LaView Home Security Camera

The LaView Home Security Camera is built up with effective and advanced motion detection features. This LaView Wireless Security Cameras (4pcs) is an ingenious Home Security indoor Camera. You can see with this camera a 1080P with 2.1-megapixel high-resolution view and this is especially intended for home Pets, Childers, etc. Moreover, It is able for Motion detection and for seeing the night vision clearly. It comes with the Two-Way Audio Night Vision system and this also works with Alexa. The LaView app is compatible with iOS & Android and Web Accessible devices.

This is an out of the world home security wireless camera, intended on the date of September 19, 2020, by the LaView manufacturing company. The LaView Wireless security camera dimensions are 8.3 x 6.5 x 3 inches and the weight is 1.4 pounds. This security system intending with the anti-noise mic and speaker. In addition, this LaView indoor security camera encourages Cloud Storage including a Built-in MicroSD slot. The US cloud server protects or safe all video clips. It is a more powerful wireless security camera that operates with the LaView app easily and you can connect up to nine cameras and view a clear view simultaneously.

Let’s take a stretch for the LaView Security Cameras 4Pcs installation

The Working of this wireless security camera is pretty good. If you know “How to install the LaView indoor Home Security Camera?” then let’s use all the steps from below.

1. Assemble all the accessories and keep the proper placement

Here are the steps mentioned below to assemble or place this device.

  • First of all, unbox the packaging box of this security camera, if it is new.
  • Assemble the all necessary accessories of this 1080P home security wireless camera. This box presents 4Pcs of cameras, power cable, USB cable, SD card, Laview camera manual, etc.
  • Now, set up all the four wireless security cameras in your home specific zone, which area you want to keep under security system surveillance.
  • Connect the LaView Wireless security camera with the power adapter and its LAN port attached with your home router network connection by using the Ethernet cable.
  • So, set it up and install the app to connect or pair this wireless security system with the Laview app.
2. Pair the LaView Home Security Camera with laview camera app

Following are the steps given below to install the laview camera app for windows or for android phones. Let’s emulate these below-mentioned steps.

(i) Laview camera app for windows

Following are the steps to operating or pairing your wireless home security camera with the Windows or Mac.

  • Use and search instead of this LaView security camera IP address.
  • If your LaView camera is activated then simply search the IP address search bar tool.
  • View on your desktop screen, here your camera device name is located by this Windows system, just click on it and go ahead.
  • You can now register the device by loathing this LaView WIFi security camera IP on the web interface, safari, or internet explorer, etc.
  • Search it and directly reach the LaView Wireless Security Camera HD 1080P admin login page.
  • To the LaView camera Login, designate the admin field and type the LaView Security Camera password or username.
  • Now, the LaView Security Camera app is downloaded, you just click on “play the live videos to see the view”.

LaView Home Security Camera configuration steps by the windows/ PC/Mac

Following are the steps furnished for the Laview camera app set up on your PC/ Mac. let’s use it.

  • On the web management page of this LaView camera app on your windows, you just navigate on the configuration page.
  • Click on the network settings option and then advanced settings.
  • After this, designate the wireless or network settings and then click on the WiFi option.
  • Now, set up the LAView camera network connection.
  • Navigate the on-screen directions and enter the network SSID and password to go connect a well-built connection to the internet in this camera.
  • Now, your Home security wireless indoor camera is favourably paired and joined with the impeccable connectivity of internet connection.
  • This connects wirelessly, you should now remove from your camera its Ethernet cable to using only a one-way internet connection.
  • Now, the LaView Security Camera WiFi setup is completed in a well-mannered way.

2. LaView Indoor Home Security Camera app for android phone

Here are the several steps that are mentioned below that are given to connect this wireless home surveillance camera with the android phone LaView Home Security Camera app.

  • Connect your mobile phone with the same internet network which will be connected with your security camera.
  • Now, you should install on your mobile android phone the LaView NET app from the Google app store or play store application.
  • First, register the device and after this, click on add devices or “+” sign icon to add this camera.
  • Simply, scan the QR code (it’s on the bottom of the camera) to find or connect this smart indoor surveillance camera directly with this app.
  • After adding or connecting this wireless camera, this plays a ticking sound to notify you that it is connecting with this app successfully.

Steps for the Laview security camera HD 1080p Setup

Following are the below-described steps for the LaView Home Security Camera 4pcs Setup of WIFi connections. Let’s use these all points in a series.

  • Go to the homepage of this wireless security camera after adding it.
  • Enable the LaView wireless camera night vision, if that is disabling.
  • To the WiFi settings, kindly proceed into the network settings section.
  • You have to designate a WiFi password field, in which you should enter your wireless router password.
  • Wait for a while, this is connecting with your router’s network now.
  • Click on the next option and again succeed into the network settings and again wait just for one minute.
  • Now, insert the LaView Wireless indoors security camera default login credentials.
  • Enter in the admin field its username or in the password field enter your wireless network password.
  • After that, click on the “save changes” option and if it will require the password of the camera for completing ist setup then enter it and move ahead.
  • Now, unplug the LaView Home Security Camera power cable and Ethernet cable to move it to your desired locations.

So, let’s use this wireless laview security indoor 1080p camera anywhere and operate or see all activities with this surveillance LaView app.

Steps for the laview security cameras 4pc Troubleshooting

Here in the below, specified points are given to settle all issues of this wireless security camera. Let’s use it.

  • When the LaView Security Cameras are not working and its signal light does not show light. That means this is caused due to misconfiguration error. Just, reconfigure your wireless system to resolve or fix this error.
  • Sometimes, the LaView app does not work due to disconnecting the internet connection repeatedly. To resolve this error, kindly reconnect this camera with the precise connection of WiFi.
  • Many times, the laview camera problems make this camera working process too annoying. So, in this case, to resolve all these camera issues, you just reset this camera using the LaView Home Security Camera reset button.
  • If you are not able to have the LaView camera not connecting to a WiFi connection, then, in this case, you just reset your home router internet. After that, again try to connect this clear internet to this device. Ensure this is working yet precisely.
  • If the LaView camera shows the red light and if it is offline, Then, you may just reconnect this wireless security camera with the WiFi connection. Surely, after this, the occurring issue is resolved successfully.

Hence, these are all the aforementioned steps given for the LaView Home Security Camera Troubleshooting. Use it and solve your camera problems.

Laview security camera review

The LaView Wi-Fi security Cameras arrive with the features of the 1080P & Night Vision extra added features. This is a wide-angle wireless security camera that performs the 2.1-megapixel resolution that constantly produces, especially for you a clear and high-resolution live view of your home. It is also coming up with the US cloud security features which protect your recorded videos clips. It is a very high-level IR night vision home surveillance security camera that’s range covers your home up to 33 ft. To get the fantastic dejected light coverage, ensure the wireless camera high-quality shows your house still in the nightfall. The LaView camera is Compatible only with a 2.4GHz WiFI network. So, let’s use this wireless security camera for your home and acquire more than home security benefits with this camera.

What’re the instructions included under the laview security camera manual?

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