Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Setup


Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is a motion triggered security camera. It comes with LED Spotlight, two-way talk with noise cancellation system, an alarm, and a pack of rechargeable battery. It allows you to monitor your property from anywhere over your phone, tablet or PC. It sends you an alert when it gets triggered by motion. By answering that alert you can watch , hear and talk to the person out there from anywhere. With its infra-red night vision and spotlight you can monitor your property even in night. It’s a weather resistant design which makes it more durable and reliable in any weather conditions.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Setup

Installation of Ring spotlight cam is a simple process which take 10-15 minutes. The steps below will help in setting up spotlight cam:

Step 1- Charge the battery

Before installing cam, the battery needs to be charged by USB cable. Once only green lit’s it indicates that the battery is charged fully.

Step 2- Battery Insertion

After charging the battery, push the white button to open battery compartment and insert battery in it until it gets fit and click the door closed.

Step 3- Install Ring App

Download the Ring App from App store or Play store and Install it and in Ring app select Set Up Device option. When prompted select Spotlight Cam and further follow in app instructions.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Setup
Step 4- Select the Location

Choose the location where cam is to be installed. It’s important to remember that Ring Cam is designed to be place at optimum 9 feet of height with the motion detector parallel to ground. By this prefect orientation it can detect objects upto 30 feet.

Step 5- Mount the spotlight Cam

Fix the mounting bracket on wall or overhang using screw after that remove the security screw and push the ball on the back of spotlight cam untill it fits.

Step 6- Adjust the Camera Angle

To ensure accurate motion detection, position the camera with the motion detector parallel to the ground. Once you have your desired view area tighten the side screw to secure the camera position. Check the motion sensitivity and set it manually from app accordingly. Turn on the notifications and motion alerts. Now your Ring Spotlight Cam is all set to catch motions.

Pros and Cons of Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Pros- It’s simple installation and solid performance camera with easy to use app. It is totally wireless which means no mess and tension of arranging the wires. It comes with 1080p HD video quality. It has a wide-angle camera lens for a better view that will give you 140-degrees horizontal and 78-degrees vertical capture, so it fits a lot into view , infrared night vision, a motion-activated spotlight, and a remote-activated siren that’s about as loud as a horror movie.

It also has Two-way audio that allows you to talk or can give instructions to people out there without even going outside. The major pros is one can access it from anywhere just by a single tap on the phone.

Cons- You can adjust the motion settings but you can’t completely customize its motion zones like in wired one. There’s a monthly and annual subscription fee that has to be paid to gain perks of recording videos, downloading and live streaming. It means there would be an additional load on the pocket even after you have installed it. There should be good WiFi connection to get alerts on time and for proper functioning of the Spotlight camera. The main drawback of the camera is it lacks prebuffering.

That means there is a delay between what you see live and what camera records. It means you will not able to get the real time video as there would be a lag. The same problem goes with the Two-way audio, there is slight delay in receiving the signal. It has 110dB siren which might be sometime annoying and can startle anyone. The recordings in night vision are somehow more illuminated and sometimes it’s not that clear. It has no high dynamic range(HDR) and has no optical zoom. Animals also sets it off because it detects motion rather than some AI system identifying objects.

Ring Spotlight Cam

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Is this Cam is wireless?

Yes, it’s wireless and connects to your WiFi network.

How long the battery last?

Battery life depends on many factors like location and setting. If it is placed in busy area with high sensitivity then battery needs to be charged in every 9-10 weeks. If it’s in less busy area with low or medium sensitivity it can last upto 4-5 months.

Is Ring Spotlight Cam is waterproof?

Yes, it comes with IP55 waterproof rating.

Is there any monthly fee?

Monthly fee is for monitoring purpose. You get 30 days trail period when you purchase it. Once it’s over you can’t record videos unless you purchase monthly or annual subscription.

Is video or photos stored in phone?

No. It stored on Ring’s Cam server for a while. It can be downloaded from there.

Is there any delay between activity and alert message?

It depends on strength of WiFi. If you have strong connection there will be no delay.

Does battery charger comes with device if not what is the price?

Yes, battery charger comes with device.

Can I connect it to external power supply instead of batteries?

No. This Ring Spotlight Cam Battery is only battery compatible. There are other versions available like wired Cam.

How do I view camera activity on phone?

You can view activities just by logging into your Ring app.

Why my visitors can not hear me on Spotlight cam?

Please check microphone permission on your device.

What is the recommended Internet speed for Ring Spotlight Cam?

For better result and live streaming recommended is 2 mbps upload and download speed.

What Wifi networks is Ring Spotlight Cam compatible with?

Ring Spotlight Cam is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n wifi networks operating on 2.4 gHz frequencies.