My ieGeek ZS-GX3S Cameras does not connect to WiFi?

iegeek fails to connect to Wi-fi

In case your ieGeek camera is not connecting to the WiFi then there can be number of reasons behind it. So, follow the given below diagnostics steps to resolve this issue. In case you are setting up ieGeek camera for the first time then follow the guide here. So, to start with make sure your camera is plugged in to an electrical outlet. And the power led on it is stable.

ieGeek Camera fails to connect Wi-Fi (Solutions)

Connect to 2.4GHz Network
  • This camera does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi network. So, make sure you connect ieGeek camera to the 2.4GHz network only. In case your router is dual band and both have same name then we recommend you to login into router. Then change the name of your both the networks and save settings. Next, you will need to make sure you connect your iegeek 2k Wi-Fi surveillance camera to the 2.4GHz.
  • In case your camera is far away from the router then connect your camera to WiFi extender. This way you will be able to install the camera at location with even poor Wi-Fi signals.
Correct Password
  • This is also one of the common errors that many people make. So while typing the password make sure you type the password as it is. Password is case sensitive. Also make sure your router’s Wi-Fi password does not include single quote, underline, space and virgule.
Maximum Devices Connected
  • Make sure the router has not reached its limit for number of connected devices. Most routers have maximum number of devices that can connect to it at any point of time. Sometimes its 50, sometimes 60, etc. So, if you have lot of devices at home and all connected to the router then it can be possible new devices might not connect to it. So kindly cross check it too.
Scanning the QR code during setup
  • Make sure during the iegeek camera setup process you are scanning the QR code appropriately. The distance between the camera and the phone screen should be between 10-15cm (3-6inch). If the camera is not scanning then clean the camera lens with soft cloth and then try again. If this also doesn’t help then try using another phone or try resetting the camera and start the setup from scratch.
Restart the router
  • In order to resolve irGeek camera fails to connect to Wi-Fi you should simply reboot all the devices. First turn off the modem, then the router, then the camera. Now uninstall the app. Wait for 5 minutes. Next, plug the mode, router and camera back to the power. Now, re-install the app again. This time the setup should go smoothly. If not then reset the camera and reboot the devices and then try the setup again.
Email the issue to the ieGeek support

If none of the above mentioned steps does not help then you can simply email the ieGeek technical support team at They will help you further with the issue.