Kami indoor camera

Kami indoor camera provides you a 360-degree horizontal view and tilts to up to 95 degrees for a vertical view. It is a smart indoor camera in a real sense since it detects motions and then follows that object or human figure using motions detection feature.

kami indoor camera

Its sophisticated algorithm sends you an alert message on hearing a child’s cry or any abnormal sound. It supports 1080p image quality both day-in and day-out. Even if you are not at your home you can communicate with your kids, pets, or baby sitter using two-way audio. Even when you need privacy it will comply with you, you just need to go to settings and “Mute the camera”, it won’t record anything then. It is supported by 2.4Ghz and 5GHz network which is rare because mostly camera supports only 2.4GHz. Let’s start the Kami indoor camera setup

Setup the Kami indoor Camera via Kami Home App

  • Download, install and sign-up Kami home app according to your operating system, android | iOS.
  • On the app tap “+” on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select the Kami indoor camera showing up on the screen.
  • Plugin power adapter to your camera and wait until you hear “wait to connect”.
  • Connect to your network and type the password with which you want kami to get connected.
  • Scan the QR code displayed on your device with the help of Kami indoor camera, by pointing the code in front of the camera.
Kami Home App

Download Kami Home app

Kami Home app Click Here to Download Kami Home app

Settings On Kami indoor camera

  1. When you click on the thumbnail image it will show you a joystick with the help of which you can move the camera around.
  2. You can choose the video quality between standard, auto or high definition.
  3. Under settings when you select “Mute Mic/Camera” it will turn the camera into privacy mode.
  4. In sound detection settings you can turn ON/OFF motion detection, or also human detects too. Sound detection for Kami camera can de be turned ON/OFF from here.
  5. This camera is weatherproof with an IP65 rating.

On one account how many Kami camera are supported?

You can add as many Kmai cameras as needed, so particularly there is no limit. Since all the cameras need certain bandwidth speed for best performance. So, we recommend you use not more than 12 Kami camera on one Wi-Fi router. Although if you have fiber optics and Wi-Fi speed is fast enough you can add even more. Most IP cameras require almost 2-3 mbps of bandwidth to work on real time. Also remeber you can only add one camera to one account at a time, incase you want to change the account you will have to reset the kami camera.

kami camera