How to Setup ieGeek ZS-GX3S Wireless Security Camera?

2K WiFi Surveillance Camera for Home Security guide

The setup process of ieGeek wireless outdoor ZS-GX3S security camera involves; first its configuration with the app and then its installation on the wall. We recommend you to first set this camera up and then install it. Also before we start this process make sure you charge the camera with the power cable that comes with the box.

You can use a 5V 2A power adapter to charge its battery. Once the red light changes to blue on the ieGeek camera, it will mean that it’s fully charged. Make sure you have your router’s wifi password handy, as we will require it during setup.

Plus, you will have to download the ieGeek camera setup app on your phone. So, surprisingly this camera supports two apps namely “ieGeek Cam” and “CloudEdge”. You can click here to download any one of them and begin this setup process.

ieGeek Cam App

download iegeek cam app

iegeek cam app for iosCloudEdge App

cloudedge app for android

cloudedge app for ios


ieGeek Battery Powered  ZS-GX3S Camera Setup

Registering Account

  • As you download the ieGeek camera app on your phone/tablet you will have to allow “Notification” and “Cellular data” access to the app.
  • You will also need to create and account and register it too. You will receive the confirmation link on your email. Also make sure you select the right country code and location where you currently are. 
  • ieGeek app provides you with a feature to share your camera footage with others. It can be shared only with people in the same region.

Setup ieGeek ZS-GX3S Camera

Adding ieGeek Camera to the App

Before you turn on the camera make sure you insert a SD card into the camera. You can insert an SD card with a storage limit of up to 128GB. Also make sure you are following this process in the same room as the router. Although, after setup you can place this camera at the location you wish.

  • So, first and foremost open the app and on the home screen you will need to click on the “Add Device” option. Or simply tap on “+” on the top right hand corner of the screen.
  • Select “Battery camera” from the list of devices available.

iegeek 2K WiFi Surveillance Camera

  • Now, power on the camera. You can do that by holding the power button at the back of it for around 5 seconds. Here the camera will start flashing a red light.
  • In case you don’t see one on your camera, then hold down the reset button for around 5 seconds. You can do that using a pin or paper clip. Once you see a red light flashing click on “Next”.

reset ZS-GX3S iegeek camera before setup

  • On the next window you will need to select your router’s wifi network name. And type its password for confirmation. In case you don’t know your router’s wifi password then check here on how to find it. Moreover ieGeek ZS-GX3S camera is only compatible with 2.4GHz network. So, make sure you don’t connect it to 5Ghz.
  • On your phone the app will show a QR code that you will need to scan using the ieGeek camera lens. So, place your phone and camera in front of each other at a distance of 5-10 inches.

iegeek ZS-GX3S setup

IMP:- Once you hear a beep sound click “Next” on the app.
  • Lastly it will take around 120 seconds for your ieGeek battery camera to get added to the app. 
  • Next, you can rename the camera and choose its room. This is useful if you have multiple cameras on the same app. Plus with different names you will be able to control specific cameras using Alexa. Check here how to connect ZS-GX3S ieGeek camera to Alexa?

Installing the ieGeek 2k Wifi Surveillance Camera

As this is an outdoor camera with an rating of IP65, so it can withstand rain and snow very easily. Plus you can use it indoors also. Moreover while using it outdoors make sure you seal the rubber properly so that water doesn’t go inside the sd card slot, or power buttons.

iegeek outdoor camera insatllation ZS-GX3S

  • Now screw in the bracket at the bottom of the camera. You can do that using the quarter inch thread connected to the bracket. Screw it in until it feels solid and stable.
  • At the end of it you are provided with a rotator which will help you to change the angle of the camera.
  • In the middle of the mounting bracket you will see a rotator which will helps you to again choose a desired angle for your ieGeek outdoor camera installation.
  • Using three screws and anchors Install ieGeek at the location which is in the range of your router. In case you want to use it further than the range of your wifi. Then you will need to install a wifi range extender to extend your range and then connect your camera to it. 
  • Moreover, some people complain that in their ieGeek security camera after installation, they get an inverted image. So, guys, you can easily fix that. For that simply open your ieGeek cam app and go to “Settings” and then to “Images” and enable the option “Flip image” to get the right image.

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