Have bought a CCTV camera or planning to buy a CCTV camera for your home or office? Purchasing and setting up a security camera system, big or small, can be a daunting task for people who are not accustomed to CCTV technology. In this article, we cover the specifications of the SV3C Wireless Security Camera, its setup process, and troubleshooting. If you are on the fence about purchasing or just received the camera, read this article.

SV3C B06W-5MP-HX Wireless Camera Features

The SV3C Wireless IP Camera features a wide variety of extras that are designed to improve accessibility for users. It is one of the more affordable models that you will find available, and it is manufactured by SV3C. The low price point is no reason for apprehension as this product still features quality construction. This is one of the few cameras we have seen in this price range that does not feature a glaring downside.

The following are some of the features of SV3C Wireless Camera:


This WiFi camera with updated WiFi performance, which ensures easier WiFi set up and more stable WiFi connection. For more information, please refer to SV3C official website or the file attached to our emails, these files will help you!


What’s happening when you are not home? SV3C WiFi camera will alert you through mobile phones or send snapshots to email when motion is detected. This outdoor camera support motion detection recording to Micro SD card (sd card not included). The WiFi camera supports SD card up to 128GB, more storage space! Motion detection area, detecting and alarm sensitivity are adjustable.


This WiFi camera is equipped with 36 pcs IR led lights, the LED will lights up red at night, can monitor your home indoor or outdoor clearly and easily whether it’s night or day. The wireless surveillance CCTV can monitor up to 67ft, all in your eyes! Note, this outdoor camera recording without sound, and without PTZ(Pan/Tilt/Zoom) function!


The waterproof level is up to ip66 and the WiFi camera with full aluminum case, which means the bullet camera is strong enough to withstand rough weather and Vandal Resistant, even in the storm and snowy weather. This waterproof security camera is an ideal use for both indoor and outdoor!


SV3C WiFi IP camera package includes a power adapter with 9.8ft cable! SV3C Technology provides 30 days free return, 12 months warranty, lifetime technical support, friendly customer service, if you have any questions when you receive or install the camera, please contact us through your order on Amazon, we will help you to solve your problems until the camera works well!

How To Connect SV3C Camera?

The following are the steps to connect the SV3C camera:

  • Connect a network cable to a router and plug in the power adapter.
  • Connect LAN cable and power to camera, it needs about one minute to self-checking and then starts working.
  • The green light indicator means the network data transmission is normal.

How To Connect SV3C Camera via Phone?

The following are the steps to connect the SV3C camera via Phone:

  • Download the CamHi application from Google Play (Android) or App Store (iPhone).
  • Run the app and add a camera.
  • Click online camera to view real-time image.

How To Connect B06W-5MP-HX SV3C Camera via PC?

The following are the steps to connect the SV3C camera via PC:

  • Install “Search tool” from SV3C website: www.sv3c.com.
  • Find the camera.
  • Access the camera through the browser.
  • Note: You can view and configure all parameters of camera. If you are not using IE browser, some settings will be missing.

How Do I Reset SV3C Camera B06W-5MP-HX If It Is Not Booting from the Static IP Assigned?

You may need to reset your SV3C wireless camera due to various reasons such as error in starting the camera, and so on. To reset your SV3C wireless camera, follow these steps:

  • Visit the website: http://www.sv3c.com/default.asp?id=3981.
  • Click “Product Tool..for POE IP CAMERA” to download and install Product Tool.
  • Open product tool and click the first options from left to right.
  • Search for your camera in LAN.
  • Choose the IP address that searched out, click “EXT” to restore to factory setting.

How To Set Up Motion Detection and Email Notifiication In SV3C Camera?

To set up motion detection range go to Settings → Alarm→Motion Detection.

  • Check window 1, a small frame will appear,
  • Drag to select the detection range.
  • Select the Sensitivity option to modify the motion detection sensitivity.
  • Click Apply after setting it up.

To set up email notification go to Settings → Alarm→Alarm:

1. Enter the details in the following fields:

  • E-mail Alarm and Send with picture: You can choose to send pictures with email alarm
  • Save Picture on the FTP Server: You can choose to send pictures with FTP alarm
  • Save Video on the FTP Server: You can choose to send Video with FTP alarm
  • Note:

    The option takes effect only when SD card is inserted and the option “Save video on the

  • Save Picture on the SD Card: You can choose to save alarm picture to the SD card (The camera must be inserted with SD card)
  • Note:

    Snapshot cannot be seen on phone app. It is available on browser. Click the SD card on setting main page to download.

  • Save Video on the SD card: You can choose to save Alarm Video to the SD card(The camera must be inserted with SD card)
  • Image capture number: Choose the number of captured images
  • SMTP server name: Input the SMTP server name of your sender email address (For example, if your sender is Gmail box, then server name will be SMTP.GAMIL.COM, suggest for commonly used mail box such as Gmail, yahoo, etc.)
  • Note:

    The server name is unique for different email IDs, please go and check online.

  • Server Port: The SSL port of your current use type of mailbox port (Support SSL only)
  • Safe link: Choose SSL
  • Authentication: default(on)
  • User name: You sender email address (Must be an email address)
  • Password: Should be the SMTP password after you have set up the SMTP service of your sender mailbox succeed (SMTP service can be set on the settings of your sender mailbox)
  • Send To: Mail address for receiving notification (Can be the same as Sender’s also)
  • Sender: The same as your sender email address (Must be an email address)
  • Subject: Optional
  • Message: Optional

2. Click Apply after setting.

3. Then click Test to check if you set up succeed, if yes, then you can check the test mail on your receiver mail address.


Please ensure the SMTP Service of your Sender mailbox activated, or you could not receive any mail notification (You can set up SMTP service on the settings of your sender mailbox)

4. Ensure motion detection areas set up succeed then you can set up mail notification succeed.

5. If still cannot set up mail notification succeed, please clean out IE web browser (If you use IE for set up) view history and then try to set up again.

How To Perform TF Card Recording On SV3C Wifi Wireless Camera?

The following are the steps to perform TF card recording on SV3C Camera:

  • Find TF Card Slot: For video of finding the TF card slot, please visit the website www.sv3c.com and download.
  • Format TF Card first on Phone App. To format go to Camera Setting > SD Card Setting.
  • Click Timing Record, where you can set it to on or off, set record files duration within time range and record timer to All Days for recording day and night.
  • For setting alarm video recording, click Alarm Setting, set the Motion Detection option to on and click Apply.
  • For setting for saving alarm video in SD card, click Action with Alarm, set the Alarm SD REC option to on and click Apply.
  • Find TF card record files on Phone App. Go to Video→Click camera ID to access the record files You can click into the files to view record files on app directly Just a simple click at the file will lead you to video playback
  • Download TF card record files to PC.

How To Perform Google Gmail Password Setting?

First step: Gmail Open two-step Verification
  • Enter the following link to get started your 2-Step Verification:
  • Input password.
  • Choose your country and enter your phone number, then you can choose to receive codes via text message or phone call.
  • Click Next when finished.
  • Wait until code is send to you and then enter the code and click Next.
  • Click turn on to make it work.
Second Step: Gmail
  • Enter email Setting, enable POP and IMAP in the menu of Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  • Enter help menu by clicking Help in setting page.
  • Input APP Password in the search bar and click Sign in using App Passwords.
  • Click How to generate an APP password and click App password to go to the password generating page.
  • Enter your Gmail password to login again for security and then click Next.
  • Choose app for Mail and device for Windows Computer and click GENERATE.
  • Password is in the yellow background is generated.
  • Enter Camera Setting on IE: Settings→Alarm→Alarm→Email Setting.
  • Enter the following information:
  • SMTP server name: smtp.gmail.com

    Server Port: 465

    Safe Link: SSL

    Username: Email address

    Password: Special Password generated through the above process.

    Send to: Email address (Can be another email but please make sure its pop/IMAP/SMTP is also activated)

    Sender: Email address (should be your gmail)

  • After all info is filled in, please click Apply first and then Test.
  • Once it shows Test Success, you will receive a test email.

How to Perform APP Password Setting in Yahoo?

Here are the steps to perform app password setting in Yahoo:

  • Login in your account, click settings icon, then choose Account info.
  • Choose Account Security and enable Two-step verification.
  • Enter your phone number to get the code.
  • Enter code to verify your account
  • Here you have enabled two-step verification Success. Then click Create app passwords.
  • There are many options available. Choose the device you would like to use your email.
  • Click Generate to create the corresponding password. Here you get your app password.
  • Getting back to this page of your email, you can manage your app passwords.
  • Input IP address on IE to get in the camera setting page.
  • IP address can be found in the app.
  • Fill in all the information displayed on the page.
  • Now you will receive an email Alert when motion is detected by the camera.

What is Two-way Audio and How Do I Use It?

Two-way audio enables you to receive and transmit audio through the IP camera. You may need to attach an external microphone or speaker to use the two-way audio function. To receive audio from the IP camera, open the IP Camera GUI on a notebook or PC equipped with speakers. To transmit audio through the IP Camera, you need to connect a microphone to a PC or notebook and open the IP Camera GUI. Click the talk button on Camera Control Panel which is on the IP Camera Live View page.

My SV3C Camera Wifi Wireless B06W-5MP-HX Cannot Connect to Router WiFi Or To The Phone Check several reasons why your security cameras working over a network (IP cameras) are not working on WiFi:

  • The antennas of the WiFi IP camera are not fixed well – the antennas are loose.
  • Your wireless IP camera does not have a power supply.
  • You entered the wrong login password.
  • SSID is not the same as the one of your router.
  • The WiFi reach is too bad – the IP camera is too far from the router or there are too many walls in between.
  • Wireless IP camera gets a wrong IP address.
  • The firmware or the software is out-of-date.
  • You never configure the wireless settings of your newly bought security camera.
  • Your router does not support your security camera’s WiFi channel.
  • The channel of your router is too crowded.
  • The network cable has connecting issues (for wired security camera).
  • Electrical interference from devices like a cordless phone or microwave causes the WiFi signal to drop.

SV3C Wireless Camera B06W-5MP-HX Review

The SV3C Wireless Camera is a great choice if you are trying to set up an affordable security system. While it may be lacking in extra features compared to its more expensive counterparts, this IP camera still includes some helpful additions. The most noticeable of these additions is the power over ethernet functionality. If you are looking for an affordable IP camera that features reasonably good build quality, this should be the perfect product for you.