Kasa EC70 Smart Camera

The Kasa EC70 Smart Camera is an indoor home security camera. The brand name of this camera is tp-link. This is a wireless security camera with a 2.4GHz supported frequency. The Kasa security camera provides the footage 1080p HD quality. Kasa camera is the motion detection of the baby monitor. This camera reliably works with Alexa and Google’s assistant. The security camera stores their memory in the cloud or kasa ec70 sd card storage. You can see the night footage within 30ft and the camera shoots video in up and down, left and the right location. Kasa security camera is connected with the smart devices and the camera has an alert with notifications.
You can use this camera anywhere in the home. Wireless is the connective technology of this camera. You can control this camera with the app and the app allows you to manage it anywhere. It offers you powerful security on the data and recording videos.

Fundamental Kasa EC70 Smart Camera Features

There are various incredible features of this wireless indoor smart camera.

Easy to operate

It is very easy to use this camera. You just need to plug in the camera, then install the app and add the camera to the app. At last, locate it and enjoy.

Smarter home and smarter action

This device detects the motion of people and everything with smart devices. You can connect it with smart bulbs.

Capture everything

The kasa ec70 camera has a portal mode to scan all things and the camera detects the thing with the up and down, left and right side.

Night view

The camera can capture the footage in the light view in the coverage of 30ft.

Work with kasa smart app

All the settings and functions are given on that app. With the aid of the app, you can watch the live footage of the area where you placed the camera.

Common ways to Kasa EC70 Smart Camera Installation

The installation ways are written in the underlines and follow these ways point to point.

  • First, remove the packing and protection film from the device.
  • Then, place your camera in the room at the perfect angle where you can easily watch the footage of the camera.
  • After locating the camera, connect your camera with the power.
  • Attach the power adapter into the poet of the camera and then, plug it into the power socket.
  • Next, insert the SD card into the kasa ec70 sd card slot.
  • After that, turn ON the camera from the hardware button.
  • When it blinks the solid green light. Thus, your device installation will be complete.

These are the ways to install the wireless smart security camera.

Kasa Pan/Tilt Camera Manual

To begin with, this kasa ec70 manual, given the customer question related to the Kasa EC70 Smart Camera. Is the past recording deleted automatically or not? Can I connect smart bulbs with this camera? Can this alert while detecting the motion? Is it needed to connect the camera with the internet connection? What is the coverage of the kasa indoor camera at night? Can I connect it with an Apple device? Can I get the cloud service? Is this security camera showing a live view? Can it rotate the camera by giving commands through Alexa? Does the camera move automatically? If any information is given in this manual. So, you can get fresh instructions and information from here.

Best Method to Kasa EC70 Smart Camera Setup

Follow point to point to all setup steps with underline mentioned ways and the impeccable camera setup is very mandatory for the errorless functioning of the camera.

Setup the kasa indoor camera
  • Install the camera from the play store or apple store on your Android/IOS device.
  • Next, you can scan the OR code to easily download the kasa smart app.
  • Then, open the app, click on the login option when you have an account on that app. If you are a new user. So, click on the create account option for creating a new account.
  • After that, click on the add option and choose your camera from the list.
  • Then, follow the app instructions and add the network to configure the camera.
  • Place your camera on the other location or you can place it on the wall.
Use the camera
  • Next, you can see the main app.
  • Check the activities and live view of the device for controlling the device.
  • After that, change the setting of the device.
  • Set the time schedule for the alert and also set the privacy on the access.
  • Then, enable the notification and put on the automatic option for an alert when it detects the motion.

These are the setup steps of the indoor smart home camera.

Basic Kasa EC70 Smart Camera troubleshooting steps of a few issues faced by consumers

Read these kasa spot pan tilt troubleshooting steps for taking solutions to your problem and do not miss any steps after starting the process.

Cannot watch the footage properly. What can I do?

If you are not seeing the full footage of the room. So, the location of your camera is not correct. Change the location of the camera and place it where you can easily see all footage of the room. You can fix it on the app or you can also place it on the table, shelf, etc.

My camera does not turn ON. How can I solve it?

Check the power adapter or electric switch of the home. For testing, try to plug it into another electric socket. Then, it works. So, a switch is not working. Instead, if the camera is not after plugging into the other socket. So, the problem with the power adapter. Replace the power adapter and connect a new adapter with the camera.

The camera is showing notification

If your camera is not showing any notification on the app or mobile phone. So, go to the settings and open the notification setting. Then, turn ON the notification setting. Thus, you can see the notification of the camera.

Reset the camera

To reset the camera, press the kasa camera reset button from the top of the camera and hold it for 1 minute. The camera turned OFF while starting the process and did not press any button during the process. After completing the process, set up your device again.

Contact customer service for more solutions to your problem.

Kasa EC70 Smart Camera Review

This camera never misses anything for recording and when it detects the motion of a human, then, it sends the notification on the app. I purchased this camera for watching the activities of my baby while doing other work. I connected it with Alexa and smart bulbs. Anytime, I can continuously watch the live footage through the app. This is the best indoor security camera and I gave this kasa ec70 review in my opinion.

Wireless indoor camera features:

The features of this kasa camera are night view, capture everything, easy to operate, work with the smart app, smarter home and smarter action.

Indoor security camera design:

This is a very small camera and it has a stand for placing it on the table or surface. The outer body of the device is made of plastic.

Kasa indoor home camera dimensions:

The kasa camera dimensions are 3.23 x 3.23 x 4.43 inches.

Kasa EC70 Smart Camera specification:

The kasa smart is the brand name and the tp-link is a manufacturer. Wireless is the connectivity technology and dome is the form factor. September 15, 2020, is the launch date of this device.

Kasa smart home security camera price:

The price of this indoor camera is $119.87


Is this security camera showing a live view?

Yes, you can watch live on the app.

Can I get the cloud service?

I do not think about this because I only use the SD card.

Is the past recording deleted automatically or not?

Yes, if you set the time of deleting.

What is the coverage of the kasa indoor camera at night?

The night view converges 30ft.

Is it needed to connect the camera with the internet connection?

Yes, with the mobile connection.

Can I connect smart bulbs with this camera?

Yes, kasa spot wire-free camera system.

Can it rotate the camera by giving commands through Alexa?


Can this alert while detecting the motion?

Yes, with sending the notification.

Does the camera move automatically?

Yes, or with the app control.

Can I connect it with an Apple device?

Yes, Apple is also a smartphone.