Reolink Argus 2 Wireless Security Camera + Solar Panel

Reolink comes with a great outdoor camera “ARGUS 2”. The model comes with innovative features like wireless rechargeable battery-powered, 1080p starlight night vision, PIR motion video for home surveillance, it is able to work with Alexa and Google assistant. Some incredible features are:

  • Argus 2 is ready for extreme weather because it is IP65 certified weather.
  • Another amazing feature is 2-way audio. Reolink argus 2 fix a mic and speaker in the camera to listen and talk back interactively.
  • Moreover, you can place this product outdoor and indoor as per your requirement.
  • Argus 2 is 100% wire-free over WiFi cam free from cable hassles and able to work independently.
  • Users can get non-stop power by connecting the camera to REOLINK solar panel.
  • Also, you can get a clear and high quality of images even in dimly lit and dark vision, especially at night because of the starlight CMOS sensor.
  • Camera trigger notifications through email and siren alerts if something goes wrong in the home detected by the smart PIR sensor.
  • Argus 2 has 130 degrees wide viewing angle to cover more and seize more. Besides, users can watch live videos anytime anywhere on mobile phones and computers.


Before you start, please make sure you have the latest version of the REOLINK app. Moreover, place your camera and router together. Follow these steps below to install argus 2 + solar panel cam via REOLINK app:

  • Connect the battery and wait for the voice prompt: “the camera has been started up” please open the REOLINK app, add the camera and set it up. But if you couldn’t receive any voice prompt from the camera then reset it.
  • Now, to start the initial setup, click on the +add icon in the app.
  • Scan the QR code from the back of the camera. In case your phone doesn’t respond, please tap on the “Enter” and then add your UID manually.
  • Move forward, click on the Wi-Fi not confirmed then click “I have heard the voice prompt” to continue the further process.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi password of your home Wi-Fi network and hit next.
  • For Reolink battery-powered cameras, you can see QR code on your phone. Now place the QR code infront of the camera’s lens and let the camera scan the code.
  • Next, select “I have heard voice prompt” and proceed with the further process. Click next, now your camera is connecting to your router.
  • Now, create a login password and set the name of your camera.
  • Finally, the entire process is accomplished. Click on “USE NOW” and start to preview now.


If you want to connect your REOLINK ARGUS 2 camera with Alexa. You need to have the REOLINK app and Amazon Alexa app on your mobile phone with the latest version of the camera. Crucial steps to connect your REOLINK camera with Alexa are:

  1. For getting a Smart home option in your phone, install the REOLINK app, and login with your cloud account.
  2. Enable the devices you want to add to Alexa in the smart home page.
  3. Now, install the Alexa app and sign in your account and click on DEVICES in the bottom right corner.
  4. Enable smart home skills and search REOLINK smart home.
  5. Now login with your REOLINK account and click on ENABLE TO USE. After login successfully click on Done.
  6. Command your Alexa to discover devices, it will show you the device bound to your REOLINK account.
  7. You can choose a group for the camera by clicking on SET UP DEVICE. You may skip this step and click on CONTINUE to finish the step.
  8. Done, you accomplished the entire process of adding REOLINK ARGUS 2 camera to Alexa. You can test your camera by saying “Alexa show” ( name of your camera) to view live and say “Alexa stop” to stop the video.


To setup the REOLINK camera to work with Google home assistant you must have to add an authorized REOLINK account and the REOLINK smart home. Make sure your camera work properly with the REOLINK app and enable the smart home features in the cloud.

  1. The first and foremost step is to open the Google Home app and click on the +add icon on the top left.
  2. Here you can set your device by clicking on set up the device.
  3. Now click on the option given there works with Google and search for REOLINK and click on REOLINK smart home.
  4. Allow for the device interaction with Google by login to the REOLINK account.
  5. Now it’s done you linked your REOLINK camera with Google assistant successfully.
setup the REOLINK camera

How to turn the image upside down via Reolink Client or web browser login?

In order to turn the image upside down for your reolink cameras, we recommend you install the client software. Sometimes our cameras are mounted upside down and in order to record in the right manner we recommend you make these changes in your settings. You can rotate the image and get the required results as per your need.

Changes on Windows Client

  • Open the Reolink Client Application on the computer/laptop and select the camera among the list that you want to set. Now goto the Basic Settings Page.
  • Select the videl information to enter into image interface settings. Now tap enable option available next to the rotation to bring image upside down.
  • Select enable under mirroring if you want to change left image to right and vice-versa.

Changes on Mac Client

Open the Reolink Client software that you have already downloaded and installed on your MAC. Now choose the camera name that you want to rotate. Now select the basic settings page. Next, click on image interface and the enable “rotation”.


1) What is the maximum distance between this camera and the router?

ANS. It depends on the surroundings as in an open area, without any disturbance from the Wi-Fi network it can reach 260 feet, and if the camera and router place inside the house it can be reached 60 feet approximately.

2) What is the PIR sensor?

ANS. A passive infrared sensor is used to detect the movement if occur any. The camera trigger motion of alerts when it receives and detects infrared radiation from surroundings and identified differences of radiation.

3) How many cameras can I add into the REOLINK app?

ANS. Users can watch live feed up with 16 cameras at the same time on the REOLINK app as well as 36 cameras on REOLINK client.

4) Login failed when remotely accessing REOLINK IP cameras?

ANS. There are several reasons for login failed:

  • If you didn’t add your camera with QR code.
  • Technical issues in your camera with the router, in this case, reset your camera with a side button on the camera.
  • If your camera is not having the latest firmware version.
If PIR stops working on Argus 2 camera?

ANS. Because of incorrect time and date and improper PIR settings will stop working. Make sure your PIR button is on and its schedule layout properly. If everything is properly arranged but still doesn’t work, enable siren to verify.

6) How to access reolink via browser?

You can access your reolink settings via its software called Reolink Client. It is available on “”. Download the Windows version if you have windows operating system and the MAC version if you have Mac operating system.

Every device faces some technical problems. Sometimes, REOLINK ARGUS 2 has some technical issues regarding connection failed. Let us find the reasons why the connection failed and how to fix them without paying a single penny. A simple trick to fix, if your REOLINK camera shows connection failed then just turn off your Wi-Fi. Now here are some serious reasons which confused you how to fix them. If this trick didn’t work.

Problem 1.

If your connection is failed from REOLINK ARGUS 2 security camera after working for a few hours?

Solution. Here are some solutions to this issue:

  • First and foremost, check your network, maybe your network’s signal is weak. So, reboot your camera and place it where signals are strong.
  • Please check your SIM card or data plan did you access the internet with your phone.
  • Please check your camera, is it working appropriately if not then reset your camera. Solve some relatable issues accordingly:
    • If your SIM card status is installed and there is a red light on LED but still you heard the connection failed in a voice prompt then install the SIM card again and reboot your camera. And if you heard “No” in a voice prompt then contact to reolink support team with your product UID.
    • If your SIM card display installed status and blue light are flashing on LED and you heard the connection failed from a voice prompt then reinstall your sim and reboot your camera for 3 times to find out the issue. And practices the same solution in this circumstance, If your SIM card showing uninstalled status with a solid red light on LED but your camera can not identify this SIM card.
    • In case your SIM card showing uninstalled status and solid red light on LED but you heard the connection failed from a voice prompt then share your UID with reolink support squad for instant help.
Reolink Argus 2 solar panel
Problem 2.

If your connection is failed when login remotely via UID?

Solution. UID is used for setup and remote access for all reolink cameras. But if you get login failed or connection failed message when you try for remotely access the camera via UID then follow these simple steps to fix it.

  1. Make sure the UID you enter is accurate and enable UID for your device and log in again.
  2. Make sure that your UDP ports are not clogged with the firewalls. For this please check that you can sync the time accomplished it means that UDP ports are opened. if not then, please check your local network settings.
  3. If you can not solve the problem through the above steps then, please check your system status via reolink app.


The REOLINK ARGUS 2 is a quality par excellence device that can easily set a benchmark. A benchmark for both design and quality. It is quite a piece for a collection as well as security. Progressive design and features like a solar charging mechanism and motion sensors make it something straight out of the future. It is very reliable and has an IP65 resistance rating which makes it quite an outdoor camera. Although it may not be able to withstand excessive force or water sprays. In a normal environment, it would easily withstand any weather. The false alarms are also very low and can be controlled by the sensitivity.

Are you looking for a futuristic camera with a pinch into the future and well-optimized features like the night vision, voice command capability and also a very reliable battery life? Here is the answer then. The REOLINK ARGUS 2 is a wholesome and capable camera with features mentioned above. In addition to all that it can also sense motion and send notifications even in the dark. A highly effective and hyped up camera that deserves all the praise. Would really recommend it 10 out of 10 times to anyone who wants a consistent yet futuristic doorbell camera.