter the notifications. Either you are getting them throughout or else you have the option to only close them up. Still Tapo C200 camera can be considered as one of the best cameras with lot many features in it and having a well built-in app for it. If you are thinking to buy it for your home use, you are on the right track.

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