Piper NV Security Camera

The Piper NV Security Camera is a smart home security system. You can use this camera in night vision. The power source of this camera is the power battery. This camera can rotate 180° for recording any movement. You can connect your device to control through the wifi and Z- wave. You can control your camera through the Vera, Smart thing, IOS, Android. The device provides HD video quality and records every activity with full clearance and without blurring. The company gives the piper mobile app. With the help of the app, you can control your camera from any location and check the recording. This camera also helps full in night vision. You can use this camera in homes, offices, and shops. This camera is a home accessory. People use the cameras for the security of your home and office.

The piper nv camera has a sensor and 2-way audio recording. Furthermore, the Piper camera records the video with clear and perfect audio as well. The security option and other notifications related to the camera are given on the text and email.

Features of the Piper NV Security Camera

To start with, there are numerous features of the piper wireless security camera.

Simple to use

It is very simple to use and manage this wireless camera for the perfect use. You just put it into the working power outlet and download the app. So, you can set up your device easily.

HD quality video

The piper camera offers high HD quality video with the full clearance of voice. In the HD quality video, everything is very clear without blurring.

Strong security

With the help of this camera, you can secure your home and office from any theft. This camera security is very high with the weak password.

Night vision

The Piper night vision is the special feature of this camera. You can use this camera at night. The camera has internal light near the lens for recording the video at night.


The control of this piper camera is very easy through the piper security app. The app shows you many controlling features and security options for perfect working.
These are the incredible features of the piper wireless camera.

Installations steps of the Piper NV Security Camera

To begin with, the installation steps are given in the below lines. So, follow these steps line by line without missing any step.

  • Unpack your camera from the packaging box and check all the things which are given with the camera in the packing box.
  • Take your piper camera, and remove the back stand from the camera.
  • Then, open the battery cover screw of the piper camera and fix the battery which is given to the device. Re-close the battery cover with the screw of your camera.
  • Next, connect the power outlet to the camera and plug it into the right power outlet.
  • After this, attach the back stand of the camera.
  • Choose a better location for your device. Locate your device at the perfect location where it is safe from any damage.
  • When you placed your device at the right location. Then, press the power button of the camera for starting.
  • At last, your camera starts capturing the movement where you placed this device.

These are the steps to install the piper wifi security camera.

Piper NV Security Camera manual

To begin with, in this piper nv manual. I will talk about the question of the consumer related to the piper camera. Can I use it outdoors? Is it controlled by voice? Which is the perfect time to use this camera for minimum storage? Is it automatically activated when I am away from home? Can I use modern gadgets with this camera? Is it capturing HD quality video or not? What is the storage memory of this camera? Can this camera rotate at 180 degrees? Is it important to insert an SD card in the piper camera? Is it true, the white color camera is cheaper than the black color? If any information is not available in this manual. So, you can get more instructions and guidelines from here.

Ways to set up the Piper NV Security Camera

These are the steps of piper nv setup and follow the steps accurately and perfect functioning which is written in the underlines. So, Do not leave any steps from the process. Thus, the whole process would be halved.

  • Initially, download the app on your smartphone, computer, or laptop.
  • For installing the app, search the name piper smartphone app on google or the play store.
  • When the downloading page is started. So, click on the install option.
  • After downloading the app, open the app on your device.
  • And text the admin name and security key in the app for login into the account.
  • Take the security key and name from the configuration card of the device which is attached to the back of the device.
  • Then, tap on the login option to continue the setup of your camera.

Setup the Camera with the IOS Device

  • First, create your piper account on your IOS device.
  • Next, turn on your device’s wifi and open the wifi network list.
  • Connect the IOS device to your home network for accessing the internet point.
  • Then, come to the app. Choose the home network name and security key.
  • Tap on the connection.
  • After that, check the updates of firmware and update it automatically and if an update is important.
  • Then, I finished the setup.
  • If you can see the piper dashboard on the screen.
  • So, the setup will be finished.

Setup the camera with the Android device

  • Click on the app to open it.
  • Put login the account piper account for setup.
  • Then, click on the setup and enter the piper name.
  • Next, tap on the connect option to select the wifi network.
  • Click on the available network from the wifi network list of Android devices and text security of wifi.
  • Verify all the details and tap on the connection.
  • After that, update the firmware automatically.
  • Next, complete all the processes automatically.
  • Then, finish the setup.
  • If you saw the dashboard on the screen.
  • So, your setup with Android will finish.

These are the steps to set up the home security camera.

Troubleshooting steps of the Piper NV Security Camera

To commence with, If you have any problem. So, you can take a solution from the piper troubleshooting with simple and easy steps which are mentioned in upcoming paragraphs.

Check the power switch:

If your device is not starting or not blinking lights. So, the power source of your camera. Unplug your camera from the power outlets and check this power outlet. Try to plug your camera into another switch whether it is working. So, your previous outlet was not able to supply power. Thus, contact the electrician to amend the power switch. Then, again you can fix your camera on the same switch.

Check update firmware

Your device is not connected to the mobile or showing a red light. So, your device is working with the old firmware version. To solve this, check the update of your device in the app settings. After updating the firmware, you will get the new setting and controlling features. Then, restart your device to unplug and wait for 30 seconds. Then, plug it in again and press the power button. Thus, your device starts or stops showing red lights.

Reboot your device

When your device buffers like not connecting to the smartphone. So, you can reboot your device or try to piper nv change wifi device. For rebooting the device, press the power button and hold it when the power button stops blinking. Then, wait for a few minutes to manage technical things. After that, press the power button. Thus, it stops buffering.

These are the piper troubleshooting to solve your problem and if you want more solutions. so, contact the service provider.

Piper NV Security Camera Review

This piper wireless camera is used for home security. Before 2 months ago, my brother purchased our home. I took this camera from the delivery boy. Then, I called him to come home. We set up this device and it was very easily processed. After that, we selected the location of the piper camera. We placed it safely to avoid any damage. I installed the piper app on my smartphone. Thus, I am able to control this device. When we go outside from home. Then, we activate this for home security. And till now, it is working well without any issue. Some people bought this camera for my imitation. You can check the rating of this camera from the Piper home security review.

Piper wireless security features:

The features of the piper camera are HD video quality, night vision, control, strong security, and simplicity to use.

Piper NV wireless camera design:

This device looks like an antique. The design of this is very wonderful. You can take it easy and travel anywhere to keep this camera. It is easy to adjust anywhere in the home.

Piper home security camera dimensions:

The item dimensions of this camera are 5.5 x 7 x 8.75 inches.

The specifications of the piper NV home camera:

Piper is the manufacturer of this camera. The device model number is ‎P1.5-NA-B and ‎3 AA batteries are required for functioning the device. The amazon standard identification number is B00V0D0UM4. The voltage of this wireless camera is 0.5Volts. The product dimensions are 5.5 x 7 x 8.75 inches.

Price of piper NV camera:

The latest piper security camera price is almost $189.99


Which is the perfect time to use this camera for minimum storage?

When you are away or not available at his home. That is the perfect use of this camera for security.

Is it capturing HD quality video or not?

Yes, it records the video with HD quality.

What is the storage memory of this camera?

You can store approximately 100 clips of minutes in cloud storage.

Is it important to insert an SD card in the piper camera?

I don’t know about this. You can contact the service provider or read the envelope.

Can I use modern gadgets with this camera?

You can use a smartphone only with this camera.

Can this camera rotate at 180 degrees?

Yes, the Piper NV camera records video at 180 degrees angles.

Is it true, the white color camera is cheaper than the black color?

No, there is the same price for a white and black color camera.

Is this is a wireless camera?

Yes, it is a piper wireless accessories.

Is it controlled by voice?

No, it cannot connect with Alexa and google assistant.

Can I use it outdoors?

No, this is an indoor camera.

Is it automatically activated when I am away from home?

No, you need to turn ON this from the power button.

Can I reset this device?

Yes, you can use piper nv reset for perfect working.