Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor

The Motorola MBP50-G2 is a 2 wide-angle HD camera & 5-inch LCD color display video baby monitor. It is usually used for the security of the baby. The baby monitor comes along with 2 cameras(baby unit) & a bright LCD color display(parent unit). However, the 2 portable cameras absolutely deliver full room coverage. Additionally, it will provide you with a bird’s eye look at the entire room. With a 5-inch LCD display, the parent sees their baby’s position & also sees real-time video of your little baby’s room. The night vision features are equipped in the Motorola MBP50-G2 video baby monitor that allows parents to see clear video at night in an impressive display. If you want to see more of ​​the baby’s room then you can adjust the angle of the camera with the parent unit of this device.

Moreover, the temperature sensor is powered by the motorola mbp50 baby monitor that enables you to monitor the temperature of your baby’s room. The Lullabies function is also built-in in this appliance which helps a lot in sleeping the baby. The two-way audio is enabled so that you can efficiently communicate with each other.

Important safety Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor instructions

The Motorola baby monitor is an absolutely optimum & ideal device for the baby. If you also want to use this baby monitor for your baby, then you have to install this appliance. But before installing, there are some important motorola mbp50 baby monitor instructions that must be followed.

  • To properly use the video monitor baby & parent unit, you must be permitted to establish a radio link in both units.
  • Big metal objects like a refrigerator, metallic doors, mirrors, & other objects far from the baby & parent unit, otherwise it blocks the appliance.
  • Keep small parts of the baby monitor from small children when assembling. The adults are a must for assembling.
  • Do not allow small children to use this appliance because it is not a toy.
  • The user’s Guide is important then for future reference you have to place this Guide.
  • Do not cover the baby monitor unit with any towel or blanket.
  • The baby monitor unit is not used near the water & direct sunlight.
  • The baby monitor unit position is far from the heating source as well as the device.
  • With an appliance power adapter, you cannot use an extension.
  • Only utilize the power adapter & charger that comes along with the appliance. Do not use another charger & power adapter, otherwise, the baby & parent does not turn ON.

Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor installation steps

The motorola mbp50 baby monitor is completely compatible with the 2.4GHz network. Then, you can easily watch the live view remotely. To watch the live view remotely, you have to install the baby unit as well as the parent unit. Here are some baby monitor installation steps.

Unbox mbp50 baby monitor packaging box:
  • To install the baby unit & parent unit, you need some components that come along with its packaging box.
  • While using scissors, you have to cut the tape that is available on the packaging box.
  • Now you will find 2 power adapters, a power cable, a baby unit, a parent unit(2 cameras), motorola mbp50 baby monitor manual, and Stargrip in the packaging box.
  • After that, examine all the components working & not broken.
Baby unit(2 cameras) power supply:
  • To install the baby unit, you have to select its position. The baby unit of Motorola mbp50-g2 mount in your baby room.
  • Then you have to plug the 5V DC / 1500mA power adapter that comes along with this unit in the power connector port that is available on the back surface of the baby unit.
  • Additionally, the other end that has plugged this power adapter into the baby unit is to plug it into a suitable wall power supply.
  • Then, switch ON the power of the baby unit, for this, you have to slide the power ON/OFF button to turn ON the unit that is available on this unit.
  • To switch off the unit, slide turn off side & baby unit properly switch off.
Parent unit power supply:

The parent unit works with a rechargeable battery pack, the Lithium-ion 1800mAh battery supports the parent unit.

  • To install the power supply, you have to apply the 5V DC / 1500mA power adapter to the available USB port of the parent unit. Do not use other power adapters instead of a 5V DC / 1500mA power adapter.
  • To switch ON the parent unit, you have to smoothly press your finger on the available power ON/OFF button of the parent unit.
  • The power is turned ON of the parent unit, the display of the parent unit shows a color image.
Pairing baby unit & parent unit:
  • On the parent unit, you have to press the menu button that is available on the parent unit’s left-hand side. Then, a menu bar will pop up on the display of this unit.
  • Press the right or left button that is available on this unit and the menu is pop-up. Then, the add+, delete, view, & scan menu will display.
  • By using the up & down button that is available on the unit, you have to select + add option.
  • Now, you have to choose the Motorola mbp50-g2 camera only & press the OK button to pair the baby unit to the parent unit.
  • The parent unit 5-inch display pop-up notification, the baby unit is successfully paired with the parent unit.

Finally, the baby unit & parent unit of the video baby monitor is entirely complete.

Motorola mbp50 baby monitor manual

The Motorola 2.4GHz video baby monitor is completely designed for a small video. It provides full security for babies. But every parent thinks of some questions before installing & purchasing this appliance. These questions are as follow that think of the baby parent like how to use a video baby monitor, how to install baby monitor, how to pair motorola mbp50-g2, how to mount motorola video monitor, how to setup motorola mbp50-g2, how to connect parent unit with a baby unit, how to mount baby unit, how to increase the sound, how to set lullabies, & other questions.

Moreover, you can easily & effortlessly get all answers to all questions in the motorola mbp50-g2 manual. This manual is the best & optimum solution for all queries relevant to the baby monitor. Additionally, this manual guide completely delivers other technical information related to the video baby monitor. Then, you can securely know detailed information about this baby monitor in the manual.

Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor Setup Steps

To properly hear the audio as well as view the video then you have to perform the setup of this appliance. With the provided button, you can effortlessly perform the baby monitor setup. Here are some motorola smart baby monitor setup steps.

Using baby monitor:
  • You have to place the parent unit on the table & the baby unit is placed on that area you want to monitor.
  • To adjust the baby unit camera angle, you have to use the Pan & Tilt function that is available on the parent unit. You have to press the move up, down, left, & right buttons until you are satisfied with the image.
  • To remotely control the camera with the parent unit, you have to press the UP button or down button on the parent unit to tilt up or down. Along with you have to press the left button or right button in the parent unit to pan right or left.
  • Enable the night vision on the top of the screen, to get clear images in the dark.
  • To talk to your baby, you have to press the TALK button that is available on the parent unit.
  • To turn On or off a video, you have to smoothly press the video ON/OFF button.
Setup parent unit:

To properly use the parent unit & see the baby images, you should perform the setup of the parent unit.

  • First & foremost, adjust the volume of the motorola baby monitor mbp50. For this, press the volume button in the parent & press the up or down button to increase or decrease the volume.
  • To adjust the brightness, press the menu button menu bar pop-up. Using the up & down button, you have to adjust the brightness level.
  • To set Lullabies, you have to press the Left & right buttons on the menu bar until the audio option is pop-up. The 5 sound is available, using the up & down button select the sound.
  • To zoom the video, you have to select the zoom icon in the menu bar. With the up & down button, select 1X or 2X zoom.
  • You also set up the alarm with the alarm icon on the menu bar.

Congratulations! The setup of the Motorola video baby monitor is securely complete.

Baby monitor motorola MBP50-G2 Troubleshooting

Sometimes there are some common issues that the video monitor does not work. For common issues, here are some motorola mbp50-g2 troubleshooting steps.

Motorola baby monitor not pairing:

Sometimes the motorola baby monitor not pairing with each other, some resolutions:

  • Ensure the distance between the baby unit(cameras) & the parent unit.
  • Verify the power adapter is properly attached to the parent & baby unit.
MBP50 baby monitor not charging:

If the motorola baby monitor is not charging then the baby monitor is not turning ON.

  • Make sure the power adapter is plugged into the baby monitor & do not use other power adapters.
  • Ensure the power socket is working & tight plug the power adapter into the power socket switch.
Not turning ON:

Sometimes the video baby monitor does not turn ON, here troubleshooting steps.

  • Due to a faulty power adapter, the motorola baby monitor not turning ON.
  • Examine the power adapter is properly plugged into the available baby unit & parent unit port.
Night Vision Not working in a baby monitor:

Sometimes, the motorola video baby monitor night vision not working then it does not work at night.

  • To resolve the issue, you have to restart the baby & parent unit by sliding the power ON/OFF button.
  • Properly verify the night vision setting, if it is disabled then quickly enable it.
Baby monitor no sound:

Sometimes the sound feature is not working on the baby monitor.

  • If the motorola video baby monitor sound not working, then ensure the sound setting is not diable.
  • To resolve the issue, you have to reset the appliance device.

Motorola MBP50-G2 Video Baby Monitor Review

In my point of view, the motorola mbp50-g2 review is an exception & the most stupendous baby monitor device. It is usually for small babies in your home. This appliance comes along with 2 cameras that provide full security for your baby. With this help, you are able to watch a live view of your baby’s room. Moreover, the parent unit also comes. The 5-inch bright & impressive display is built-in on the parent unit. Then, with this display, you are able to watch live views of your baby’s room. Many buttons like menu, up, down, left, right are built-in on the parent unit. By using this button you can efficiently perform the setting. With the mobile app, you efficiently connect the baby monitor to the network connectivity.

The motorola mbp50 camera accurately records the video of your baby & provides real-time video in your parent unit appliance. The 5-inch display is very impressive & bright that provides a live video facility. With the provided buttons, you can easily & securely perform the wireless setup. Thus, the Motorola baby monitor device is absolutely optimum & most ideal for babies as well as parents.