Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

The lollipop smart baby monitor is used to know the child’s activities and for safety as well. This camera also records the audio and works with true crying detection. This wireless security camera does not connect any wire while working instead of charging cable. You can fix these cameras anywhere. The company gives the monitor screen with two cameras. You can watch a live video of your baby through this screen. You can see the history of this device from the app. They can also download the recorded videos via the app. The sensor technology of this camera works with the Nightvision. There is no battery required in this device and it connects to another device via the wifi connection. With the aid of this device, parenting becomes easier because parents can do other work while watching the video through the monitor or app.

The best wifi baby monitor compatible works with google assistant and Alexa for voice command. The smart baby camera sensor detects both female and male gender.

Fundamental Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Features

There are multifarious characteristics of the wireless smart baby security camera.

Detective Sensors

This camera has the power detective sensors and the lollipop baby sensor detects males and females.

Easy to Fix

It is very easy to fix this device anywhere. You just need to fold on any handle or stick. You can place this camera anywhere in the home.

App Control

Perfect control and management are possible with the smart Lollipop mobile app. The parents can monitor our children in real-time while doing other work.

Data History

You can check or download any footage from the data history of these gadgets.
True carrying detection.

True caring detection

This wifi baby monitor catches or detects only the true carrying of the baby. When your baby is carrying. So, the camera sends the notification on the phone.

Play Music

You can play any voice, audio, or music in the camera through the Lollipop app. Parents can also speak while watching live videos with lollipop audio monitor mode.

Basic ways of the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor installation

Follow these steps if you want to install your camera. The right installation matters on the perfect working.

  • Take the camera out from the packing box.
  • Then, choose the location for locating the camera where you can see all views of the room via the camera.
  • You can place your camera on the wall to make a perfect angel. For locating it on the wall you need to fix it on a lollipop camera wall mount.
  • Next, attach the power cable to the camera.
  • Plug the camera into the right location.
  • When your camera blinks the red light. Thus, your device installation will be completed.

These are the ways to install the lollipop camera.

The best method to login the Lollipop Video Baby Monitor App

To begin with, Login your lollipop camera’s app with these underlines mentioned.

  • Install the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor app with the apple app store or google store.
  • Then, click on the sign-in option, and text the username and key.
  • You can download the lollipop app with this
  • Enter your email ID username and password. The security key must be 6 digits.
  • Tap on the sign-up.
  • Check your email for a lollipop confirmation letter.
  • Next, tap on the verify option to verify the email.
  • After completing the verification, enter your email again and tap on the resend.
  • After that, your email will connect to the app.
  • Then, sign in and start using the app.

These are the steps to log in the lollipop baby monitor app.

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor manual

To trigger this, I’m talking about some questions of the customers about the router in this manual. Can it work at night? Does it need to be plugged in all the time? Does it work with the battery? Can I use this camera with Bluetooth? How much is the warranty of this camera? Does it have a sensor? Is it made with plastic? How to set up this lollipop camera? What is the camera quality? Can it work with the galaxy or iPhone? Does it need to subscribe? If any information is not present in this manual. Therefore, you can take more lollipop camera instructions from there.

Steps of the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor setup

Setup is very crucial to enable or change the setting. Don’t modify any setting according to your choice during the setup.

Camera setup
  • After login the account in the app.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone or iPhone.
  • Open the app, press the camera
  • Next, remove the camera from charging and connect to the charging.
  • When the green light is blinking, tap on the next.
  • Then, search for the camera and wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Select the camera from the list and tap on the connection.
  • Thus, your phone is connected to the camera.
  • Rename your device and save it.
Wifi setup
  • Tap on the search wifi option.
  • Then, choose the available network from the network list.
  • Text the security key and click on the connection.
  • Your smartphone successfully connects to the camera.

These are the ways to set up your wireless lollipop security camera.

Basic Lollipop Video Baby Monitor troubleshooting tips

Follow these lollipop camera troubleshooting steps to solve your camera’s issues.

My device does not shoot full room video. What can I do?

Your device does not shoot the whole room video. So, change the angle or location of your camera. Put your camera at the perfect angle where you can see all activities of your home.

Restart the device

Restart your Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor when it does not show the live footage or does not connect to the mobile network. To restart the camera. Remove the charging adapter directly from the outlet and wait for a few minutes. Plug it again for connection.

Update the firmware

The lollipop camera firmware update is very important from time to time. The device needs to update the firmware. The device send to update firmware notification on the email and you should update it immediately via the lollipop app.

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor Review

I bought this device from the market shop for the safety of my little brother. Daily, I saw all the activities of my brother on the small monitor while doing other work. The setup and installation of this camera are most simple. You can put this camera anywhere in the home. I can talk with the baby through the mic and play music. After downloading the app, it makes it easy for me to control this camera. I shared this lollipop baby monitor review with you after using this device. It is very excellent.

Lollipop video camera features:

The features of this camera are data history, play music, app control, detective sensors, and easy to fix.

Lollipop Video Baby Monitor design:

The design of this device is very nice and it takes a small area for functioning. you can place it on the table with the rotating rubber handle of the camera.

Dimensions of the lollipop wireless camera:

The lollipop camera’s dimensions are 15 x 13.7 x 5 inches.

Lollipop Video Baby Monitor specification:

The connectivity technology of this device is wifi. The ASIN is B07RY3V5CK and the lollipop baby monitor target only unisex for detection. There is no battery required and ‎Night Vision is the sensor technology of this lollipop camera.

Lollipop smart baby camera price:

The price of this camera is $134.48


How much is the warranty of this camera?

The warranty of this camera is almost 1 year.

How to set up this lollipop camera?

Setup the camera to lollipop camera login in the app.

Does it have a sensor?

Yes, this lollipop camera has a sensor to detect humans only.

Can this camera connect with Bluetooth?


Can it work at night?


Can it work with the galaxy or iPhone?

Yes, you can connect it with all smart mobiles.

What is the camera quality?

I do not know the exact quality but it provides clear video.

Does it work with the battery?


Does it need to be plugged in all the time?

Yes, for power supply.

Does it need to subscribe?

No, you just need to download the lollipop app.