Philips Avent Baby Monitor

The Philips Avent SCD843/37 is a 2.4GHz network-connected wireless digital video baby monitor that provides surveillance for children. It comes along with FHSS(Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology that provides a private & secure connection for your baby. This baby monitor delivers you with round-the-clock support that enables you to see your baby night & day from any place in the home. Additionally, the most advanced digital technology is equipped in the Philips Avent Baby Monitor device that securely guarantees the most precise images as well as the distinct sounds of your baby. The philips avent digital video baby monitor thoroughly delivers you a further sense of safety without disturbing the sleep of the baby and not entering your baby’s room.

Moreover, the 3.5 high & bright resolution screen is built-in in the baby monitor device that is very helpful; to see the baby. You can effortlessly operate this device within the range of 900+ feet outdoors & 150+ outdoor. The ‎2 AA batteries are required to work this device. This battery properly works for up to 10 hours. The temperature sensor is built-in that is entirely customized to enable you to observe the climate in the room of your baby.

Important safety instruction before using Philips Avent Baby Monitor

The Philips scd843 baby monitor completely protects your baby & absolutely delivers private connection all time for your baby. But to use this device, you should install it. To install the baby monitor you should know some important safety philips avent baby monitor instructions.

  • You have to verify if the voltage shown on the adapter matches the local mains voltage before you connect the device.
  • You should not cut any part of the baby monitor adapter & its power cord. Also, do not modify any part of the adapter, otherwise, it causes a dangerous situation.
  • To properly use the baby monitor, you have to only use the adapter supplied.
  • To securely charge the battery of this device, you should only use the detectable power supply unit that comes with package content. Do not use any other extension cord.
  • You can charge the battery of the baby monitor at 0 °C & 40°C.
  • You have to unplug the power cord when the 2AA batteries are fully charged.
  • Can not install the video baby monitor near the heating source such as heat registers, radiators, microwave, stoves, or other equipment.

Philips Avent Baby Monitor Installation steps

After following some important safety instructions, now you have to install this appliance. You can securely & easily install this device by using various equipment.

Position the baby monitor:

To install the digital baby monitor you have to select the position of this device.

  • To get the optimum & high sound, you ensure the baby unit is not far from the 1.5 meter/5 feet from your baby.
  • You should place the parent unit under the operating range of your baby unit. To avoid acoustic feedback you ensure this unit far away from the baby unit is 2.5 meters / 8.2 feet.
  • You should place the baby unit in the flat, stable & horizontal surface of your home.
  • To mount the baby unit on the wall, you have to use some screws.
Charge the baby & parent unit:

To securely install the device, you should install the battery & also charge it.

  • To charge the baby & parent unit, you should install the philips avent baby monitor battery inside both the units.
  • Then, you have to put the power cable in the baby unit & the AC adapter put into the wall outlet.
  • Also, put the power cable in the parent unit & AC adapter near the wall outlet.
  • The battery power of this device is full and the battery status is green. After that, this battery works for up to 10 hours.
Linking baby unit & parent unit:

To properly install the baby monitor device, you should link between the baby & parent unit.

  • To link both the units, you have to verify the push on/off button in the baby unit. The baby unit, you should upward this button.
  • The power-on light of the baby unit of the baby monitor is up green that means this device is powered On.
  • To properly link both the devices, you ensure the distance. The distance from the baby unit & parent unit is at least 2.5 meters/8.2 feet.
  • To power ON the parent unit, you hold the power button of the parent unit for 1-2 seconds.
  • The display of the parent unit is lit up and the linking image is pop-up in the parent unit display.
  • Now, the parent unit of the baby monitor starts to search the baby unit.
  • You can select the baby unit in the list. If the baby unit is properly linked to the parent unit then the link light status is green.

Finally! The installation steps of the scd843/37 digital video baby monitor device were thoroughly finished. After that, completely use this device without any hassle.

Philips Avent SCD843 manual

The scd843/37 digital baby monitor is completely designed for the baby. With this device, you are absolutely safe for your children. But before buying this device, every parent thinks about some questions about this appliance. In the appliance parent mind, some questions around such as how to perform setup baby monitor, how to use philips avent baby monitor, how to perform a factory reset of the baby monitor, how to link baby unit with parent unit, how to install video baby monitor, and other. Then, you can get all the questions in the user manual that comes along with this appliance.

In the philips avent baby monitor manual, you can get additional information as well as the questions. The additional information of this device such as the number of batteries is 2 AA, high-resolution 3.5 screens, appliance model number is ‎SCD843/37, sensor technology is Room temperature & Nightvision, volume & audio button, and more.

Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor Setup Steps

The setup of the baby unit, as well as the parent unit, is necessary to properly work the appliance. If you do not set up this device then you will not be able to use this device properly.

  • The volume button is built-in on the front panel of this appliance. To adjust the volume, you have to press the bottom or top area of the control panel.
  • To adjust the brightness level of the parent unit, you will find the brightness button. Just press the brightness button in the parent unit and completely adjust the brightness of the display of the parent unit.
  • The parent unit of the baby monitor completely monitors the sound level of the baby’s room. If you wish to adjust the sound to high or low then, you can press the sound button and entirely adjust the sound.
    The baby monitor has four modes such as VIDEO, AUDIO, VOX, and ECO. You can select any mode & enjoy the benefit.
  • To enable the philips avent baby monitor audio mode, on the side of the parent unit the mode button is built-in. Just press this button and entirely enable the audio mode.
  • To enable the video modem, you can press the mode button that is available on the side of the parent unit. After that select the video mode.
  • To configure the nightlight feature in the baby unit the scd843 baby monitor, you can press the nightlight on/of a button and On this feature.

To set the Lullaby for the baby, you can press the lullaby button for the parent unit and properly configure this feature.

Now, all settings of the philips avent digital video baby monitor scd843/37 is entirely complete.

Philips Avent baby monitor troubleshooting steps about common issues

If there are common issues that come while using this appliance then you should try to solve these issues manually. There are some troubleshooting steps for these common issues that will completely fix the issue.

Baby unit & parent unit not linking:

Sometimes, the philips avent baby monitor not linking in each other then user face issues.

  • Ensure the range in both devices, if the parent unit is not within the parent unit then it does not connect each other.
  • Make sure the battery of both units is in full charge.
Baby monitor won’t turn ON:

If the baby unit & parent unit are not turning then you can’t watch your baby.

  • Ensure the battery power is properly installed in both units, otherwise, it does not turn ON
  • You can use an AC adapter and charge the battery of the baby monitor appliance.
No sound hear on the baby monitor:

Sometimes, the philips avent baby monitor no sound input then you cannot hear the baby voice.

  • Ensure the sound mode is enabled in the baby unit of this device.
  • You should verify the 2 AA batteries inside this device.
Power button not working:

If the philips avent baby monitor power button not working then the device does not turn ON.

  • To resolve the issue, verify the stuck issue. If the dust particles accumulate on the power button then the power button will not work.
  • You can clean the dust particles on the power button.
Philips baby monitor not charge:

If the philips avent baby monitor not charging then, it does not turn ON. here are some solutions:

  • To resolve the issue, you should use another AC power adapter and plug it into the charging point.
  • You can plug the AC power adapter into the other power supply.

Philips Avent scd843 review

In my point of view, the philips avent baby monitor review is an amazing & stupendous device for all the babies. It comes along with a baby & parent unit that is useful for the parent & children. You can easily place the baby unit near your baby. The 3.5 high & crystal resolution display comes in the parent unit that delivers the image of the baby. The operating range of this appliance is mind-blowing, the 150+ indoor & 900+ outdoor than the other appliance.

The battery power of the scd843/37 is high & long and completely works for up to 10 hours. The lullabies feature is absolutely enabled in this appliance that provides different types of lullabies for your baby. This feature helps to sleep your baby in quickly. With the following button, the setting of the baby monitor is simple & fast. Thus, the philips wifi baby monitor is a thoroughly perfect & optimum device for the baby.