Owlet Cam Baby Monitor

The Owlet Cam baby monitor is a smart WiFi device that streams safe HD videos of your little ones in very high quality. It changes your mobile phone into a smart baby monitor and streams in the dark night. The wide-angle view with 4x zoom captures video throughout every edge of the room. The room temperature sensors for a full view into the baby bed capture every precious moment. Get rid of a monitor to hold in your hands and verify the baby’s movements from anywhere. Just download the app for iOS compatible for 13 or advanced versions.

Get an Instant alert from the cam whenever any motion or movement detects from the baby room. Run the app in the background while working on the other apps and communicate it to your baby or little ones with a two-way audio feature. It presents the best view of a baby when applied on its own or connected with the Owlet Smart Sock to analyze the oxygen level or heart rate, even when the streaming is in progress. The features of the Owlet cam smart video baby monitor are as follows.

Owlet Cam Baby Monitor Features

These are some useful features of the Owlet baby monitor.

  • The video it captures is in 1080 HD video quality allows you to view the bright movements and actions of your little one.
  • Not only in daylight, but it also streams video on dark nights too with the night vision feature.
  • The two-way communication allows you to talk with your little ones in the background even while running the other apps on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Room temperature sensors, as well as Smart Sock integration, are eye-catching features in the baby monitor.
  • You can observe a 130-degree view with a digital zoom of your videos. The installation operation of the Owlet baby camera is as follows.

Owlet Cam Baby Monitor Installation

Unpack the Owlet baby monitor unit box and put all the instruments such as USB power wire, magnetic base, power adapter, user manual, wall mounting kit, and the Owlet cam. The the mounting kit includes a mounting plate, 23 wire guards, a wire box, and a screw. Understand the Owlet user manual and go after the installation. You can install them in two ways. It is by placing the cam, on a level surface or by installing it on the wall above the baby bed. To install the camera on the level surface, follow these steps.

Placing In Level Surface
  • To begin with, put the Owlet cam on a level surface employing the magnetic base.
  • Now tilt your cam to adjust it. To install the camera on the wall, \go after these steps
Installing On the Wall

By mounting the cam on the wall with a mounting base, it gives the full view of your baby. You need a screwdriver and a measuring tape which is not included in the shipment box.
Measure and Mark

  • Using the tape, measure 36 inches from the top of the baby crib. Use a pencil and mark that point.
  • Look for the AC joint. The AC joint should be 36 inches far from the baby’s crib.

Align and fasten

  • Position your center plate on the mark.
  • Put the screw and harden it with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Assure that the arrow of the plate should be in an upward direction.

Unwind the Wires

  • With two clasps, unwind the wire from the wire box.
  • Remain the temperature sensors clipped in.

Pass The Wire

  • Pass the wire to the mounting plate.
  • The orange sticker on the wire should be on the upward side of the mounting plate.

Mount The Base

  • Locate the big holes of the magnetic base on the mounting plate tabs.
  • Push the plate down until you hear a clicking voice.

Fix The Camera

  • Set the camera to the base.
  • Now, attach the wire to the camera.

Attach The Wire Guards

  • Unwrap the adhesive sticker from the long guard rear
  • Pass the wire to the middle of the long guard.
  • Fix a long guard underneath the mounting plate.
  • Now push fully into the wall.
  • Do the same for the remaining long guards until you chase the AC joint height.

Mount L Bracket
To guide the wire into the AC joint, use a right or left L bracket.

  • Install the guards in such a way that it covers 36 inches of wire to the crib.
  • Continue installing the guards to chase the AC joint.
  • At last, install the final piece of the guard at a distance of six to ten inches from the AC joint.

Mount the Wire Box

  • Collect all the wires not used to chase the SC joint.
  • Put them in the wire box utilizing the two clasps.
  • Unwrap the adhesive sticker and push the wire box strongly onto the wall of the long guard end piece.
  • That’s it, the installation operation of the Camera has been accomplished. Now move to the setup procedure to access the camera view.

Owlet Camera Manual

The Owlet user manual arrives in different languages that consist of an installation and setup guide. You can install the camera in two ways. It is by installing the cam to the wall or by putting it into the level surface. Further, you can set up the device with the Owlet app. All other settings related to the app are also mentioned in the Owlet camera user manual. Some precautions, as well as warnings, are also described on the end page.

Owlet Camera Setup

To access the live streaming with the camera, you need an Owlet app. Follow the Owlet setup instructions on the Owlet app.

  • Firstly, open the App store and explore the Owlet app.
  • Now attach the USB wire end of the Smart cable to the camera.
  • Now fix the adverse end to the USB power adapter. Plug the adapter proximate to the AC joint.
  • After installing the Owlet app, start it.
  • Pick the Owlet cam. When the cam says ready to pair, it means that it is in pairing mode.
  • The Owlet camera blinking blue and red light process initiates frequently. Now put your camera to catch the WiFi signal. The Owlet cam app interface presents a QR code.
  • Pick the camera and hold it to the QR code. Evade putting the phone too close or too far.
  • Remain till the camera sounds a beeping voice. When the beep voice sounds, the app screen presents pairing successfully.
  • When the pairing is successful, it will demand you to create a child mode. Then create a profile and select it for your camera. That’s it, start streaming the 1080p HD video now. The Owlet camera troubleshooting tips are as follows.

Owlet Baby Monitor Troubleshooting

If you are using an Owlet baby camera and troubling an issue, then these tips will guide you to troubleshoot it.

Owlet camera not connecting? Fix it

If your Owlet camera shows not connecting, then these tips will help you.

  • Assure the wire is reached to the AC joint.
  • If the Owlet camera red light shows, then remain quiet until it switches to hard blue. Close the Owlet camera app and open it again after three minutes to connect.
  • Uninstall the app if the reopening process does not work.
  • Make sure that your iOS device is in the spot to detect the WiFi signal.
  • Confirm that the ISP is providing enough internet throughput.
  • Get sure the AC joint is working and supplying a stable current.
  • Perform a reset operation and setup again.
Owlet camera not turning on? Solutions

If your Owlet cam baby monitor is not turning on, then these suggestions will assist you to fix it.

  • Verify all the wire connections to the AC joint are secure.
  • The micro USB end should be plugged into the camera while the USB end to the power adapter.
  • Try using a separate ACV joint. Maybe the AC joint is not supplying current.
  • Do the Owlet camera reset operation and power on it again.
How to reset Owlet Camera?
  • To do the Owlet factory reset, force the button on the rear of the camera for around 16 to 20 seconds.
  • You will observe that the LED light stops illuminating.
  • A sound with resetting, please wait will be heard.
  • That’s it, the camera has been reset.

Owlet Baby Monitor Camera Review

I purchased it because I had a Smart sock. The camera works very well and provides a high-quality stream. The attractive design and straightforward to mount is a great bonus. Love that I am apt to view the video just from the app. The app is super simple to use. Adjust the settings just with your mobile phone. The night vision feature works pretty fine. All things are great except the pairing. The pairing with the app takes a lot of time. Sometimes it does not even pair. Other than that, I like this camera and I prefer purchasing it.


Q1. What’s the brand name?

Owlet, a reliable camera brand.

Q2. Does the Owlet cam baby monitor support 802.11ac WiFi?

No, the Owlet camera does not support 5G WiFi./ Therefore, not compatible with 802.11ac.

Q3. Does this camera work with a battery?

No, you need to plug the adapter into the AC joint by connecting it to the Owlet camera.

Q4. Why is my owlet camera not connecting?

Close the Owlet camera app and reopen it again later three minutes to connect. Delete the app if the reopening method does not work. Ensure the AC joint is operating and supplying a steady current. Conduct a reset operation and setup again. Ensure that the wire is attached to the AC joint. If the red light sights, then rest quietly until it swaps to solid blue. Ensure that your iOS mobile phone is in the spot to catch the WiFi network. Validate that the ISP is giving adequate internet throughput.

Q5. Can I adjust the two-way audio volume?

No, the two-way audio is not adjustable to higher or lower volumes.

Q6. Do I connect several cameras to the app?

Yes, you can connect multiple cameras to the app.

Q7. Does the Owlet camera have temperature sensors?

Yes, The Owlet WiFi camera arrives with room temperature sensors.

Q8. How to use owlet cam two-way audio?

Turn on or off the two-way audio with an app. Just speak and communicate with your little ones.

Q9. Where to view the baby live stream?

Just set up the camera with an Owlet app and view every movement of your little ones with an app.

Q10. Does it record in 1080p resolution?

Yes, the Owlet camera records in 1080p resolution.

Q11. How to reset the Owlet baby monitor?

Push the button on the back of the camera for about 16 to 20 seconds. You will note that the LED light finishes blinking. A pitch with resetting, please wait will be detected. The camera is reset.

Q12. Can I adjust the camera with an app?

No, the Owlet camera can be adjusted manually only.