Reolink E1-3M camera setup

Reolink E1-3MP Wireless Security Camera Setup

Are you in the need of a budget yet feature-packed wireless security camera for your living space? Well, we have brought you a great option that won’t empty your pockets. The Reolink E1-3MP Smart Wireless camera is a 4MP camera that does not have a compromise on its features offering high-resolution video quality and has the essential pan-and-tilt features for under $100.

Reolink E1-3MP Features

The E1 Pro Security camera is the latest model in the lineup offered by ‘Reolink’ this year. It is a camera that has the shape of a tennis ball and has a height of 4 inches and a width of 3 inches. It has a light sensor, daylight detector, micro SD card reader slot, and the reset button all present of the black glossy face. The camera can support a resolution up to 2560 x 1440 pixels that is a non-upscaled 4K resolution with sharp and vibrant images. This is just a major plus point compared to other 1920 x 1080 Full HD or 1280 x 720 HD cameras available at this same price point.

Additional pan and tilt

It has an additional pan and tilt feature that can rotate up to 355 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically which will give you amazing coverage of the whole room. It has essential features that provide added security like motion sensors, two-way audio input, and a night mode that can provide illuminated video for up to 40 feet away from the camera. The MicroSD card slot serves up to a storage capacity of 64 GB and will definitely help you store a surplus amount of high-quality footage before running out of space. If you purchase and additional Reolink Cloud subscription for additional storage to the cloud, you will always be backed up of the videos recorded and you will always have an additional copy of the intruder breaks your camera.

Reolink E1 3MP Cloud Service Plans

The cloud service provides a free-version which has compatibility with only up to 1 device and storage 1 GB that can be used as a trial for 7 days. The ‘Standard’ plan gives you a data capacity of 10 GB every month and supports up to 5 such devices costing around $3.49/month. The Reolink E1-3MP ‘Premier’ plan supports up to 10 cameras and provides around 50 GB of storage for every month costing around $7/month. The ‘Business’ plan is the recommended plan which supports up to 30 cameras to be uploading footage at a time with a storage capacity up to 100 GB costing around $10.49/month. Reolink 8-channel or 16-channel NVR’s are sold separately for about $230 which can give you a monitor for your cameras 24/7 all year long.

Reolink E1-3MP Camera Setup & Installation

Follow the steps given below to setup your E1 security camera.

  • Make sure you have installed the ‘REOLINK’ app on your smartphone prior to the setup process. If you have not installed the application yet, then you may install using the links given below:
    o Play store:
    o App Store:
  • Connect the camera battery and wait for the voice to automatically give a prompt message “The camera has been started up”. If you did not get any such message, then restart the device.
  • Now click on the +add icon on the app to begin the installation process. Scan the QR code that is present on the back of the camera using the app you are using. If it doesn’t automatically open, then enter the UID manually.
  • Click ‘’ arrow and then click on ‘Wi-Fi not confirmed’ option and then click on ‘I have heard the voice prompt’ to continue the further process.
  • Now enter the password of the Wi-Fi network that you usually use as your main network at home and click ‘Next’.
  • For Reolink e1-3mp battery-powered cameras in general, you will get a QR code on the app on your phone. You will need to place the QR code in front of the camera and let it scan the QR code.
  • Next select the option ‘I have heard the voice prompt’ and click on ‘Next’ to proceed. Click next and let the camera connect to the router.
  • Now set up a login password as well as the default name for your security camera.
  • Click on ‘USE NOW’ to start using the device.

E1-3MP Cam Connection with Alexa:

  • The process to connect your Reolink E1 pro camera with Alexa voice controls is quite easy.
  • Make sure you have the Reolink app and Amazon Alexa app installed on your phone.
Steps to connect your camera with ‘Alexa’ are:
  1. First install the ‘Reolink’ app on your phone and login using your cloud account.
  2. Enable the devices and add new devices which will include the ‘Reolink E!’ smart camera.
  3. Now, install the ‘Alexa’ app and sign into your account and click on ‘Devices’ in the right corner.
  4. Enable the smart home skills and search ‘Reolink Smart Home’ device.
  5. Now, you will need to login or create an account in the Reolink cloud service. Then, click on ‘Enable to Use’.
  6. Once it has logged in, click on ‘Done’. Ask your Alexa to discover nearby devices. It will definitely tell you that it is connected to the Reolink E1-3mp camera.
  7. You can click on ‘Set up my Device’ to put it into a group and begin the installation process. Or else you can skip this step and click on ‘Continue’ to finish this process.
  8. The process is completed. You can now test the camera by saying “Alexa show – ‘name of the camera’” and then “Alexa stop” to stop the video streaming.

Reolink E1 Cam Setup with Google Assistant:

  • Make sure you first have an authorized REOLINK account and REOLINK smart home appliance connected properly to that account.
  • Also make sure the camera works fine with the app installed on your smartphone.
  • Now open the ‘Google Home’ app on your smartphone and click on ‘+’ (add) button on the top left corner of the app.
  • Search for the Reolink e1-3mp camera and set up the device.
  • Now click on the option ‘Works with Google’ and select ‘REOLINK’ select ‘REOLINK’ smart home. Now let the Google account sync with the ‘REOLINK’ account.
  • You have now successfully linked your Google assistant with the Reolink camera setup.
1.What are the installment choices accessible?

You can utilize PayPal (accessible in 202 nations and 25 monetary forms) to buy Reolink security items, or use credit or check cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) straightforwardly without signing into your PayPal account.

2.Where can these items be dispatched to? Furthermore, what amount of time would it take to get these items?

Reolink offers surveillance cameras to the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and different many nations.
Furthermore, we handle orders inside 24 hours and pass the bundles to our forwarders inside 48 working hours. The conveyance time fluctuates because of where your things are dispatched from and sent to.

3.How much does it cost for the customs?

Customs obligations rely upon where your things are dispatched from and transported to.

4.Is the camera waterproof and would it be able to be utilized outside?

Indeed, this camera is IP65 affirmed weatherproof and its working temperature is from – 10° to 55° C (14° to 131° F), consummately for open-air use.

5.What is the ideal situation to put the camera?

It is prescribed to introduce the camera 2-3 meters (7-10 ft) over the ground. This tallness augments the recognition scope of the PIR movement sensor.
Also, for better movement location execution, kindly introduce the camera precisely.

6.How great is the battery life?

This camera accompanies the 5200mAh battery-powered lithium battery. Regularly, the battery goes on for around 1 – a month, in light of your settings, utilization or temperature. We prescribe you to utilize Reolink Solar Panel to get relentless force. The camera will send you the low-battery warning when the battery level goes down to 10%.

7.What is the greatest separation one can put the camera from the principle switch?

In open territory, with no impediment and obstruction from other Wi-Fi signal, the normal greatest separation can arrive at 80 meters (around 260 feet).

Furthermore, if the camera and switch are put inside with 2 dividers in the middle of, with no obstruction from other Wi-Fi signal, the normal greatest separation can be 20 meters (approx. 60 feet). The Wi-Fi run shifts dependent on the environmental factors. You can utilize a Wi-Fi extender to help the sign.

8.What does the ‘PIR’ sensor in the camera mean?

PIR sensor (full structure: inactive infrared sensor) is utilized to distinguish the movement. It gets and recognizes infrared radiation from the encompassing. At the point when the distinctions of radiation are recognized, the camera triggers movement cautions.

As PIR sensors are more delicate to infrared radiations from people or creatures, this camera can drastically decrease bogus alerts brought about by vacillating moths or flying twigs. Likewise, by setting up movement affectability and working time, you can make the cam more brilliant to get the main thing to you.

9.Is this camera viable with NVR or NAS?

This camera isn’t viable with NR or NAS innovation.

Reolink E1 Camera Review:

The 4MP camera sensor that this device offers is top-notch and provides some vibrant images. There is a small button named ‘Clip’. It opens a live feed of the video on the bottom of the screen with an overlay on top of it. You can drag, reposition as well as zoom in and out of that footage. The camera’s pan and tilt feature as you may call it can be controlled using a friendly joystick. The analog button which works insanely well most of the time. It will help you make a good sweep view of your entire space and it takes a couple of minutes to respond to the buttons that you press.

Movement recognition was consistently precise when I utilized it to monitor my children’s late spring comings and goings. The movement sensor has an affectability scale that is movable from 1 to 50, and you can modify it to be higher or lower during specific occasions of day. You can likewise set up movement zones to limit the observing region and diminish bogus cautions. Normally, this is a pretty surefire arrangement, however, I wasn’t wild about the execution here. Rather than utilizing the common lattice format, where you select a progression of individual squares to shut out a territory. Reolink has settled on a pen-and-eraser input that has you shaking in a zone to hinder it from movement identification.