Lorex 1080P Camera installation, setup, troubleshooting, review

The Lorex 1080p camera’s latest security camera mounts virtually anywhere and without hassling the wire cables. This provides better home surveillance as compared to others. The wire-free security camera provides full HD videos and records the sound through the two-way audio system. The Lorex 4 Camera 1080p HD Wire-Free Security System gives instant message motion alerts on your mobile devices. Through the Lorex mobile app, you can easily watch live videos using the remote system. This camera is specially made up using the latest and innovative technology. It can use the digital camera recorder system with a 16GB SD card. Using the micro small SD card provides a better, clear, and reliable recording on your mobile phone. The storage system of the Lorex wire-free camera maintains through the 6 channel DVR and 16GB Sd card.

What should I do to install Lorex 1080p Camera?

The Lorex 1080p camera eliminate the issues faced repeatedly with other home security cameras. If you want to install your camera without any hassle then follow some of the given below steps.

  • Unbox your camera from its packaging if it is new. Afterward, also out of the box it has camera connecting tools such as mounting kit, remote control, DVR power adapter, Ethernet cable, USB mouse, power pack adapter, camera receiver antennas, etc.
  • Now, prepare the camera and receiver accordingly.
  • Connect your DVR 6 channels with the Wireless receiver.
  • Then, insert the batteries and SD card in the camera.
  • After this, choose a specific place to mount your camera and fix it.
  • Plug your camera using the power adapter in the power socket and turn on the power of your camera.
  • Now, the Lorex wire-free camera installation process is finally complete.
  • To connect your camera first install the Lorex mobile app through the app store or play store.
  • Scan the camera QR code and search the app in the play store.
  • After finding the app install it and open this app.
  • Then, click on the “+” icon, and your Lorex wire-free 1080p HD security camera system.

Finally, your camera is added now using the mobile app. Using the Lorex mobile app you can easily control and manage this app according to your need.

How to log in to the Lorex 1080P camera using the Lorex app?

Install your Lorex wire-free camera first and using any devices that are connected with the Wi-Fi network install the camera mobile app. After installing the app, open it and connect your camera. To Lorex 1080P wire-free security camera login Follow some given below steps.

  • Make sure the camera app is already in your mobile app If it is not on your mobile then download it.
  • After installing the app, click on the app icon to open it.
  • Then, follow all terms and conditions of this app and tap the enter key.
  • After that, find the “+” icon to add this camera and click on this icon.
  • Wait for a few seconds and scan the OR code of your camera.
  • Now, you find your Lorex 1080P wire-free security name and click on the add option.
  • Hear the ticking sound that means the wire-free security camera is added now.
  • If you want to login into your camera tap on the sign-in option.
  • Complete the sign-in credentials with your valid E-mail address or mobile number.
  • Your camera mobile app account is created now.
  • Now, the Lorex 4 Camera 1080p HD Wire-Free Security System login box pops up on the mobile app screen.
  • Fill in the username field your Lorex wire-free security camera admin username and the password field fill in which your Lorex 4 Camera 1080p HD Wire-Free Security camera default password.
  • Follow on-screen instructions at last and tap on the login option.

The Lorex wire-free security camera login process is completed now in a proper way. These steps may help to access your camera.

Can I set up the Lorax 1080p HD wire-free security camera to use the app manually?

Of course yes, you can easily change your camera setting manually using the camera app. Just, install the camera app through the play store. After this, to complete the Lorex wire-free camera setup manually you have to follow the given below steps.

  1. Turn on the power of your camera first and add your camera to your camera app.
  2. Login to your camera account using the username and password.
  3. After accessing the login page go into the setting option.
  4. If you want to do your camera wireless setting then click into the administrative setting and find the wireless setting option.
  5. After this, click on the camera wireless setup option and the wireless setup menu will be open on your computer screen.
  6. Follow the given on-screen instructions and complete the camera wireless setup.
  7. Through the wireless setup, you can select the camera wi-fi name and change the wi-fi name and the password to make your camera wi-fi.
  8. After completing the changes the click on the apply option.
  9. After this go into the camera audio setting and change the audio setting if you have any problem regarding the audio and tap enter key.
  10. The Lorex camera setup is finally finished.

These are some steps of the 1080P wireless security camera setup. It may be helpful to configure your camera setting manually.

Is the Lorex 1080P wire-free camera shows the various camera issues?

Of course yes, this camera also shows the various camera issues but very rarely. The Lorex 1080P wire-free security camera issues are given below.

  • The Lorex wire-free security camera causes video losing issues.
  • Wire-free security camera not working.
  • It shows the blurry and grainy videos at night vision.
  • The Lorex wire-free wireless networking camera keeps disconnecting and also shows the offline.
  • The most common issues of security cameras are to go black.
  • It is sometimes the loss of the Wi-Fi network connection.
  • The video recorder, DVR 6 channels, and the Wi-Fi network receiver are not working.
  • Lorex wire-free security camera warning light is not working properly.
  • To get the proper home surveillance through this camera the security siren is not loud.
  • The Wire-free security camera login page is not access through the web browser.
  • Not recording the HD videos and the audio sound is not record properly.
  • The power adapter and also the cables of the camera are disconnect automatically.

These are some issues caused by the Lorex wire-free security camera. You can fix these issues using the troubleshooting steps.

How to troubleshoot Lorex camera HD Wire-Free Security System issues?

The Lorex 1080P HD camera caused various issues. To fix these issues you can follow some Lorex wire-free camera troubleshooting points given below.

  • The Lorex wireless security HD security camera causes video loss, blurry, grainy, and not clearing video in night vision. It is cause due to weak network signals provide on security cameras. To fix these issues change your Wi-Fi network connection setting on a wireless network.
  • Sometimes, the Wi-Fi camera network is disconnect automatically, the Lorex camera is not working, due to this segment could be caused by unstable, low, and weak network connections. To fix these issues you can move your router to a clean and open networking signal area. After this, again connect your camera with a wi-fi network.
  • If your camera is offline then you reboot and restart your router, also verify that your device is connect to the internet. After this reboot or restart your wi-fi router if needed. You can easily restart or reboot your router using the WPS button. To reset your router disconnect the wi-fi router power and press the reset button.
  • Now, you wait for at least 10 minutes because your router factory default setting is reset now. After this, plug it again.
  • To get the proper network connection, You disconnect from your device unnecessary network-connect devices which are not connect to the wi-fi router internet.
  • Through the Lorex wire-free security camera setting option you can change the audio recording settings, siren setting and also fix the camera issues.

These are some steps of the Lorex 1080P HD wire-free security camera troubleshooting. Using these simple steps fix your camera all causing issues.

Can I reset the Lorex wire-free security camera using the WPS/reset button?

Obviously yes, you can reset your camera using the camera WPS or reset button. These are some steps of the Lorex wire-free camera reset which are given below.

  1. First of all, turn off the power of your camera and unplug your camera.
  2. Make sure, your camera is connect to the router wi-fi network also.
  3. After that, wait for three seconds and again plugin your Lorex 1080P HD security camera system in the power socket.
  4. Then, press or hold the WPS or reset button of the camera using the paper clip.
  5. You have to hold the Lorex 1080P wire-free security camera reset button for ten seconds and after ten seconds, you leave the WPS button.
  6. Thus, the reset process is complete.

These are some steps to resetting the Lorex 1080P HD video camera. You can use these points to reset your camera.

Lorex 1080p wire-free security camera system review

The Lorex wire-free security camera is design with natively ultra HD 3840 x 2160 = 8,294,400 pixels. Lorex is also a better wireless security camera. If you have to, you need to customize your system, then you can buy this camera. To get more information about lorex then you need follow the instructions by the Lorex 1080P wire-free security camera review. The Lorex wire-free security camera system is also a very good choice if you want to get better home surveillance, to monitor your home motions, and the highest level of technology. You can also update the Lorex 1080P wire-free security camera firmware through the setting option.


Can I make my Lorex wire-free security camera wired wi-fi camera?

Of course yes, you make your Lorex wire-free security camera wired wi-fi camera. Just, you can connect your camera with the power adapter. After that, attach your camera with the router Ethernet cable and get the wired network connection.

How to troubleshoot Lorex HD wire-free security cameras offline?

Connect your camera with an internet connection. After this, you can reboot or restart your router and modem. If your wi-fi router device is connects to one or more of your router, but it is not getting the proper network. It may fix this issue to restart or reboot your router. Moreover, disconnect your router from the electric power and press the reset button. After this, waiting for at least 10 minutes before plugging in again.

Does the Lorex wire-free security camera also contain a reset button?

The Lorex 1080P wire-free camera contains its reset button on the downside of the camera. This is helpful to reset the camera setting. By resetting your camera you can use your camera properly. The reset button is maybe also located in the back of the camera you can verify that according to your camera. After resetting your camera play the chime sounds because it shows that your camera is reset.

Can I reset my Lorex 1080p camera password?

If you want to reset your Lorex camera password, then you visit an administrative setting and Follow the on-screen instructions and change the setting to your Lorex 1080P wire-free security camera default password.