Nexxt solutions smart indoor camera

In life like ours, it’s natural to feel a need to have a security system for our homes and offices. We need to take care of and ensure that our home is safe, even we are not around. This is where we need a good camera with quality features and easy access. Smart cameras provide you with those extra eyes. Nexxt solutions smart indoor Wi-Fi cameras are a component of Next solutions new smart home automation series.

These cameras are a one-stop solution for our worries. This smart camera model AHIMPFI4U1 has amazing features. It has a high video quality having a resolution of 1920×1080 p. It comes in handy as it provides an opportunity to monitor our homes from distance. Well, who doesn’t want to keep a check on security or to spy on your kids and pets? Nexxt solutions smart indoor camera performs this exact function.

Be it a sunny afternoon or a dark night, this nexxt smart camera always works well. It is a security system for homes and is available on Google Play, Amazon, app store, or brand smart[= It works with Alexa and Google assistant too. This camera can be used in your homes, offices, and pretty much in any place. It has plenty of features like motion sensation, automated night vision and many more.

Nexxt solutions camera

Features of Nexxt smart camera

1.Full -HD resolution –

This camera has a 1080 p resolution, high video quality along with night vision. It works well in all types of lighting. The video quality is good in both lighted and unlighted rooms. Even in natural sunlight, the quality is fair. Even during livestreams, the quality is good as long as your connection is stable.

2. Two-way audio –

It is accessible on phone devices. This camera can be operated by both iOS and Android devices and works well on both.

3.Wireless security system-

It captures any unwanted motion and provides a notification for the former on your mobile devices. It makes sure that you get alerts regarding any mishaps taking place in your home.

4.Night vision –

This camera has a automated night vision which comes from the integration of infrared LEDs which helps the camera to be active 24 hrs. It can work in still darkness with an amazing range of 30 Fts. The camera provides real time streaming even during night.

5. Shared access –

Every resident of house can use the features after creating and configuring a nexxt solutions account.

6.Live view –

It provides the user with real time videos. You can see what your furry boy does in your absence. Even if you’re away you can still enjoy your niece’s birthday without video calling your wife! Well ,a lot more than that. It actually depends on your imagination.

7.Intelligent monitoring-

Now with Nexxt solutions smart indoor camera installed in your home, you don’t really need to worry about your pets. Meanwhile, your fluffy guys can hear you too with the help of this camera’s abilities. Same goes for kids. Well, such a win-win situation isn’t it?

8.Flexible storage and playback options –

It easily provides you with playback video footage through cloud and also via a local micro SD card up to 128 GB.

9.Advanced motion detection –

It captures any motion and sends instant alerts. The camera has 120° wide viewing angle. It can detect even minute movements. It’s sophisticated algorithm provides you with alerts on capturing any unusual sounds.

How to Setup and install nexxt smart indoor camera?

It is an easy to set up model with simple functional approach. You just need to plug it into an AC outlet and then connect it to an existing wi-fi network, no hub, in particular, is required. It requires updating with nexxt solutions app for the smart camera to work properly and to provide live videos. The app which is hosted on Azure cloud provides a method for users to control their installed devices from their bed or from a beach. Be in the comfort of your home or stay 1000 miles away, you will always have control. It works well when connected to a 2.4 GHz wi-fi network only. The app-interface is average in terms of user-interface. It works well with mobile phones as well as cloud.

How to install nexxt indoor camera and connect it to a phone app?

  • Download the Nexxt solutions app and then create a account and login.
  • After that, search for your device and add your email address and then a verification code will be sent to your device. Then, enter the code.
  • Scan the QR code in back of your camera.
  • After switching on the device, set up will be complete.
  • Now, connect to wi-fi network, i.e., 2.4 GHz and enter the password and connect.
  • If unable to find your device, refresh, and search.
  • Then, follow the instructions as mentioned in the app
  • Finally, personalize your settings such as video quality.
  • Now, your Nexxt Solutions indoor camera is ready to use.
  • Record videos in 1080 p HD and store it in the cloud. You can connect more than one device if you want.

How to connect the nexxt indoor smart camera to a wi-fi network?

  1. First of all, scan the QR code or download Nexxt home app from Google Play or the apple play store.
  2. Then, connect the mobile device to a 2.4 GHz wi-fi network.
  3. Then, launch the app and follow in-app instructions to connect to the smart power strip to home network.

How to connect it to google assistant?

  • Download the Nexxt solutions app.
  • Then, add Nexxt solutions on Google assistant. After that, log in to your Nexxt solutions account in link all devices.

How to connect to Alexa?

  1. First of all, download the app and create an account
  2. Then, add the Nexxt solutions services to your devices. In order to do this, you will have to log in on your device and give related permissions.

How to share access on app?

  • The person needs to create an account on the Nexxt solutions app.
  • Then, login using your account and find your device.
  • After that, add your device.

Troubleshooting nexxt camera

1.How long is the recording time for this nexxt indoor camera?

This camera does not come with in-built internal memory but can be added with a micro-SD card up to 128 GB . Hence, recording time isn’t specific but depends on the SD card used. Besides, it also depends on the movements captured, the higher the quality, the lower the recording time.

2.What to do if the camera video quality is not proper?

This depends on how you install the camera. You need to make sure that camera is set up properly in perfect wall outlet. Make sure that you don’t install the camera in direct sunlight. If the camera is installed directly in front of sunlight, then the video quality might be a bit less than normal. If the camera isn’t placed in direct sunlight, and still the video quality isn’t good, then try contacting customer support.

3.The sound is too loud and unpleasant? How can I fix this?

The sound depends on the device used. To fix this, use the following steps,
Check if your device is connected to a smart camera.
Then, check your device compatibility and volume.

4.Why I cannot livestream videos on my phone?

If you want to view real time footage of your home, then you need to have your device connected with the smart camera .If you use a iOS ,then try connecting your camera with Alexa and if you use an android phone, then connect it to your Google assistant. The steps are mentioned above. After connecting, you will be able to see live videos. Alternatively, you can also use the cloud. Make sure to use 2.4 GHz wi-fi network as this camera works only with 2.4 GHz.

5.How to transfer recorded files?

Had a party last night? Want to share all your memories to someone? Sure, you can. There are many ways to transfer recorded files.
If you’re using iCloud, then save your videos there and then share it from there.
If you’re using your device, then try transferring from your SD card or by Bluetooth sharing. Keep your SD card encrypted, in case of theft or if you lose it.

6.Is this camera completely wireless?

Yes, it is wireless but needs to be connected to a power cable 24 hours long. You can use a thin wire so that it appears to be invisible.

7.I cannot connect it to my device? What should I do?

If you cannot connect Nexxt solutions smart camera to your device, try checking if the camera is already connected to any other device. In case it is connected to any other device, then try removing it from there. If the device is of someone living in the house ,try using shared access. In order to use shared access feature, then download Nexxt Solutions app ,and read the instructions there and follow accordingly.

8.How to check your nexxt camera version?
  1. Open your Nexxt home app and select your camera.
  2. Then, on the upper right corner of the view, click settings.
  3. After that, select firmware information to show camera version.

Nexxt camera reviews.

The camera has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 on Amazon. It has a rating of 5 out of 5 on Brandsmart. Overall, this camera is a good choice among customers.
Especially the features like automated night vision. Users find Infrared integration pretty amazing. Well, who wouldn’t like to see their husband secretly eating a donut in the middle of the night?

Or something much dangerous like an unwanted burglar trying to sneak in taking advantage of the darkness, having absolutely no idea that he will eventually land in the cell next day! This camera has some of great features like shared access which makes it a great choice for houses as every member of the family can have equal access. This has very good video quality too.

But, as every coin has two sides, this camera has very loud sound which is very unpleasing to the ears. Some people find it’s installation easy while others find it annoying and hard. This camera offers has a great feature of having life streaming which makes you feel close to your loved ones even when you are away.
As a whole, this camera has its own pros and cons but is a good choice for your house.