Starlink now can be used by vehicals in motion.

Elon Musk Space X started launching satellites called Starlink back in 2019. Since then, the company has been growing rapidly to break many records.
Starlink is providing internet coverage to over 34 countries and is aiming for global coverage.
With the acceptance of the Starlink satellites in motion vehicles, Space X is ready to widen its range and expand globally.

Till now, Starlink has 2500 mass-produced small satellites and provides internet access to 400,000 subscribers.
The space X company wants to expand the internet services and make them available to every part of the world even in the unapproachable areas.
Elon Musk is of the view that internet services are a must for every individual and hence should be provided to all. He stated that there is still a need for low-cost broadband capabilities.
So, he launched Starlink in 2019 and since then many satellites are being launched which provide internet access to a wide range of areas.
Starlink provides high-speed internet services with low latency. It’s very good for playing online games, connecting through video calls, and other internet activities.
The star link also provides the feature that it can be taken by the users through the portability features.
The starlink setup is also very easy and can be done in no time. It just requires the basics like the star link, router, cables, and base. it’s easy to connect. You just have to download the Starlink app.
Starlink is a very ideal internet service provider to the rural areas where the networks are mostly unavailable. now with the help of star link, rural people are also enjoying internet services. They are gaining access to education, health services, and other services that the internet can provide.
Not only this Starlink also takes care of the space and helps to make it clean. It maintains the industry standards by mitigating the on-orbit debris.
Keeping all the qualities of the star link no doubt, it has become the no. 1 internet service provider.
But the star link has not ended here it has begun a new revolution in the aerospace industry. Starlink aims to expand its reach by making internet services for motion vehicles too.
This will help the motion vehicles to access the internet services whenever in need.
Let’s read about some of the features of this new plan.

What is the cost of the plan?

As soon as the U.S Federal Communications Commission granted Elon Musk Space X authorization he started working on this big budget plan.
This is really good news for the thousands of subscribers of Starlink who want internet connectivity on the roads.
This is due to the portability feature by the Star link which enables the subscribers to get internet services anywhere.
The Earth stations in Motion terminals help the Star links portability feature which is attached to the moving vehicles and enables users to move them to new locations and hence getting connectivity anywhere within the same continent.
The subscribers of star link will have to pay a one-time $599 equipment fee before receiving their router and dish though Starlink costs $110 per month.
The costs may vary according to the place and the taxes they charge.
If one wants a recently added Starlink RV feature, it may charge an additional $25 per month. This feature provides a user to pause and then un-pause it on a new location.
This makes the user access it in the moving vehicles I.e., in motion. So, to access these services in the moving vehicles one has to pay $25 extra apart from the $110 every month.
FCC has granted permission to use internet services on mobility I.e., the vehicles in motion.
Since Starlink is working on their favorite topics which are mobility and portability hence it will be worth the use by the subscribers.
People always get confused between the two important features that star Link provides I.e., portability, and mobility. Portability refers to the feature in which the subscribers can move star links to a new location for a short time while mobility refers to the use of the internet services while being in motion.
So, both these features add extra value to the star link internet services and are hence worth the price.
So, apart from the hike in price from $110 per month to $135 per month this new feature will enable the users to get internet services while being in motion.
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So, besides the nomadic lifestyle which was only getting access to internet services by Starlink now, Space X has come to the rescue by providing flexibility.
Subscribers will get a boost in the speed of the internet services too. In Canada speed has increased from 61.84 MBps to 97.40 MBps which is 58%.
Europe has the best download speed of 100+ MBps internet speed all over Europe. Hence star link has never put down the expectations of the customers.

Star link set up –

SpaceX’s Starlink broadband connection is becoming more popular with each passing day with around 10,000 users all over the world, despite Starlink still being in the beta phase. These users have shared 5 easy steps to set up a Starlink broadband connection easily at home.
You can set up the Starlink broadband connection on your own by following the simple steps given below:

  • First of all, you need an open space to mount the Starlink dish. As it needs 100 degrees open space to receive the high-speed internet signals from the satellites.
  • Secondly, open the box and you will see the instructions in the form of pictures with no words.
  • Next, you need to build the kit using the instructions and attach the rod of the terminal to the tripod. After this, you will find that the router is already connected to the terminal and the cables.
  • Next, you need to power up the Starlink router. After plugging in the cable in the power source you will see the two white lights on the power brick.
  • Then finally, you need to download the Starlink app and click on the ‘Start Setup’ button. Open ‘WiFi Setting’ and set up your WiFi name and password and then connect it with your smartphone and enjoy your internet connection.

Starlink Installation

SpaceX provides a lot of accessories for the installation of Starlink broadband. You will be provided with a router and the cables. The installation doesn’t even require technicians. You just need to mount the Starlink dish on your rooftop and route the cables inside your home and install it on your own with help of SpaceX’s mobile app of Starlink, which is available for all android and iOS phones. This mobile app has an analyzing function that detects the optimal view of the sky around your home or office using your phone’s camera. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the Starlink dish requires a clear view of the sky to receive the high-speed signals through the satellites. If you are residing in a place with tall trees or buildings, then opting for Starlink broadband will not be a good option for you until more satellites join the Starlink constellation to provide internet connectivity at all places all over the world without any hindrance.
The company even plans to provide mobility options to the users, after installing and activating enough satellites in the Starlink constellation.

How Many Starlink Satellites Are in Orbit?

SpaceX has added around 1,993 Starlink satellites in the orbit till now. At the start of this year, 49 new satellites were added to orbit to improve internet connectivity. The company has long-term goals to add around 42,000 satellites into Starlink’s mega constellation by the end of 2027. These 42,000 satellites will help the company to achieve its goal of providing high-speed internet connectivity to all remote areas all over the world. Each Starlink satellite has a life span of around 5 years, but SpaceX is improving with each passing day along with every deployment of the satellites.
Currently, the satellites are launched by Falcon 9 & Falcon Heavy Rockets, but SpaceX is also working on the development of Heavy-lift starship rockets that are completely reusable launchers, specially designed to replace Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy Rockets.


Starlink has gained a lot of popularity in a very short period. Despite the high costs and the limitations in the availability of Starlink broadband connections around 750,000 people have already placed orders and booked their slots for Starlink’s broadband connection.
Observing the increasing popularity of Starlink, it can be concluded that it has a great future in the coming years.

Is star link unlimited data?

Many of the cable and fiber internet services provide the users with unlimited internet services as they have large bandwidths and hence can easily sustain large numbers of populations.
So, there is no reason for limited connectivity in the cable or fiber services as they both can provide internet services an unlimited amount.
But this is not the case with satellite services. Since they have short bandwidth so they can only provide internet services for a limited amount.
But the Space X has improved a lot and hence is providing unlimited data services in the range of $135 per month.
Users can enjoy starlink unlimited data services by just paying $135 per month.
But currently, these services are only available in Canada, U.S, and U.K.
Till now space X has launched 1500 satellites. But now after granting permission to expand its reach in the moving vehicles Space X is ready to launch more satellites and is aiming to reach 42000 satellites soon.
Starlink internet charges are $110 per month with an equipment fee of $599. Users can get unlimited data by paying it monthly. This data plan offers a speed of between 50- 250 MBps. For the business type, one can get it by paying $500 per month with an equipment fee of $2500. Users can get a speed between 150-500 MBps with unlimited data.
The RV Star link charges $135 per month with an equipment fee of $599. Users can get a speed between 50- 250 MBps with unlimited data.
Elon Musk Starlink has grown to a broadband internet service provider with fast internet services and unlimited data depending on the type whether you want RV, residential, or business purposes.
Starlink is best for the rural or remote areas where there is no internet providing services like cable, fiber, etc.
It provides the fastest internet services at affordable prices.
So this expansion of star link will be worth the use. Now you can easily access the data while moving. Hence, worth the price.