Piper Security System

The Piper Security System is an all-in-one device with a video monitoring camera. This camera captures all footage with the HD video quality. You can connect this device to your phone through the wireless connection and this security system is working with the battery source. There is no need to subscribe to this camera and no need to pay a monthly fee. This device is working with the sensors and shows real-time video. This device controls the mobile app. You can watch live videos or change any setting of your device via the piper security app. You can place it anywhere in the home where you can see all the room videos.

The installation of the deuce is very easy. You need to insert the battery or connect the power adapter and plug it in. The device shows a picture with 180° of view. This camera has a two-way talk option to hear or speak with anyone. It is an indoor home security system.

Fundamental Piper Security System Feature

There are numerous features of this wireless home security camera.

No monthly fee

You do not need to subscribe or pay a monthly fee for services. You just need to buy this.

HD quality video with a 180° view

The quality of this device is outstanding. It provides HD quality video with a 180° view.

Easy to use

It is very easy to use this camera with the app and it is very simple to operate this device.

Work with wireless accessories

This device is working with piper security accessories and sensors to alert you. The device sends a notification on your phone for updating you.

Multiple connections

The device can connect to multiple piper devices. So, get all the piper accessories for the security of your home.

Basic Ways to Piper Security System Installation

To begin with, these ways are written in the underlines and follow these installation ways line by line.

  • Choose the impeccable location of your piper camera and sensor according to the perfect angle.
  • Then, do not place your device near any water thing because there is a chance of electric shock.
  • Also, locate your camera away from any heating device like ovens, cylinders, heaters, more and electric appliances because these gadgets reflect the range of devices.
  • After choosing the location of your device, remove the detachable stand from the camera.
  • Then, open the battery door and insert the battery into the camera.
  • Close back to the battery cover.
  • Connect the power adapter with the camera.
  • Next, attach the detachable stand and plug the power adapter into the home electric switch.
  • If the yellow light does not blink in 8-10 seconds. So, press the power button to turn ON the device.
  • After that, download the piper app on your IOS/Android device by scanning the QR code and you can use this getpiper.com/download for downloading an app.

Enjoy, your device installation process is completed and these are the ways to install a piper wireless camera.

Piper Security System manual

To begin with, I will discuss the consumer’s questions in the Piper Security System manual about this device. Does this camera have a wall mount? Can I place it on the wall? Does it work with the router? Does this device work with the battery? Can it work continuously? Is it reliable with sensors? Can this camera record audio with video? Does the piper security camera work with Alexa? Can I rotate it with the app? Does it need an internet connection for recording video? What is the coverage of this device? Can I use this camera at night? What is the video quality of the piper camera? If any information is not given in this manual. So, take extra guidelines and information from here.

Best steps to Piper Security camera setup

Read these below-mentioned steps to set up the camera with the piper mobile app and follow these piper security camera setup steps line by line.

Setup piper with the IOS device
  • First, tap on the yes option to confirm start setup after creating the Piper Security System account.
  • Then, enter your piper name and click on the continue.
  • Next, open your IOS device setting and choose the piper network from the network list to connect.
  • After connecting the piper with the mobile, come back on the app and select your home network and enter a password.
  • Conform the home network detail and tap on connect.
  • Then, your device will automatically update the firmware of your device and after this, the setup will finish.
  • Next, you will see the main menu of your app and also link the email with the app for videos.
Setup piper with the Android device
  • Initially, create the account of the piper and tap on the setup option.
  • Text the name of the piper device and tap continue to proceed.
  • Next, attach your device network to the piper and tap on connect.
  • Select the available network and enter the password.
  • Then, verify all the information of the available network and click on the connect option.
  • The firmware will automatically be set up if it is crucial.
  • After that, your device setup is completed and you will see the piper dashboard of the app.

These are the steps to set up the wireless piper security camera.

Common Piper Security Camera troubleshooting tips of issues faced by users

Follow these piper troubleshooting steps to solve your problems and do not miss or press any step and button during the process.

Change the electric socket

When your device is not working or not showing the light. So, check the power switch in which you plug the piper device. Try to change the power outlet and remove it from the previous outlet and plug the piper device into the different electric socket. Then, it is working. So, repair the previous outlet of your home.

The piper app is not connected to the piper network. What should I do?

If your device shows the error while connecting the piper with the mobile. So, then, click on the notable state icon to see three options as troubleshooting, retry, and ignore for solving this problem. Choose one from these three options.

Reset the piper security system

To reset your piper device press the power button and hold it when the device light is turned off. Then, wait for 10-15 seconds for the piper flashing yellow light again. After 4-5 minutes, that light converts into blue light. When the blue light blinks, ready to set up your piper device again.

Read these steps for getting solutions to your general issues.

Piper Security System Review

I purchased this device for the safety of my home. It is a very small and recognized camera. I can see live from my home what is being done here through the Piper mobile app. This device continues recording all the time without missing any activity of the object. I have a camera and door sensors as well in my home. Then, someone is entering my home, the device sends the notification on the mobile phone and I can see the live footage of him. I shared this Piper Security camera review from my point of view.

Piper wireless security system features:

The features of this piper device are HD video quality with the 180° view, multiple connections, easy to use, no monthly fee, and wireless accessories.

Wireless security camera design:

The design of the piper device is very nice. It is a very small camera and takes less space for operating. You can also place it on the wall.

Piper wireless camera dimensions:

The dimensions of this camera are 2.5 x 3.5 x 6.1 inches.

Piper wireless security system specification:

The size of this device is ‎6.10 x 3.50 x 2.50 inches. The power source of the camera is AC/DC. The part number and model numbers are ‎RP1.0-EU-W-E and P1.0-NA-B. The charged battery works for 5 hours.

Piper wireless security system price:

The latest piper security camera price is almost $100.00


Does it need an internet connection for recording video?

Yes, during the setup.

Does the piper security camera work with Alexa?


Can I place it on the wall?

Yes, with the mount.

Can it work continuously?

Yes, it works.

Is it reliable with sensors?

Yes, it can be compatible with the door sensors.

Can this camera record audio with video?


What is the coverage of this device?

Thai device record the footage in 180° view

Can I use this camera at night?


What is the video quality of the piper camera?

Outstanding, it captures the video with HD quality.

Does it work with the router?

Yes, with the available network.

Does this camera have a wall mount?

Yes, for fixing on the wall.