Nexar Dual Dash Cam

In this modern era, many modern devices are running in the technological world and one of the devices is Nexar Dual Dash Cam. This is the latest of 2021. This device is connected with the wifi and you have to insert an extra SD card into the camera. This device already has a 32GB card. This is for making videos, road, and interior recording. The device has unlimited cloud storage, you can store any video on this device. The main feature of the device is automatically coming into parking mode. This camera provides you with fully clear and HD video. It has a GPS sensor. We can check the location of the device on the Nexar app through the GPS sensor. This is used mainly for the security of cars. This camera secures the car from any theft. Because this device always captures a picture when you are OFF or ON.

This camera is a hidden camera for security. This device is fixed on the back of the front mirror for invisibility. The camera offers you the live footage of the evidence on your phone. This camera provides you a 1080p full HD quality picture.

Features of the Nexar Pro GPS Camera

There are various characteristics of the Nexar camera. To trigger with,

Provide HD quality:

The captured video is in full HD video. With this feature, we can zoom video footage to anything clearly. This is helpful in night vision. This also captures a full clear video at night.

Real-time video evidence:

The Nexar camera provides you with a live footage camera on your phone. You can see real video far away from the location of the camera. The dual dash camera is used for the security of the car. You can see the activities in the car as well as the outside activities near to the car.

Unlimited cloud storage:

We can save an unlimited video in the storage of the camera. The camera has a 32GB SD card because this camera takes pictures every time. When your car is ON or OFF.

Parking Mode:

When you parked the mode. With the help of the sensor, the camera starts making a video parking area. You can see the video on your phone because your mobile is connected to the camera wifi.

Provide the Incidence Report:

The camera provides the report of any incident like an accident and damaged car. The camera lays all information fast with the help of sensors like driver name, number, address, and time, weather, location of incidence.

These are accomplished features of the Nexar pro GPS camera.

Ways to install the Nexar Dual Dash Cam

If you want to operate your device in the correct form. So, you can follow the mentioned ways from point to point. To begin with,

  • Check all the ingredients which are given in the packaging box with the Nexar extender.
  • Then, take the camera from the upper part and open the SD card slot.
  • After that, insert the SD card into the memory card slot.
  • Then, connect the back camera to the handle slot for making a video.
  • After this, tap on the ON button to continue, connect the wifi of the camera to the mobile wifi, the camera wifi is ON to double-tap every SD card is reliable for storage. But, it should be 32GB. Every SD card is reliable for storage. But, it should be 32GB. Every SD card is reliable for storage. But, it should be 32GB. Every SD card is reliable for storage. But, it should be 32GB. the power button.
  • Attach the charging cable to the camera’s power adapter.
  • Then, take a USB cable and attach the power socket to the car.
  • After that, the other is connected to the 1A socket port.
  • Then, start your vehicle.
  • The camera starts blinking lights then turns ON the camera.

These are the installation steps to install the dual dash camera.

Steps to Login to the Nexar Pro GPS Camera

If you want to log in to your device. So, you need to note these steps which are given in the below lines.

  • Initially, download the
  •  from the browser with help of a QR code and
  • After that, search the nexar camera to log in the device into a web browser.
  • After opening the new page, you need to put the key and username which is introduced on the configuration card.
  • Then, select the camera name and model number.
  • After selecting the name and model number, go to settings.
  • Click on the modify key and username option. To modify this, you need to enter the old password, new password, and confirm password.
  • Then, change the settings according to the choice.
  • After that, follow the instructions which are shown on the screen.
  • Then, your device login process was completed.

These are the ways to log in to the device to change any setting without the app.

Nexar Pro GPS camera Manual

In the manual, I can share the problems related to the camera instructions of the question. To trigger with, how do I hide the cable of the dual dash camera? Is it compatible with every power socket? Can I put control or security on the access of this camera? How do I control the whole camera through the mobile app? My camera wifi does not connect to the phone wifi?

How do I use the wifi of my Nexar pro GPS camera? Can I connect this camera to the computer or laptop? Which SD card is reliable for storage? How much data can be stored in cloud storage? What are the installation steps of the device? If any information is not introduced in the manual. So, you can take information from here. It will talk about the features of the camera in the beneath lines.

Steps to Setup the Nexar Pro GPS camera

Ways to set up the device are reliable. But, you missed any point. So, the whole process would be halved. To start with,

  • Initially, check all the contents which are given in the box.
  • Download the app using the QR code or play store on your IOS/A android devices.
  • Select the location of the camera where this automatically records things when your car starts.
  • Connect the charger of the C- form into the same slot of the power port.
  • Connect the other ends of the charger in the USB port and then, the USB port enters into the power socket.
  • After that, when your car is started. So, your camera is started and when your car is stopped. So, your camera is off. If your camera does not ON/OFF when your car becomes started or stopped. So, you should go into the setting and click on the automatic option. Thus, your device is ON/OFF automatically.
  • Follow the instructions connected with your device which is given on the app.
  • For connecting the camera to the Android device. Take the permission from the location is ON all time when it is connected to the camera.ON your device location, Bluetooth, and wi-fi. Then, open the app.
  • After that, tap to more options and enter into settings. After this, click on the external camera and then, follow the steps continuously.
  • For connecting to the IOS device. You need to take permission and enable the local network for connection. Then, go to the settings. After that click on the plus and tap on the external camera. Then, wait for 5-10 seconds for verification.

After that click on the save to continue and your camera starts recording.
These are the steps on how to set up the camera point to point.

Troubleshooting steps of the Nexar Dual Dash Cam

IOS device is not connected to camera wifi:

ON your device wifi from the setting. Then, turn ON the camera, and wifi is turned ON of the camera by double-clicking the power button of the camera. After that, select the wifi name of the camera into the network list. At last, enter the password of the camera and after completing this, turn ON Bluetooth.

Android device is not connected to the camera wifi:

Turn ON your device wifi and ON the power source of the camera. Then, open the app and click on the more. After this tap on the settings. Then, eternal camera and select the camera name tap on the apply option. Finally, your Android device is connected to the camera.

My Nexar Pro GPS is not working:

Firstly, reset your device to refresh all the settings of the device and then, change the settings of the device again. Secondly, check the wire connection because sometimes, the wire is damaged to some cut. Thirdly, try to enter another SD card because from the full storage the device does not work. After that, check if the battery of the camera is the charger or not and the battery should be replaced after a few years. Another option, check the connection to the secret lighter.

My camera display was changed. What can I do?

Reset your device to connect your device again. Initially, turn off the camera and again ON the nexar camera. Thirdly, disconnect from the power socket and wait for 2-3 minutes. Then, connect it again. Fourthly, check the screen of the camera it should be ON.

Nexar Pro GPS camera Review

The nexar camera is a wonderful device. We can use this device for the security of the car. If an accident happens in the front of your car. So it saves that incident in the storage for the proof. When your become theft. So, you can locate the location through the sensor of the camera. You can check the car’s location on the mobile app. My father last month, purchased this device for the security of the car indoor and outdoor because this camera rotates 360 degrees. I saw all settings and features in the nexar mobile app. I set up this to read the guidelines from the manual and google. According to me, it’s such a helpful device.

The features of the Nexar dual camera:

The features are parking mode, unlimited cloud storage, provide HD quality video, provide the incident report, and real-time video evidence.

The design of the Nexar Pro GPS camera:

The design of the device is very small and the color of the device is black. We can hide this device. The device is a flexible plastic. on the device has a thing with the help of this it attaches to the mirror.

Dimensions of the nexar Pro GPS camera:

The package dimensions of the camera are 16.51 x 14.48 x 8.64 cm; 658 Grams.

The specification of the Nexar Pro GPS camera:

The camera is used to secure from any incident. The camera is connected wired or wirelessly. The brand name of the device is Nexar and the item part number is Dash Cam. The battery was not for consumption. The connection method of the device is Wi-Fi and the mounting type is suction mount. The camera rotates at 135 degrees angle. The item weight of the device is 660g. The ASIN is B07TW9ZDNB and the first availability date of the device is 1 December 2020.

Price of the nexar GPS dual camera:

The latest price of the camera is 25,525.00 rupees on amazon.


Can I hide the wire of the camera by themselves?

Yes, you can hide the power wire of the camera by themselves to see the steps from the Near envelope or manual.

How much data can be stored in cloud storage?

The unlimited cloud storage of this device. Thus, it can store more data.

Can the dash camera be connected to the computer or laptop?

Yes, the dash camera is connected to the laptop or PC easily through the USB cable.

What are the installation steps of the device?

All points related to the installation of the camera on the google manual and envelope.

How do I connect the whole camera with the mobile app?

First, connect the camera to your mobile wifi and download the app. Thus, you can control the camera by changing settings and other things.

Is it compatible with every power socket?

Yes, it easily works well with every power socket.

Can you put security on the access of the camera?

Yes, you can secure control of the camera by setting the key.

My camera wifi does not connect to the camera wifi?

First, try to reset your cameras, and then, it is not working follow the troubleshooting steps.

How do I ON the wifi of the nexar pro camera?

Double-tap the power button of the camera and then, wifi would be ON.

Which SD card is reliable for storage?

Every SD card is reliable for storage. But, it should be 32GB.