Rove R2 4K dash Cam

The Rove R2 4K Dash Cam was built in WiFi GPS exclusively used to record videos with high-resolution 2160P. Its GPS controller contains an ultra-HD 2.4 LCD. It works with the Novatek NT96660 Processor. Apart from this, it contains an F1.8 Large 6-glass windshield Aperture Lens. This camera ordinarily meticulously provides crystal clear 4K ultra-HD video. It can record clear videos during the day and also records the videos at night by using the ultra low light capture sensor.

Usually, it uses super night vision technology to capture night vision videos. it operates with the Advanced Software. This dashcam Built-in GPS accurately routes the actual location and speed of your driving vehicle. Its price is very affordable and you can easily install it by following the manual instructions. Moreover, some extra features of this dash cam include the OV4689 Ultra-Low Light Capture 4MP CMOS Sensor, Parking Mode- Motion Detection, 360° Rotating Suction Mount, etc.

Rove r2 4k dash cam installation

To begin installation first, you have to open it’s packaging box and take it. After that, follow some below steps for installation.

(i) Unboxing the ROVE R2 4K Dash Camera:
  • You know very well that before ever using anything new, it has to be unboxed first.
  • Similarly, if you have purchased a new one built-in WiFi GPS then unbox it too.
  • After that, also take up all the necessary items of this camera like:
    (i) Rove R2-4K Dash Camera
    (ii) Rove Dual USB Car Charger
    (iii) 360° Suction Mount
    (iv) USB Data Cable (2.5 FT)
    (v) USB Power Cable (12 FT)
    (vi) 360° 3M Spare Sticky Mount
    (vii) Car Wiring Tool
    (viii) 5x Cable Hiding Clips
    (ix) Manual and Registration Card
  • To use these all accessories firstly read the user manual to familiarize yourself with its all items.
  • Using the user manual, you can also know all the safety instructions.
  • After this, install this camera in your vehicle by following the below-given instructions.
(ii) ROVE R2-4K Dash Camera Installation:
  • To install Rove r2 4k dash cam firstly, you have to choose a specific location in your vehicle. But ordinarily, it is fixed only near the rear panel mirror of the driver on the opposite side.
  • Don’t keep this camera near the engine, so block those areas.
  • Using the suction mount, attach this camera with windshield glass and set the camera lens while installing it.
  • Hold the windshield glass or suction mount to remove in which including air.
  • Afterward, lock the suction mount through the LOCKING Knob towards CLOCKWISE.
  • Now, turn on its power by using the power cord and attach it to the USB port of the camera and also attach another endpoint with the car’s cigarette lighter socket.
  • Hide all the power cord cables with the cable clip which is helpful to organize the balance on the driver’s version.
  • Adjust the camera lens accordingly. Loose the screws to maintain its lens position in the 360-degree panel to capture the videos easily.
  • Finally, it is installed successfully, to check its work performance you should start your car engine.
(iii) Connecting it built-in wifi GPS car dashboard camera recorder with the WiFi connection:
  • Make sure the rove r2-4k dash cam sd card has already been inserted in this camera by you.
  • Apart from this, you should also verify that the charging cable of this camera is connected with the car cigarette lighter to charge your camera.
  • Turn on its power by pressing the power button of this camera.
  • After turning on its power, press the R2-4K’s Settings menu on this camera to maintain touch screen GPS and choose the wifi network connection.
  • After that, connect the wifi network connection on this camera by entering the wifi security password in the network accessing password field.
  • Now, the wifi network is successfully connected to this camera, now you can easily route any location through the GPS and also know all instructions about your driving position, etc.

Thus eventually, the installing Rove r2 4k dash cam process is properly completed now. By following the above steps you can also try to install your new build dash cam with a step-by-step guide.

Rove r2-4k dash cam manual

The Rove r2-4k dash camera user manual helps to use the camera easily. This user manual includes it in the packaging box. You can easily know about this camera through the manual. How to use the Rove r2-4k dash? What should I do to Rove 2-4k troubleshooting? How to choose camera parking mode? How to get a new version through the rove r2-4k firmware update?Also how to use the rove r2-4k dash cam app? How to insert its memory card? What should I do for the Rove r2-4k battery replacement? How to reset the Rove r2-4k dash camera? How to do the Rove r2-4k dash cam playback? Thus, you have to read the specific Rove r2-4k manual instructions to get all the information. To know some extra information about this camera then follow the instructions given here.

Rove r2 4k dash cam setup with Rove app

Follow the below given step-by-step guide which is helpful to maintaining and controlling your camera.

  • To the Rove r2 4k dash cam setup with the Rove app firstly install the Rove app on your mobile phone through the play store or
  • Simply, search this address on the web URL page and then install the Rove app according to your camera version.
  • After that, open this app and sign in it with your username and password.
  • In the app display, many settings are visible on the screen like network setting, time and date settings, GPS time zone settings, G-Sensor settings, camera setting, audio setting, etc.
  • Now, if you want to change it’s settings of your camera, then click on the camera setting.
  • Follow on-screen instructions thoroughly and change your camera settings.
  • After changing the settings, also tap on the save changes or apply option.
  • Similarly, you can also change your GPS setting through the GPS touch screen accordingly.
  • Simply, follow on-screen instructions and change settings.
Click here to download ROVE APP

Eventually, the Rove r2-4k dash cam setup with the ROVE app is completed now. By using these steps, you can also manage your ROVE camera settings.

Rove 2-4k troubleshooting guide

Below are some steps for the Rove 2-4k dash cam troubleshooting which helps resolve your camera’s various issues.

  • To resolve the Rove r2-4k GPS not working, you should connect the wifi network on it again and reset the Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS. After that, start its power again and use the GPS.
  • Apart from this, if the Rove R2-4K Dash Cam is not working, that means your camera is not configured properly.
  • Thus, before turning on its power, check all the power cords and try to turn on its power again.
  • To fix the Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS that is not connected to wifi, then you should update the firmware with the new version.
  • Moreover, if it came to a high temperature, then you should block the engine areas because your vehicle engine makes its temperature high which is not good.
  • The Rove r2-4k dash camera does not zoom, then reboot the camera and restart its power. Afterward, again your camera now works properly.

So, these are some steps of the Rove 2-4k troubleshooting guide. Which helps resolve your camera’s various issues.

Rove r2-4k dash cam review

I have bought a very good camera in the last few days. I got the Rove r2-4k dash cam from amazon. This Rove r2-4k customer service is very amazing and great. Usually, I buy this camera after reading the Rove r2-4k review. This is a very good camera in comparison to others. I installed this camera easily with the  hardwire kit. It is the best buy product through amazon. Using the Rove r2-4k user manual instructions, I easily get all the battery replacement instructions for more. After using this camera, I realized that this is a good GPS camera that routes my searching locations easily. I also recommend this camera to my friends or more.


How to get a new version through the rove r2-4k firmware update?

Using the ROVE app, you should go into the app and open it. After that, update your dashcam with a new version through the system update.

How to use the rove r2-4k dash cam app

If you want to use the app firstly, install the ROVE app from the play store or rove on appstore app. After installing it, follow on-screen instructions to use it.

How to insert the Rove r2-4k dash cam memory card?

After removing the back covers of the camera, insert the memory card in the memory card slot. After that, you should use this card for storing the video.

What should I do for the Rove r2-4k battery replacement?

Just, follow the manual instructions to replace the battery.

How to reset the Rove r2-4k dash cam?

Just, press or hold the reset button of the ROVE R3-4K dash cam easily. Simply, hold it for a few seconds.