Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Ring stick up cam comes with 1080p HD with two way camera talk. It can easily detect motion and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is compatible with alexa nd provides you around 115 degrees filed view. At the front of the stick up camera we have LED light and PIR (passive infrared sensor) sensors that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. The bottom part of the camera have diagrams to guide you with the installation and removal of battery. Once you remove the lower Lid you will be able to place battery inside ring stick up and will be able to see the red reset button. At the top backside of your device you will see area to charge your camera via wire or solar panel.

Things inside the box

  • First of all inside th box you have Quick Install Guide.
  • One ring stick up cam manual.
  • In installation tool box you will be getting combo torx and philips driver, a charging micro USB cable, a masonry drill bit, battery cover screws, mounting screws, security screws for base cover and plastic anchors.
  • One battery pack is also available, which can be used even for spotlight cam and ring door bell.
Ring Stick Up Cam

Setup Ring stick up cam Battery via Ring App

  • Firstly, charge your battery fully which takes around 5-8 hours. Use the micro USB cable (orange in colour) to charge it untill both the LED’s turn solid green.
  • Now download the ring app on your respective devices like android or iOS from play store or app store respectively.
  • Tap on your ring application, in case you dont have ring account already then click on create an account. In case you have an account already then tap “setup a device” then choose security cam.
  • Next you need to scan the “QR code” or the “MAC ID Barcode” that is present inside your removable battery cover. The QR code and the MAC ID Barcode can be found in quick start guide.
  • Once successful the border around the QR code will turn green in colour. And the stick up cam will also speak up after successful scanning of the code saying “follow the on-screen instructions in your ring app”.
Setup Ring stick up cam Battery
  • The next step needs you to specify whether you will be using it “indoors” or “outdoors”.
  • Install the battery inside your camera, if you have already done that than hit next.
  • Wait until you see flashing blue light on the stick up camera. Once you have it tap “the light is flashing” in your ring app.
  • Click on “join” to let the camera connect to your WiFi network. It will then show you the list of all the available networks in your area, choose the one you wish ring to get connected with. Now type the password for the same network and wait until the settings are applied.
  • In case you are not connected to your WiFi network than press home button go to settings then to WiFi and select the network that you want.
  • If prompted update the firmware of your battery cam. It will also check internet signal strength between your router and the ring battery cam. That is how ring stick up cam installation is completed

Settings on Ring battery stick up camera

To check the settings on stick up cam click on the gear icon on the top right hand corner. On the top right hand side you will see battery life, record motion, motion alert switch, and live view button. The other options on this window are:

Event History

Under this option it shows you all the events that it has detected along with date and time.

Device Health

It shows bettery life, signal strength coming from your router and other device information

Link Chime

You can add this camera to the chime or chime pro for motion alerts.

Motion Snooze

This feature lets you snooze the motion detection for upto two hours. But even when you snooze it, your events will then also be recorded.

Motion Settings

Under motion zones in stickp up battery camera you will be able to enable or disable the motion recording in those particular zones. When you click continue on this option then you will be get an option to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors.

Motion frequency gives you three options frequent, standard, and light. These settings will impact your battery life, so you can choose them according to your need.

Under Motion schedule you will be able to stop getting any motion alert notification in given date or time.

App Alert Tones

Under this you will be able to control the volume and sound alert on your camera. This will simply things for you since you will be able to recognise the tone and know what exactly is the cause even without looking at your phone

How to connect ring stick up camera battery with Alexa?

We can connect our smart devices like ring camera, smart lights, smart switches and smart garages to the Alexa, google assistant, etc for easy management. Here we will learn ring stick up camera setup with alexa:

  • Firstly download the Amazon Alexa App for your android (play store) or iOS (app store) phone or tablet.
  • Launch the alexa app and pull the menu icon by tapping the hamburger icon on the top left hand corner.
  • Click on the skills option, and in “search skill option” type RING VIDEO DOORBELL. Hit enable now.
  • Now login into your ring account through your credentials, next it will ask you to give “authorization” to the aelxa to access your ring account.
  • It will then show you a successful message that “ring cam” has been successfully linked”.
  • Next step requires you to tap on the menu again and select “smart home” option.
  • Select the option which says “add devices”, now it will scan and add your ring stick up cam.
  • Now you will be able to ive commands to your alexa like “alexa, show me the camera 1”, etc.

How much time it takes to fully charge the battery?

For setting up your ring stick up camera for the first time we recommend you charging the battery fully. It takes approximately 5-8 hours before you battery fully charge. Once done both the lights on the battery will turn solid green.

ring stick up cam review

You can set it up with WiFi in a couple of minutes and enable voice-over integrating the camera with Amazon Alexa. Also, it can be used in places where the temperature ranges from -5° to 122°F. By considering its affordability, versatility, and the wider view it covers, ring stick up camera is best suited for one who wants to scan the entire house or workplace. With one tap on the Device Health button, you can supervise the WiFi connection, its strength, update the firmware to its latest version, and resolve other issues.

ring stick up cam reset/ring stick up cam hard reset
Hold down the orange button for 10-20 seconds. Now release it, once the flashlight on the back blinks a couple of times. This indicates that the camera is rebooting. In another 1 minute, this process should get completed. Now put it back to setup mode by shortly pressing the orange button. This should hard reset the ring stick up camera. As the camera has been reset to factory settings, you can configure it again by reconnecting the Ring app to the WiFi network.

ring stick up cam live view not working

Install the Ring app and connect to the WIFI.
Navigate through: My Devices -> Select your device -> Live View -> Talk
The last step is required only if you want two-way audio communication as well.
There can be several reasons for the live view not working in a ring stick up camera, primarily being the loss of connection or poor internet connectivity.

  1. Change the switching network from 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz.
  2. Deploy a mesh system in place of traditional routers.
  3. Restart the setup by rebooting the router can also help to get access to live view.
  4. Disconnect the VPNs if any as the latter may deny access often.
  5. Reinstall or update the app also works out sometimes.

Despite trying the above steps, if you still cannot enjoy the live view, get in touch with their support team to help with over-the-video troubleshooting.

My Stick Up Cam went offline. How can I fix it?

your camera may turn offline due to many reasons the unstable power supply, poor internet connectivity and wrong credentials. Try the following to knock out the possible issues:

  1. Make sure your Stick Up Cam is connected to a steady power source.
  2. Your camera lies within a strong WiFi signal range
  3. You log in with the right credentials.

In the worst case, restart your router and go through the setup process once again.

My Stick Up Cam is not recording sound. Why is it so?

  1. First, check if the streaming and recording have been toggled on.
  2. Your phone’s volume should be high enough to be audible. Check if other audio apps are working fine for you.
  3. Reboot the power source.

Still, if you cannot hear, then contact their support team. They are very quick in providing remote resolutions.

The Ring Stick Up Cam’s sound quality is not up to the mark and noise-free. How can I fix this?

First, place it near the router and trigger an event. If the sound comes noise-free, then you need to introduce Chime Pro to the existing setup in order to improve the network connectivity. Or you can place it close to the router. If this doesn’t help, then restart the setup.

My Stick Up Cam is not able to detect people at night. How can I enable that feature?

Toggle on the infrared lights from the Ring app to enable night detection.

Once I plugged in the battery, my Stick Up Cam not working. How to debug the issue?

Make sure the battery is fully(100%) charged. Reinsert the battery after a few minutes. Or try a different power source to check if the issue was with the battery. Press and hold the power button for 10-20 seconds if the charging lights do not turn on.

ring stick up cam upside down, can you mount ring stick up cam upside down

Oh yes! you can place it and turn upside down if you find it convenient. That won’t affect the performance. Just remember to enable the “Rotate Video” feature from the Ring app.

ring stick up cam wired

Ring has brought to us both wired and cable-free stickup cams. Wired stickup cam comes with a weather-proof USB cable of 13 feet long which can bear the temperature ranging between -20.5 to 48.5 degrees Celsius.

My ring stick up cam is not connecting to wifi, how can I fix it?

  1. Relaunch the app and make sure the Stick Up Cam is connected to a stable power source.
  2. Restart the router and set it up again.
  3. Devices should be located near to the router for better connectivity.
  4. Now login with correct credentials.

does ring stick up cam record 24/7

Yes, stick up camera powered by Ring can record round the clock allowing you to keep an eye on your property 24/7.

ring stick up cam wifi range

Ring stick up cam comes with a motion sensor built inside a dome towards the bottom of the camera. This enables us with a 270-degree detection range

ring stick up cam 5ghz

Your favorite IoT based Ring company has brought to us the latest camera enabled with video doorbell pro features with a higher resolution of 1080p. This stickup cam supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

ring stick up cam monthly fee

It runs mostly on a battery which makes it portable. And this is not costly also. Its cost starts nominally at $3 per month or $30 for the year for each device. Additional Protect Plan adds $10 per month or $100 per year besides the battery cost but this covers an unlimited lifetime warranty and offers a 10% discount on any future purchases from ring.com.