Kasa Smart Security Camera

The Kasa Smart Security Camera is an indoor surveillance system that records in 1080p HD resolution and provides a 130-degree view. It is mainly designed to monitor the baby’s activities and offers you to catch it by motion detection feature. The two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with your baby and monitor every action. You can also get alerts on your smartphone by installing the Kasa Smart app. Whenever the motion is detected, you will receive immediate alerts even on dark nights if installed with a range of around 30 feet. With SD card storage, you can record and store videos up to 64 GB.
With the Kasa care plan, you can view recorded videos for 30 days of free subscription. It offers a way to set the light to power on the camera whenever the motion is detected. Other than that, it enables connection with the camera and other Kasa devices. You can connect Alexa, Google Assistant, and other voice control devices. The installation is simple and it takes around three to five minutes to complete. The highlighted features of the Kasa baby monitor camera are as follows.

Kasa Smart Camera Features

  • The Kasa spot camera arrives with many wonderful features. Some are as follows.
  • It gives total peace of mind as it records in a video in HD resolution even in dark night. The night vision feature allows it to do it if installed within a range of 30 feet.
  • Get rid of out-of-storage. The SD card slot allows you to capture even more.
  • The inbuilt microphone and speakers allow you to interact with two persons at the same time. Also, you can control by giving voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant devices.
  • By installing the Kasa Smart app on your mobile phone, you can do not only the camera setup but also control the home appliances. Here is the Kasa spot wire-free camera installation guidance. These are as follows.

Kasa Camera EC60 Installation

The Kasa Spot camera is a wire-free camera. The installation is simple. Initially, you have to open the Kasa camera shipment box and take out all the necessary pieces of equipment including the Micro USB wire, power adapter, and device. Learn the Kasa EC60 manual and go ahead with the installation. Remove the plastic strip from the camera and place it on a flat surface. Now you have to insert the SD card. Following are the steps.

Insert The SD Card

  • Look for the SD card slot in the camera. It is available on the right side.
  • Insert the Kasa camera SD card into the Slot. Push the card slot until it sounds like a clicking voice. Note that the SD card is not included in the box.

Plug the Wires into the Kasa Smart Security Camera

  • Now take a micro USB cable and insert it on the port. The port is on the backside of the Kasa.
  • The remaining end of the wire should be on the adapter.
  • Now attach the adapter to the wall socket. You can see Kasa’s spot camera blinking green. It points out that the Kasa camera is ready for setup. Now it’s time to go ahead with the setup operation.

Kasa Camera Setup

The Kasa camera setup is a cakewalk. Just go after these simple steps to do it.

Connect Kasa Smart Security Camera with Wifi
  • Firstly, go to the mobile phone settings and search for Kasa Camera
  • The camera is like Kasa_Cam_xxxx. Connect to it.
  • Now go to the app to complete the setup.
Download the Kasa Camera App
  • Pick your mobile phone or tablet and explore the Kasa Smart app in the store. Also, you can scan the QR code to install the app.
  • Open the Kasa app and log in with TPLink ID details. If you did not have one, just register to create a fresh one.
  • After successfully creating an account, continue to start the setup.
  • Hit the plus icon. The list of Kasa spot cameras is available on it. Choose Kasa spot.
  • Continue with following the screen guidance to configure the Kasa spot until you see the power up your camera page.
Position your Kasa spot wire-free Camera
  • Place the indicator to mark the location for the screw if you are willing to install it on the ceiling wall.
  • Insert the plastic tubes in the drilling holes.
  • Just place the camera and fasten the screws with the help of a screwdriver. For cement walls. The holes should be drilled at 6mm. If the wall is soft, directly, attach the camera using the screw.
  • After successfully setting up your camera, the app shows the home page. You can see and handle the Kasa by employing an app.

Kasa EC60 Manual

The Kasa smart security camera manual is available on the box. It is necessary to read and understand the manual. It will give the guidance to install and set up the Kasa wire-free camera. Also, You can take a view and control the devices by setting schedules, managing the settings, reset, and other troubleshooting tips.

Kasa Camera Login

The Kasa baby monitor login steps are as follows.

  • To chase the Kasa EC60 login page, you need to install the Kasa Smart app on the mobile phone.
  • Later log in with the TPLink ID that you had registered while doing the setup.
  • Just fill in the details by typing the passphrase and username and hit login to access the page.
  • Now you are apt to access all the settings at your fingertips. The troubleshooting tips for Kasa smart security camera are as follows.

Kasa Smart Camera Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting guide for the Kasa baby monitor camera that users faced mostly is as follows.

Kasa is not connecting to wifi?
  • Check whether the mobile phone is connected to the router or not.
  • Assure that you are trying to connect wifi with Kasa_Cam_xxxx.
  • View the Kasa Camera blinking lights. If it is ambering orange and green, then try to reset the camera.
  • Try to reconfigure the camera again.
  • Assure that you are accessing the internet and the mobile phone is in the range of wifi network.
  • Affirm that the antivirus, firewall, or other software that may block the connection will be restricted with connecting to the wifi.
Why is my Kasa camera blinking red?

The Kasa camera blinks red when it is trying to connect with the wifi. You can view the above solutions to connect to the wifi.

Kasa camera reset
  • Power on your Kasa smart security camera first.
  • Look for the Kasa camera reset button.
  • Force down the reset button for around fifteen to twenty seconds.
  • You will notice the LED light illuminates rapidly.
  • The camera will reset and reboot by itself. That’s it, you can reconfigure the camera again.
kasa cam not detecting motion
  • Visit the Kasa app first.
  • Tap on three horizontal lines on the top right and touch them to chase the device settings.
  • Touch the privacy and settings option and then check record video and the audio option is toggled on or off. If off, turn it on.
  • Also, check the motion sensitivity bar on the button and slide right to make it full.
  • Assure that the bar indicating record motion that lasts at least should be on the left as possible.

Kasa EC60 Review

Excellent camera that can be purchased at the price point of 30 dollars. Generally, it is very simple to set up. You can accomplish it by installing the app on your smartphone. Night vision is up to mark. You can tilt the camera to see a 130-degree view. Audio quality is fantastic while communicating through each other. You can set the motion even with 0.1 seconds’ timing. That’s a great feature of this camera. I have nothing negative to say about the camera except the privacy. The TPLink new terms and conditions say that they have access to the camera recording. I am disappointed with this agreement with TPLink. Other than that, a fabulous camera at this price. I commend the user who does not have any privacy issue, can go for this one. It should be a great deal.


Q1. What’s the brand name?

TPlink, a reliable camera brand in the market.

Q2. Does it work with wifi?

Yes, the camera connects with wifi and records.

Q3. Does it record on dark nights?

Yes, The night vision features in the Kasa camera allow recording on dark nights too.

Q4. USB cable is included in the shipment box?

Yes, the USB cable is included in the shipment box.

Q5. Can I trash the recorded videos from cloud storage?

Yes, You can delete the recorded videos from cloud storage

Q6. How to reset the Kasa camera?

Turn on your Kasa camera first. See for the Kasa camera reset button. Push down the reset button for about fifteen to twenty seconds. You will witness the LED light illuminating rapidly. The device reboots and resets by itself. Hope it helps.