Laview R3 security Camera

The Laview r3 is a 2.4GHz WiFi-connected indoor usage home security camera. It comes along with a 2 pack 1080P HD Wi-Fi camera resolution that delivers a clear view of your home at all times. The IP night vision is equipped in this security camera for very low light coverage. This vision secures your top-quality view of your smart home yet in the dark area. Additionally, the high-quality speaker & microphone is built-in in the Laview R3 security camera for two-way audio. These microphones and speakers are very helpful for anyone living near the vicinity of your wireless IP camera. The customizable motion detection completely detects the motion of the vicinity under this indoor home security camera. The Laview home security camera hd 1080p resolution delivers high-quality & full HD quality videos as well as photos.

Moreover, the micro SD card slot is built-in in the R3 wireless camera. You can simply insert the SD card in their slot and completely keep all your essential footage secure. You can simply manage & view your footage remotely with a mobile phone. Download the Laview app from the app store or play store. After that, fast & securely perform the security camera setup. The 2.4GHz network is fully compatible with this camera.

Installation steps of the Laview R3 security Camera

The R3 Wireless Security Camera works perfectly indoors and protects your home. This camera completely comes along with a 360° panoramic short of its surroundings that allows observing every corner of your home. If you also want to enjoy all the features of this security camera, then for this you have to install the camera in your home.

Unbox the R3 camera packaging box:
  • If you want to install the security camera well inside your home then you will need some accessories. These accessories will be found inside the packaging box of your camera.
  • You have to unbox the packaging box of the security camera by using components like scissors or a knife.
  • After that, you will find accessories inside the packaging box which will help in installing the camera. The home security camera accessories are the power adapter, Ethernet cable, 2 SD cards, R3 camera, laview camera manual, & quick installation guide.
  • You have to read the quick installation guide to properly install the camera.
Find a good mounting spot:

Before installing the camera, you have to find the mounting spot from where the camera can cover the whole house.

  • To install the home security camera in the front door of your home. Since this is where thieves come inside the house, this is the best place to install the camera.
  • You can install a camera kept under shelter, it will decrease the influence precipitation has on the status of camera footage.
  • The camera position is far away from the light. By which the camera lens is pointed away from sources of light.
  • The position of your security camera in the front & back door of your home.
  • The wireless router is near the security camera that is easily connected to the 2.4GHz network.
Hardware installation of home security camera:

After deciding the location of your security camera, you can easily install this device.

  • To install, you have to power your camera, you can easily power up the camera using a power adapter.
  • To give power, you have to use the power cable and find the power connector. This connector is available on the back surface of your camera.
  • All you have to do is plug one end of the power cable into its connector and the other end to the power adapter.
  • Now, you can securely attach the camera’s power adapter near the power supply.
  • In the end, simply press the power supply button as well as the security camera power button.
Connect the home camera to the 2.4GHz network:

You must connect your camera to a WiFi network to view videos remotely. By using the app, the security camera simply connects the network. Additionally, the laview app setup is as presented below:

  • You can easily connect the security camera to the network by using the LaView NET app.
  • For this, you can place your home indoor camera within 6ft of the router & completely connect your phone to the network.
  • You can connect your security camera to the power supply while using the power adapter.
  • Just download the LaView NET app from a visit to the Google Play Store or Apple App store.
  • Presently, you can open the app and enter login credentials in their available field and completely log in to the account.
  • You can tap + in the top right corner of the home page of the app and choose Wi-Fi configuration.
  • Under the Wi-Fi configuration, you have to enter the Wi-Fi name as well as the network password. You can wait until 1 minute for a security camera to connect to the WiFi network.
  • In the end, the home security camera completely connects to the network. You have to unplug the power adapter from the camera and move it to the desired location.

Congratulations! The laview camera installation process is securely finished in a quick way. You can also try these installation steps to install the R3 camera.

Laview R3 security Camera Login steps

If you want to watch Live View on your computer, then for this you have to log in to the camera. You can easily log in to this camera with its default ip. Below are some login steps for this camera.

  • Launch a web interface in your computer or wireless device that securely connects to the network.
  • You can insert in the web interface search bar.
  • Now, it will redirect the indoor security camera login page. You can log in to this camera by using the default login credentials.
  • In the password field, you have to enter the camera default password. The default password is 12345 and the username is admin.
  • Eventually, click the login option to complete the login process.

The laview camera login steps are completely done. After that, you can efficiently produce the setup in a hassle-free manner.

LaView IP security camera Manual

The R3 home security camera comes along with a 2-pack that delivers full security.
You can simply install this camera in the office, kitchen, & Living room. Every camera user has many questions in his mind before installing the camera. There are many questions in the user mind such as how to use an indoor security camera, how to connect a security camera to the WiFi, how to connect laview camera to alexa, how to connect to the computer, how to perform wireless setup of security camera, how to reset IP camera, & more. You will find the answers to all these questions in the manual that comes with each device.

Moreover, the Laview r3 manual delivers useful information along with all questions. The video capture resolution is 1080P, night vision range is 33 feet, battery capacity is no, 360-degree field of view, equipped USB cloud service, IP 54 waterproof, Works with Alexa & Google, two-way audio, SD/Cloud Storage, & more.

Connect R3 IP camera to the Amazon Alexa

The ip wireless security camera absolutely works with the Amazon Alexa device. By using this device, you can manage this camera by speaking in voice. But for this, you have to connect the camera with the Alex device.

  • To connect the R3 camera to the Alexa, you can decide the Alexa device position. The Alexa device is too close to the IP security camera.
  • You can go to the app store or play store and download the Alexa app on your mobile.
  • You can log in to the Alexa account by using the login credentials like username & password.
  • Tap the + icon placed on the top right panel of the app. After that, the device list is available.
  • In this list, you can select your security camera name & model number.
  • In the last, click the connect icon and wait some seconds until the laview wifi pt security camera connects to the Alexa device.

Now, the Amazon Alexa device securely connects to the Ip camera. After that, you can operate the security camera with your voice.

Laview R3 security Camera Setup

If you want to watch Live View on your computer device then for this you have to set up this device. The setup is necessary for every networking device. Some users think about how to view laview cameras on pc, for this connect the camera to the PC. You can easily perform the setup to this camera. The setup steps of this indoor camera are as presented below:

  • To perform the setup, you can connect the security camera near the electric power supply while using the power adapter.
  • You can connect the camera to the wireless router using an Ethernet cable.
  • On the PC/Mac device, you can install & download the IP search tool from
  • Just open the IP search tool and tap the refresh button. You can connect the security camera should appear in the device list.
  • Use internet explorer or safari and copy the camera’s IP address into the web interface.
  • You can insert the laview camera default password and log in to the camera.
  • Now, you can install & download the browser plugin. After that, click play to watch the camera’s live view.
  • You navigate the browser and visit the advanced setting in the network setting.
  • Under the advanced setting, you can click the network option. In the network, you can choose Wi-Fi.
  • Then, you can select the WiFi network name & enter a password.

Finally! The steps of the laview camera setup absolutely ended. After that, you can completely watch the live view on your computer device.

R3 home indoor camera problems

Many times the security camera does not work due to which the camera user has many problems. The laview camera problems are as follows:

  • IP camera not turning ON
  • Camera’s LEDs light red
  • R3 home camera not recording
  • Not connecting to the WiFi
  • Two-way audio not working
  • Laview app not working
  • Not detect motion

Laview R3 security Camera Troubleshooting common issues faced by users

If many issues are coming while using this camera then you should try to solve these issues manually. Here are some laview camera troubleshooting steps to manually resolve the issues.

IP camera not recording:
  • If the security camera does not record the video then you should verify the SD card. Many times the SD card is not installed then it does not record the video. You can install the SD card to fix the issue.
  • Make sure the SD card is in working condition.
R3 home camera not connecting to WiFi
  • If the laview camera not connecting to wifi then you make sure of the WiFi password. To resolve the issue, you use the correct router password.
  • Ensure the IP camera is placed under the router range.
Laview camera sound not working:
  • Sometimes, the sound is not working in the R3 home camera and the user can’t hear the voice.
  • To fix the issue, you should check the sound setting. If this setting is disabled then you quickly enable it.
Laview app not working:
  • If the laview app not working then you make sure of the network connectivity. If there is no network connectivity in your mobile phone then it is not working.
  • Connect your mobile phone to high-range network connectivity.
Laview security camera blinking blue:
  • If the Laview camera blinking blue light that means your camera lost internet connection.
  • To resolve the issue, you can reposition the router device. Place the router too near the camera.

Laview home security camera Review

In my point of view, the laview security camera review is an amazing & full security wireless camera. This camera comes in 2 packs, you can install 1 pack at the front door of your house and the second pack in your room too. The 1080p high & HD resolution is equipped in this IP camera that records full HD & clear videos as well as footage. The 2.1-megapixel resolution provides a clear live view of your smart home. w anywhere. The 2 × 32 SD card supports this camera. In this SD card, the video is completely recorded. The power connector is established on the back surface of this indoor camera. In the connector, you can simply plug the power adapter. The microphone & speaker is built-in in the R3 indoor camera that records the voice of the vicinity that is near the camera.

You can easily & simply install the security camera anywhere such as living room, study room, kitchen, office, and more. You can do live streaming 24/7 with real-time motion. The motion sensor absolutely detects the motion under this camera. The laview security cameras 4pc allow you to watch live views on your computer device. By using the Laview app the security camera setup & installation is fast & simple. Thus, the R3 IP camera is an entirely perfect camera for your home and indoor usage.


Q1. How to fix the R3 security camera offline?

If the laview camera offline then you should properly check the power cord that you’re using. Many times it is broken in the middle then the camera offline.

Q2. How to fix security camera blurry video recording?

If the security camera records blurry video then you should check the lens. Many times, the dust particles accumulated on the lens then it recorded blurry video. You can clean this camera lens.

Q3. Does it work with a 5GHz network?

The laview home indoor camera is not compatible with the 5GHz network. The 2.4GHz network is compatible with this camera.

Q4. Why is there a red light in a laview home indoor camera?

Sometimes, the laview camera red light, meaning no internet connection or no SD card. To resolve the issue, ensure the internet connection as well as the micro SD card.

Q5. Does the R3 indoor camera work in the rainy season?

Yes, the laview wireless camera completely works in the rainy season. Because the IP 54 is equipped to work in the rainy season.

Q6. Why do we need to buy a laview camera?

To completely protect your smart home, the Laview R3 security camera is needed. It perfectly records the clear video.

Q7. How to perform a reset of the R3 security camera?

The small reset button is built-in on the backside of this camera. Just press this button and effortlessly perform the laview camera reset.

Q8. How to connect a security camera to Google Assistant?

The Google Assistant device absolutely works with the R3 home security camera. You can utilize the mobile app and effortlessly connect Google with the camera.

Q9. Can I watch a live view of the laview home camera on the computer?

Yes, you can easily view live views on your computer device. But for this, you can download the tool on your computer device. After that, you can easily watch the live view.