Ring Floodlight Camera

Whether we are living in our own home or a rented one, we want to feel safe within our space. And hence security is one of the topmost priorities of any home. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, there are many devices available to protect you home from theft or burglary. One such technology is the Floodlight cameras with which you can easily set up security around your home yourself.

The Ring Floodlight camera is one of the best brands out there in the market that you should try once. These rugged smart home devices are designed to withstand rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. They can be easily connected to your home Wi-Fi network and will allow you to view live video footage of activities occurring outside of your house while providing you various customizable options to provide better security according to your need.

Ring Floodlight Camera comes in two color variants i.e. Black and White. Being outdoor, it is weather-resistant so it can be hardwired to weatherproof Electrical Boxes. You get to enjoy features like built-in floodlights(for illuminated screen view at night time), infrared night vision, two-way Talk, siren Alarm(which is remote activated), view motion detection, alerts, programmable zones, Smart zoom with panning. It is motion-sensitive, you can decide motion zones and also create motion schedules.

Floodlight cam features

The following are the specifications of the Ring Floodlight Camera:

  • • Camera Resolution: 1080p
  • • Field of View: 140 degrees horizontal, 78 degrees vertical
  • • Power Supply: Hardwired (110-240V)
  • • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
  • • Connection Speed: Requires a minimum upload speed of 1Mbps, but 2 Mbps is recommended for optimal performance
  • • Audio Specs: Two-way audio with noise cancellation
  • • System Requirements: iOS 9.1x or later, Android 5.0 or later
  • • Operating Temperature: -22°F to 120°F (-30°C to 48°C)
  • • Floodlight Output: 1800 Lumens

A bit about the Ring Floodlight Camera App:

This Cam App allows you to control the camera. You can access live stream view, perform two-way talk, use flashlights, zoom-in feature, set alarm, control siren, manage motion controls, decide zones, share the camera access, check event history(recorded videos), etc all from one App which can be on phone or PC.

This app can connect to lots of multiple Ring devices at once including the Ring video doorbells, camera, and chimes. You also get to share recorded features with your neighbors who use Ring devices and are connected with you.

Ring Floodlight Camera App

Ring Floodlight Camera Setup Requirements:

Make sure you have a WiFi connection. The device you use can be an IOS, Android, or Windows 10. You also need a hardwired mains power socket(waterproof one) as the wire-free battery option is missing.

It does need to be hardwired but we connect it to standard junction boxes to easily replace existing wired floodlights.You should get it professionally installed.

How to Install the Ring Floodlight Camera?

The Ring Floodlight camera can be easily installed with few simple steps as follow:

  • Rotate the knob on the light fixtures by loosening them and allow access to the mounting screws.
  • Note: Make sure you do not remove your floodlight camera from the ball socket on the base.
  • Rotate the camera 180 degrees since floodlight camera comes with an upside down fixture.
  • Now install the mounting bracket by making a hole in the gasket to fit your wires.
  • Hang the floodlight camera to a hook from the bracket and connect the wires. Hook one end of the provided hook into one of the mounting holes on your floodlight camera, while hook the other end into the small hole on the bracket.
  • Connect the earth wire to the earth post present on your floodlight camera and place it in a secure area.
  • Attach the live and neutral wires from your wall to the live and neutral wires on your floodlight camera.
  • After attaching and securing the wires, snap the wire connector into the base of the mounting bracket.
  • Keep the floodlight camera on the bracket carefully and make sure you secure all the wires.
  • Align the mounting posts with the holes on the floodlight camera with screw cap nuts and a screwdriver handle.
  • Turn on the switch. The lights of your camera will turn on letting you know that it is in the setup mode.
    Your Ring Floodlight Camera is installed successfully.

Ring Floodlight Camera setup

  • Download the Ring app from the App Store(for Apple IOS devices) or PlayStore(for Android devices) and create an account or login.
  • Select “Set up a Device” and choose “Security Cameras”.
  • On the package or the start guide of your Ring Device, there must be a QR code or MAC ID barcode which you will have to scan.
  • Now select your Ring product i.e. Floodlight Cam here.
Steps for setting up the Ring Floodlight Camera
  • Confirm your location, you can also select it from the list of past configured locations. Now name your device. The app will look for your home network so you can connect it to the internet.
  • Follow the step- by- step instructions for installing and wiring the light.
  • If you already have a junction box, attach it with a mounting plate using a hook to hold the light and wire it up. Attach the light to the mounting bracket, use mounting nuts and power it on.
  • Connect to Your Ring Device and the Ring wifi(some password must be set).
  • Some software updates might happen. You can start using the device now.

Answering your basic concerns:

  • You can watch it on TV using Amazon Echo, Amazon Firestick or Fire TV.
  • It works with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and Wink.
  • Minimum upload speed of the Internet is about 1Mbps(try if you can at least meet 2 Mbps).
  • It only has digital zoom, so pinch-to-zoom messes with the quality.
  • Floodlight Cam does not operate on battery power it rather needs to be hardwired into a standard junction box and live wires have to be wired up(a qualified electrician is recommended for this). The junction box is sold separately. You can still install Floodlight Camera into an existing junction box yourself though if you have a wall-mounted floodlight using the mounting bracket(provided with the box).
  • Nine feet (three meters) off the ground is the optimal height for the best range of the motion detector.
  • You can also create custom schedules for your floodlights.
  • Floodlight Camera uses data only when an event is triggered(motion-based) or when we try to access the camera or its light using the App. It can also run the whole day if we want to use a motion schedule. You can disable motion alerts using motion schedule.
  • Battery power usage updates if its low can be received through the email and App(there is an indicator also on the app).

Replacing an existing ring floodlight:

This process can take about 30 minutes.

  1. Power of the current floodlight at the breaker and remove it from the junction disconnecting the wires.
  2. Install the included mounting bracket running the disconnected wires through its center.
  3. The hook provided with the Ring camera can be used to hang up with the unit (from the bracket), reconnect all its wires.

When its all connected, push the wires back through the opening in the bracket, aligning the mounting posts with screw holes and attaching the Floodlight Cam. As it’s powered on, we can now use the Ring app.

Ring Floodlight Camera Not Working

There are several possible reasons why your Ring Floodlight camera is not working:

  • You are keeping the button pressed too long. Ensure that you are pressing the button firmly and releasing it immediately without holding it down. Holding the button down performs a different function.
  • Your floodlight camera is not receiving power.
  • Maybe, Your ring floodlight camera is wired incorrectly.
  • It’s batteries may need to be replaced.
  • Try performing a hard reset on your camera. If the issue persists, contact the customer support team.

How to Reset the Ring Floodlight Camera

The following are the steps to perform a reset on your Ring Floodlight Camera:

  • Make sure the camera is powered up.
  • Press and hold the reset button on the top the camera for 30 seconds. Push the 1Touch button on the left bottom corner of the printer.
  • After releasing it, the status light located at the bottom will flash for a few times. This indicates the camera is restarting.
  • The camera is now reset to factory defaults. To use it you need to set it up again and reconnect it to your Wi-Fi network.

Ring Floodlight Camera Light Keeps Coming On

Follow these steps to resolve the issue of your floodlight camera coming on:

  • Tap the Light Settings option to access to the advanced floodlight controls.
  • Your floodlight camera use passive infrared detectors (PIR) to detect motion in three 90 degree arcs around the device. With this, you can adjust the range at which your floodlights activate.
  • If it is dark outside and you do not want the lights to turn on at all, you can always turn off your motion zones and manually control your floodlight through the manual lights control.

Does Ring Floodlight Camera Need to be Hardwired?

  • To support the robust array of features, Ring Floodlight Camera needs to be hardwired into a standard junction box.
  • Note: As the floodlight Camera requires a junction box as well as wiring up live wires, it is highly recommended you hire a licensed electrician to install a floodlight camera.

Is Ring Floodlight Camera Waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof. As per the specifications, the Ring Floodlight Camera is marketed as being weatherproof and able to operate in below-freezing and desert conditions (-5°F to 120°F) (-20.5°C to 48.5°C)(1).

How to Install ring floodlight cam without Junction Box?

You can install your Ring Floodlight Camera without Junction Box. But it is not recommended as a Junction box is a critical part of any electrical appliances. The junction box is where you will connect the wires to the cord set, and where the ceiling canopy will attach to support the light fixture. Junction boxes also protect wiring from the elements or environment, which can sometimes be corrosive or otherwise harmful to wiring material.

Ring Floodlight Camera Flickering

If your Ring Floodlight Camera is flickering, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the power cord is attached correctly.
  • Check the batteries of the camera.
  • Make sure the camera is not placed under a very harsh environment
  • If the issue persists, try performing a hard reset.