Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p

Surveillance/CCTV cameras grew quite popular as a mode of modern-day domestic security owing to its ease of installation and low maintenance cost. Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p is equipped with an ultra-wide angular lens that can record full HD quality videos across 360° reducing the blind spots with efficacy. High-resolution picture quality gives a detailed and smooth recording of each corner of your home at 20fps.

MI Basic Camera can detect unusual motions making use of advanced AI which in turn lessens the frequency of false alarms. Also, it has the ability to take sharp images even in the midst of darkness by virtue of its infrared night vision. Even a tiny insect can be spotted in a dark-pitch room.

Mi Basic 1080p camera comes with the talkback feature or two-way communication that is very helpful for the blind or any user with low visibility. It can operate at temperatures ranging between 10-40° C. It works on 2.4-5GhZ WiFi and consumes power as low as 5W at the peak usage. Connect it with the “Mi Home” app and access the recordings from anywhere in the world. While keeping an eye on your kid away at home, you can make a to-do list sitting at your workplace.

Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080p

If each of your rooms has this camera, then you can monitor views of all the rooms from a single screen. As this camera storage can be accessed locally through SD cards or NAS storage like MI routers, data privacy is ensured.

Mi Basic 1080p camera Installation

Unpack the camera carefully. Plugin the power cable to its micro USB port and connect it to 5V/1A or 5V/2A adapter. Place it on a table and switch it on to check if it is working properly. Note the indicator.

Mi Basic 1080p camera

If it turns orange, it implies the camera has got activated and if not, then reset it by pressing the reset button with the given pin. If its flashing orange, it means the system is updating. While flashing blue light indicates an issue in network connectivity, steady blue light means you are good to go. Once installed properly, you need not sync it with the app again till you update the WiFi password. Now unplug the camera and set it up in “Mi Home” app for capturing videos.

In this app, tap the “+” button and click on “Add Device”. Select “Your location (Recommended)” and scan the QR code that appeared on the screen with the front side of the camera. Insert a micro SD card to its right slot and place it on a table/shelf upright towards the suspicious location. This slot supports SD card of 16-64 GB in storage. Now video starts recording automatically. In order to watch the videos captured, access the videos through the control interface in “Mi Home”.

Mi Basic Security 1080p Camera Setup With Alexa

Open the Alexa app, look for “Mi Home” and enable the latter skill by signing in with your Xiaomi account credentials. Select the device and now you can operate it through Alexa using voice control.

Update Firmware on MI Basic Security 1080p Camera

With a firmware update, you can upgrade your device with advanced features without upgrading the hardware. Make sure that the “Mi Home” app is updated and connected to the camera. Insert the MicroSD card to its right slot and the app will automatically download the firmware update(if available) and update the camera.


1. Can I connect this camera to my phone directly?

Yes, you can connect it to your phone using the “MI Home” app.

2. Can I connect this to my mobile directly without a WiFi router?

Sorry, without a wireless connection or hotspot, this camera won’t work.

3. How many cameras can be connected to a single phone?

Yes, you can connect and view the recordings of multiple cameras in a single screen.

4. Can the recorded videos be played in fast forward mode?

You can watch the videos at your own pace.

5. Does it have a microphone?

Yes, it has an inbuilt microphone and supports two-way audio communication.

6. Is installation again required if there is a power-cut?

No, once the power comes back, it self-restores back to original settings.

7. How to fix CCTV output live video or any other breakdown?

Take it to a MI store to get it hassle-free and authentic servicing or take online help from communities like us.

How much distance can be covered by one camera?

It can cover up to 10 meters.

9. Is there an option for cloud storage?

No for saving the videos, SD cards of 16-64 GB can be used.

10. Is the data broadcast over the internet encrypted?

Yes, the data is fully secured.

11. Can I watch the video of my home on my phone while at my office?

Yes, you can monitor the home from your workplace through this camera.

12. Can these systems replace the necessity of security guard?

It is a very strong mode of security for modern homes. But to employ a security guard or not is up to you.

13. Is it an outdoor camera?

No, it cannot be used as an outdoor camera. It is very sophisticated and not water-proof. If left outside, it may get damaged soon and such unwanted physical damage is not covered under warranty. But you can install it outside the main door inside the apartment, where there is a shade.

14. What happens when the memory is full?

Deletion works on the queue algorithm. So once it’s full, the latter starts deleting from the first-ever video recorded.

15. How much data does it consume on an average?

It is close to 1.5 GB data per month for two cameras.

16. Does it support continuous recording and for what duration?

At a stretch, it can record for 5 days 24/7.

17. Would it be able to record and store videos for a full day(24 hours)?

A 32 GB memory card can store recording data for upto 3 days

18. Usually, surveillance clips are 8sec long by default. Can I increase it to 15 seconds?

Yes, you can improvise it as per your requirement. But that will consume a lot of space in the memory card.

19. Will there be a mobile notification as intruder alert?

Yes, it will notify you as soon as it detects any unusual motion using its advanced AI feature.

20. Does it blink during infrared vision mode?

Yes, it blinks and that’s why it can be easily spotted by anyone in the dark.