Ring Indoor Camera Compact Plug-In HD security camera with the two-way talk

So many years of experience manufacturing outdoor cameras, RING launched its first indoor camera with an awesome compact design. This model is the most affordable form of their big range of products. The camera comes with tons of useful features which makes this indoor camera a great option for someone to buy an indoor camera. This includes 1080p recording with better audio, Total control via Ring App, Two-way talk, and Real-time notifications as well. It also comes with a live view and night vision. Ring Indoor camera also integrates motion detection as well.

Compact Plug-In HD security camera connects wirelessly via any device using Ring Application and works with Alexa as well. Nowadays connectivity with smart devices is a mandatory feature for any device. Ring cam ticks all the boxes to become a perfect Indoor camera. Its cameras comes with a 6.5-foot power cable, plug-in adapter, a user guide, a security sticker, and mounting screws for installation. Ring Application is available for Android and ios devices, the application comes with lots of features such as live streaming camera, connect multiple cameras simultaneously, record videos in cloud storage via separate plan.

Ring Indoor Camera Inside the Box

Compact Indoor camera is one of the finest devices from this company. There are some additional products within the box. We can go through it now.

  1. Indoor Camera
  2. Quick Install Guide
  3. User Manual
  4. Power cable
  5. Plug-in Adaptor
  6. Security sticker
  7. Mounting Screws
Ring Indoor Camera

Ring Indoor Camera setup with Android App

It is easy to install the device via different methods. Ring Indoor camera comes with no battery, so the device needs battery all-time for recording. We can download Ring Application from Google play store for android users and Apple app store for ios users. You must need a dedicated Account subscription as well, which is mandatory for storing HD videos recorded in compact Indoor camera.

  • Power your Compact Plug-In HD security camera using the power cable and Plug-in Adaptor that comes with it.
  • Download the Ring Application from Play store for Android users or app store for ios users.
  • Create a Ring Account if you don’t have a Ring account.
  • Purchase any Ring Protect Plan which helps to access cloud storage.
  • Select “Setup A Device” and add the Indoor security camera device.
Ring Indoor Camera setup
  • Scan the QR code in the back of Indoor camera.
  • After powering up the device, the setup will be completed.
  • An Access prompt will be appeared and select “continue” and “YES” in the upcoming steps.
  • Connect to the Wi-Fi Network you needed to connect and Enter the password and connect.
  • Finalize different personalized settings such as video quality. You can skip this part for now as well.
    Note: You can change settings from the Ring app in the future.
  • Your Ring Indoor Camera and Ring Application is ready to use.
  • Record 1080 P HD videos from your Indoor cam and store it in the cloud with a separate subscription with your choice. If there are other Ring products, you can connect all these products to a single Ring Account.

Ring Indoor Camera Setup with Alexa

Connectivity of AI with smart devices is common for medium to upper products. Products such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and nest are some among them. Ring indoor cameras can connect with Amazon Alexa and you can control your Ring Indoor camera with voice commands using Alexa. We can go through Amazon Alexa setup with Compact Plug-In HD security cam here:

  1. Download Alexa from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.
  2. Open Application and enter the Menu option.
  3. Enter “Add Skill” and search Ring Indoor Camera and connect.
  4. Now connect via your Ring Account with user credentials.
  5. After successful authorization, your device is linked with Alexa.
  6. Now select Add Device option and Select Ring Indoor Camera in Smart home.
  7. Your connection is established successfully and start giving commands.
Ring Indoor Camera Setup

Ring Indoor camera is a perfect choice for anyone to look for an indoor security camera and the only disadvantage of the product is there is no battery, so constant connection needed for working of your Ring Indoor camera. It is another feature-rich device from the Ring lineup of products. Even though there is a subscription, Ring camera is an affordable product for everyone. Ring Indoor camera is available in best buy, Amazon and Official Ring Website and via retail stores as well.


1. Does Ring Indoor camera require any sort of subscription to use?

If you do not subscribe then you can not store videos. There is $30 year per camera gives you a 1-year warranty the $100 extends warranty and theft protection as well.

2. Can this camera be plugged into 220 VAC?

The Ring Indoor Camera can be plugged into a standard indoor power outlet ranging from 100-240V (50/60Hz).

What is the FPS of the video?

30 FPS is the standard video FPS recorded through Ring camera.

What is the length of the electrical cord?

The cord provided measures 6.56 ft long. If needed, you can use the extension as well.

Does it support 5Ghz?

No, it supports 2.4 GHz connection only.

How to log in and Create an Account?

Create Accounts and Login is possible via Application from play store and App store.

Will the camera connects with the dual-band router.

Yes, it supports dual-band router.

If I want to watch what happened overnight, what should I do?

In order to store in the cloud, there is a subscription fee, $3.00 per camera up to three cameras, then $10 to cover every device, i.e. all cameras and security systems with monitoring. You can choose any plan with your choice.