Summer Infant Baby Monitor

The Summer Infant Baby Monitor is the pixel zoom HD video camera. It shows all the nighttime views very clearly. You can make it with a boundary with the aid of a monitor and remote. This is a remote streaming camera and the destination of this camera is very high. You can live footage of your baby through the 5.0 inch HD screen and six-level zoom of this camera. The camera helps to monitor all the activity of children besides doing any work. The summer infant baby camera has two ways to talk back to the baby. You can play any white noise, music, and lullabies via the audio recorder. You need to pair the camera to the screen for watching the live footage of the baby.

The summer infant baby secure monitor creates the virtual boundary around the child. When your baby crosses the virtual boundary. So, the camera will alert you.

Fundamental Summer Infant Baby Monitor features

There are various features of the wireless infant baby camera.

Auto-voice Activation

The camera screen is ON/OFF automatically with the VOX technology. The camera screen turns on with some voice and it makes it easy to see the video.

Clear Nighttime Views

You can see the clear footage of your child through the HD video screen.

Set Virtual Boundary

You can set the virtual boundary through the screen for the safety of the baby. You can sleep in the night without tension because the summer infant monitor alerts you when you exit the safe place.

Full Clear View

They shoot the full clear video in HD 720p quality. You can zoom any video of the camera into six levels. The camera and screen coverage is 800ft.

Additional features

The parents play audio, music, and lullabies through the screen. We can also speak with the baby camera.

Basic steps of Summer Infant Baby Monitor installation

The right installation of the camera is very crucial for working well and recording video. So., follow these underline given installation steps.

  • Connect the camera to the camera adapter and plug the camera adapter into the electric socket.
  • Put your camera on the charging summer baby monitor battery for 3-5 hours and with the full charging of the camera shoot video for 5-6 hours.
  • For the perfect angle, place the camera at 7-8 sq. ft from the object. Also, locate your camera on the plane surface, table, shelf. you can fix it on the wall via the screw and anchor.
  • Plug the camera on the opposite side of the baby and from a distance.
  • Press the POWER button of the camera for 4-5 seconds when the green light appearing leaves the button.
  • Next, push the power ON/OFF button of the screen for starting.
  • Then, the camera automatically syncs with the screen.
  • Thus, you can see the video of your baby.

These are the ways to install the summer infant wireless camera.

Summer Infant baby Pixel Camera Manual

To trigger this, I’m going to talk about the quarries of the customers in this summer infant in view manual. How do I connect the camera with the screen? Can I link only one with the screen? How many devices work with the HD video screen? How much is the coverage of the camera? Can I stop or start the video through the monitor? Is this monitor a touch screen? What is the warranty of this summer infant camera? Can I control Summer Infant Baby Monitor with my mobile? Can I replace it? Does it work with Alexa? Is it possible to work white noise all night? Can it show the right temperature? Does this summer camera have an app? If any information is present in this manual. So, I can get more instructions from there.

Best Method of Summer Infant Baby Monitor Setup

You can set up your wireless summer infant camera with these steps and follow steps line by line.

Select the camera
  • Click the power menu center button to start the screen.
  • Next, tap the down button and highlight the view cam.
  • Press the power ON of the camera.
  • Tap the down/up button to select the available camera.
  • After choosing, tap the power menu center button.
  • Then, you will be able to see video on the screen and the video camera number is showing on the for 4 seconds.
  • You can change the camera of this camera.
Add Other Camera
  • Tap on the menu center button to turn on the screen.
  • Then, click the down button and scroll the add cam.
  • Press the menu power button to choose the camera which you want to add.
  • Use the down button to scroll and select the camera number.
  • Tap on the menu power button to add
  • After that, push the sync button which is given on the back of the screen
  • Next, the icon will appear on the screen. After completing the synching.

These are the ways to set up the wireless summer camera.

Summer Infant Baby Monitor troubleshooting tips to solve the issue

Read these troubleshooting tips of the summer infant wireless camera to solve any problem such as the summer infant monitor won’t turn on, which you are facing.

Try to change the location

If your camera screen does not work or does not show the picture. So, try to change the location of your screen. Take your screen to the camera in the network range of the camera. Then, restart the camera, after placing the screen in the camera range.

Check the battery

Check the battery of your camera when it does not record any video. Check the battery of your camera on the screen and it is empty. So, connect your camera with the summer baby monitor charger and turn on the power supply. The battery will be full in 3-4 hours and it will work for almost 6 hours. After completing the charging, turn ON your device.

Reset the camera

Reset your camera when another camera does not add to the screen setting. When you will use the reset button, it is mandatory to connect the power cord with the camera. Press the reset button and hold for a few seconds. When the light stops blinking. So, the reset process will be started. The reset process removes all the settings and data of your device.

Follow these summer infant troubleshooting steps when you are facing a problem and if you have any issues so, contact the service provider for getting extra solutions.

Summer Infant Baby Monitor Review

Last month, My brother purchased this camera for the safety of their baby and to monitor any activity of the child while doing other work at the same time. I connected two cameras with this screen. We can see full HD clear video in teh day and night as well. When my brother’s baby is sleeping. So, I made virtual boundaries around the child and when anybody part of the baby passed the boundary. So, the camera and screen alert you. It is the very best device for baby safety. I am giving this summer infant baby monitor review from my point of view.

Summer infant baby security camera features:

The features of this baby camera are a virtual boundary, full clear view, clear nighttime view, an additional feature, auto voice activation.

Summer infant camera design:

The design of the camera is very small and you place it anywhere at the right angle in the room for recording the video.

Summer infant camera dimensions:

The dimensions of this camera are ‎0.91 x 6.3 x 3.9 inches.

Summer infant baby camera specification:

‎5 Inches is the standing display screen size. The target of this camera is ‎Unisex. Plastic material is used in the consumption. A rechargeable battery is the power source. The sensor technology of this camera is ‎Room_temperature, Nightvision. ‎36044 is the model of this camera.

‎Summer infant baby security camera price:

The latest price of this camera is $91.72


How much is the coverage of the camera?

800 ft. is the coverage of this camera.

Does it work with Alexa?

No. your talk with the mic.

Can I replace it?

When it does not know. Contact the company about the summer infant replacement monitor.

Is this Summer Infant Baby Monitor a touch screen?

No, it works with the button.

How do I connect the camera with the screen?

Read the manual and envelope for more information.

Can I stop or start the video through the monitor?


How many devices work with the HD video screen?

Approximately four.

Can it show the right temperature?

Yes. It shows perfect room temperature.

What is the warranty of this summer infant camera?

One year warranty of this camera.

Can I control it with my mobile?

I think no, but contact the service provider for information.

Does this summer camera have an app?

No, you can check anything related to the camera on the monitor screen.