invidyo video baby monitor

The invidyo baby monitor is a smart Wi-Fi equipped & 1080P Full HD video resolution video monitor. The full HD camera is built-in in this appliance that monitors your baby. This video monitor works with WiFi network connectivity, then you can watch live video & hear audio of your baby. This appliance uses the inside of your home. Moreover, the night vision feature is enabled in the Invidyo video baby monitor that allows you to check on your baby day or night. This feature is very reliable at night. Additionally, the remote pan and tilt functions are there, letting you change the camera’s angle without entering the room. The invidyo baby monitor has 24/7 live video and smart event recording that absolutely provides a watchful eye around the clock.

The Lullabies function is built-in in the invidyo WiFi baby monitor that helps to lull your little one to sleep. Beside, the two-way audio allows you to communicate with your baby remotely. The room temperature detection feature absolutely ensures your baby stays comfortable while they sleep in your home. The Amazon Aleca device completely works with this baby monitor. Then, you can securely operate the device with your voice.

Important safety instructions of Invidyo Video Baby Monitor

The Invidyo smart baby monitor absolutely surveillance of your baby & provides full security. The wide-angle lens is also built-in in this appliance that records clear video. If you also want to protect your baby with this device then you have to install this unit. Before installing the appliance, you have to know some important safety instructions.

  • You should not place the baby monitor near a hot place, otherwise your device will not work.
  • Do not place the smart monitor too close to the heating source or device like refrigerator, microwave, & other.
  • Utilize the baby monitor appliance under the WiFi network range.
  • The baby monitor unit should not be exposed to direct heat sources such as a candle, radiator, heat register, stove or other appliance that emits heat.
  • This appliance should only be used with the AC power adapter that comes along the packaging box.
  • The smart monitor unit should not be exposed to rain, moisture, dripping, or splashing.

Invidyo Video Baby Monitor installation

The Invidyo baby monitor comes along with multifunction such as two-way audio, night vision, temperature sensor, & more. To get the benefits to all functions, you have to install this appliance. Here are some smart baby monitor installation instructions.

Unpacking the packaging box:
  • To install the baby monitor in your baby room, you have to get the accessories that are needed during the installation process.
  • To unbox the packaging box, you have to take off the upper tape of the box and after that you will get the accessories.
  • You will get the AC power adapter, Power cord, invidyo baby monitor, Quick Installation Guide, & user manual.
  • To successfully install the baby monitor, you have to carefully & completely read the Quick Installation Guide.
Mount the baby monitor:
  • After unpacking the packaging box, you have to mount the baby monitor.
  • To mount the appliance, you have to ensure the position. Do not place it near the heating source.
  • You can easily mount the baby monitor on the table of your baby room.
  • Invidyo baby monitor wall mount is the best position for surveillance for your baby.
  • You should mount the device where the wiring and power cord are easily accessible.
Turn ON the baby monitor:
  • After mounting the appliance, you have to turn ON the power of the baby monitor.
  • You have to take the AC power adapter after unpacking the packaging box.
  • You have to put the power cord of the AC power adapter into the available power connector. The power connector is built-in on the back panel of the appliance.
  • The AC power adapter is plugged into near the wall power socket & turns ON the button.
  • Then, switch ON the power of the baby monitor by pressing the power button.
Connect the Amazon Alexa:
  • The Invidyo baby monitor works with Amazon Alexa. You have to place the Alexa near the baby monitor.
  • Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, & download the Alexa App on your iOS or Android device.
  • Open the Alexa App, & tap sign-in option. Mention login username & password in the available field, tap sign-in.
  • You visit the homepage of this app, tap + icon on the top right-hand side.
  • The list is available on the homepage of the app, you have to select your video monitor & its model number, tap connect option.

Congratulations! The installation of the Invidyo smart WiFi video monitor is successfully finished. After that, easily & securely perform the mobile setup in a quick manner.

Invidyo baby monitor manual

The Invidyo Video Baby Monitor allows you to watch your baby anytime & anywhere on your mobile phone. You always ensure that your baby is completely safe and never miss any moment even if you are not there in your home. But there are many questions in the mind of every parent of every baby regarding this device as such as how to mount baby monitor, how to install the baby unit, how to perform the mobile setup with baby monitor, how to perform baby monitor with face recognition
, how to reset the baby monitor, how to connect to the Android device, how to switch ON the power, how to use WiFi baby monitor, & other. Then, all the queries answers get in the user manual of the baby monitor.

Moreover, in the invidyo baby monitor manual, you have to get the baby monitor information. Every type of information related to the appliance, you will get in this manual. The manual delivers, baby monitor model number is INV300, connections options is 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and Ethernet Cable; Night Vision is 8 Peripheral IR Leds; remote Pan & Tilt is 350 deg horizontal 90 Degrees Vertical; 1080P Full HD resolution; 3m usb power cable included; Internal speaker and microphone; form Factor is dome; connectivity technology is wireless; indoor usage; & more.

Invidyo baby monitor setup steps with invidyo app

The Invidyo Video Baby Monitor appliance works with the WIFi network connectivity. Then, you can easily watch the live view anywhere. With the network connectivity, you can be able to watch the live video as well as audio. To watch the live video, you have to connect this device to WIFi. Here are some mobile setup guides for the video baby monitor.

  • Ensure the network connectivity in your Android or iOS device, if network is not available then connect this device to the network with password.
  • Navigate Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your Android or iOS device, search the Invidyo app. After that download this app on your device.
  • Launch the invidyo baby monitor app. Now, you see the welcome screen.
  • If the account is already created then you have to mention the login ID instruction and login the account.
  • Now, you need to select your camera & its model number in the drop-down list.
  • Before proceeding, make sure that your mobile device is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Now a notification will show, you have to connect your device to WiFi network, you have to tap on OK.
  • Then, mention the network name(SSID) & password in their field & simply tap the connect option.
  • The LED light status is green & mobile setup is done.

Eventually, the invidyo baby monitor setup steps are entirely finished. After that, you can easily watch live video & audio.

Invidiyo video baby monitor troubleshooting steps

Sometimes, the common issues like Invidyo Video Baby Monitor offline, LED status change, not connecting to the WIFi, & other common issues. Then, to resolve all common issues, here are some invidyo troubleshooting steps.

Video baby monitor offline:

Sometimes, if invidyo device is offline, then the parent cannot watch your parents.

  • To resolve the invidyo camera offline issue, you have to verify the AC power adapter. Sometimes the power adapter is loosely connected.
  • Ensure the power button of this unity is turned ON the position.
Baby monitor night vision not working:

If the night vision of the video monitor is not working then you will not be able to watch at night.

  • Make sure the night vision feature is not disable. If disable then enable it.
  • To resolve the issue, you have to restart the appliance by pressing the power button that is available on the back panel.
Not connecting to WiFi:

If the smart video baby monitor is not connected to the WiFi, then you are not able to watch live video. Here are some resolutions.

  • To resolve invidyo not connecting to WiFi, you have to examine the password. You use the correct password to connect the baby monitor to the WiFi.
  • Ensure your mobile phone is securely connected to the 2.4GHz network.
Live video & audio not working:

Many times, the live video & audio is not working.

  • Ensure your invidyo smart WiFi baby monitor securely connects to the WiFi network.
  • Ensure the live video & audio feature does not disable. If this feature is disable then quickly enable it.
Video is very blurred:

Sometimes the video quality is bad or blurred. In the given below, there are some troubleshooting ways.

  • If video quality is blurred then you have to verify the camera lens.
  • Using dry cloth & completely cleaning the baby monitor camera lens in the proper manner.

Invidyo baby monitor review

In my point of view, the invidyo baby monitor review is an incredible & blazing baby monitor. The WiFi network absolutely works with this appliance, then you easily & effortlessly watch live video. The biggest advantage of this network is that you can watch your baby live from anywhere as well as listen to his voice. This device has a camera which monitors your baby and gives you complete protection of the baby. There is a high-quality lens inside the camera which records clear video. Additionally, the night vision feature is also equipped in this baby monitor that thoroughly works at night. These functions give the facility to record a dam clear video at night. You can use this device only inside the house, you cannot go outside.

Furthermore, the temperature sensor is also built-in in the invidyo smart baby monitor. This feature absolutely detects the temperature of your baby room. It is easily mounted on the wall of the room. The microphone & speaker is built-in, then you are able to communicate with your baby live. The Lullabies more helps to lull your little one to sleep. The Amazon Alexa device entirely works with this baby monitor. Thus, the Invidyo video baby monitor is the best baby monitor & completely supervises the baby.