Mi Home Security Camera 360°

The MI home security camera assured you that your family and home will stay watchful and unassailable when you are out for your venture. It comes with ingenious traits that make it an adequate observer for your family.

The camera comes with a dual motorhead that supports it to twirl at full 360 degrees horizontal view and 96 degrees in vertical view to see the view of every single instant. This model is assembled with a shockproof technique. The camera’s rotation is smooth and silent because it’s a quiet motor.

In the recorded footage you will get high quality and clear image because of its 20 megapixel HD resolution 1080 p wide vigorous range. Even in dark and dimly lit condition, this model secures you to get a clear image because off 2.1 ravine which allows more light intake, as well as an infrared illuminator, assist in increasing perception. Apart from this with the TalkBack aspect, you will be able to communicate with your family from your office using this camera.

 Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Mi Home Security Camera 360° Setup via MI Home App

Note: Please makes reliable that both your camera and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Here are some susceptible phases to setup your MI home security camera 360

Step 1. Download MI Home app from Google Play Store. After that login with your MI account and set your province as ratified. Then you will get an alternative on a screen to add a new device click on add device.

Step 2. Instantly search the device nearby and please wait for a while until you find MI Security Camera 360. Once it is noticeable to you click on it.

MI Home App

Step 3. Accordingly, you have to scan the QR code which you can do easily via your smartphone. You will hear a signal from the camera after scan QR code successfully then click on “heard scan successfully”.

Step 4. Pursue, MI home security camera 360 degrees will be visible to you and you will get an option to change the name accordingly. You May select the location of the device as well as add a shortcut to the home screen.

Step 5. later step is to agree on the user authorization and the secrecy agreement.

Step 6. Finally, you have successfully accomplished the MI home security camera 360 Setup. You will discover the periscope and you can glimpse at live monitoring.

More settings and options:

  1. Video recording option in MI Home Cam- when you are in the live imaging mode click on the ‘camera mode’. You can halt the recording video and began it again whenever you want to.
  2. Photo album on MI Security Cam- this option is apparent to you at the bottom of your screen. To gaze the gallery of video and snapshot on MI home security camera 360 clicks on the photo album option.
  3. Home monitoring in MI Cam- by tapping three dots on the right corner of the screen you will get an alternative of home monitoring, which assists you to discover any intuition, and if there is one, the camera starts recording the footage automatically.

Setup MI home security camera with Alexa

Step 1. For linking MI home security camera with Alexa first install Alexa app in your android phone or iOS device and download its capabilities.

Step 2. Now enable MI home abilities in Alexa and login with your MI account, establish it if you don’t have any.

Step 3. In further action, you are proficient to pertain your MI camera with Alexa and monitor it through Alexa.

Setup MI ome security camera

Setup of MI home security camera with Google assistant

Step 1. First and foremost you have to install MI home app in your smartphone.

Step 2. Now sign in MI home with your MI account and generate it if you don’t have it.

Step 3. After that, you have to select on my recent device preference here you will get an option of MI camera tap on it to link with Google assistant.

Step 4. Next select the locality of the camera for instance camera of living room, bedroom etc and monitor the camera’s qualities, through your Google assistant.

FAQ on MI home security camera 360

Ques 1. Can MI camera record without Wi-Fi?

Ans. Of course, after establishing your camera successfully, until the camera is not turning off and with a Micro SD card inserted videos can be recorded even if there is no Wi-fi network.

Ques 2. How to connect MI home security camera 360 degrees with your mobile?

Ans. Install MI home application in your smartphone then register it with your MI account then MI home security camera 360 degree shows up in the nearby devices tab you can pair it with your home Wi-Fi network then you will have to scan a QR code in front of the camera that shows on your phone.

Ques 3. How to reset MI home security camera 360 degrees 1080 p yellow light problem?

Ans. Press on the reset button behind the camera it assists you in reset the camera.

Ques 4. Where can we install this camera and how?

Ans. You will get a wall mount with a camera that assists you in installing a camera on the wall or ceiling. You also get rubber padding to place it on the table if you want to.

Ques 5. What else will be available with the camera in packing?

Ans. You will get an adaptor, comet cable, Wall-mount along with the camera. All things are packed awesomely and safely.

Ques 6. Where will you insert SD card?

Ans. When you scroll the camera to upwards at the bottom you will find an SD card slotter to insert SD card.

Ques 7. What kind of features you will get with this camera?


  • High definition picture quality.
  • 360-degree vision.
  • Full colour in low light.
  • A better night vision.
  • Conveniently store videos.
  • Video encoding technology.
  • Motion detection alerts.
  • Talkback feature.
Ques 8. What if the camera did not record video?

Ans. Please, make sure that your camera is connected with the Wi-Fi connection of your house, you may also check that SD card is inserted in the camera properly. You can also reset your camera by pressing the reset button behind the camera.