INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Camera

The INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Camera is an ingenious home security surveillance camera. This is also known as a PTZ outdoor camera which is most capable of recording all images with 1080p resolution. The Inqmega security camera is ideal for a Backyard, small Office, Shop, School, and Hospital. It comes with a two-way night vision audio and automatic motion detection feature. This wireless outdoor home security camera is manufactured by the Shenzhen SECTEC CO., LIMITED Company. The Inqmega outdoor PTZ wifi security camera was released on July 10, 2019. This works with a consistent range of network signals. It is a cost-effective wireless home security camera that works very reliably.

The INQMEGA camera is the only camera that meets your all needing requirement. This wireless camera is totally based on the embedded Inqmega camera app. It could be effortlessly managed and accessed either remotely or provincially with unrivalled authenticity. This is intended with the high-performance 1080P WiFi Pan Tilt 4.1X Surveillance Security Video processing modules. The IP Weatherproof Camera works exceedingly and reliably. It is a Surveillance Camera that prides itself on low power consumption.

INQMEGA Cloud 1080p Outdoor PTZ IP camera features

Here below is the following info, it describes the features of the INQMEGA Wireless outdoor security camera.

  • The INQMEGA IP Camera works with the 1080P 355° Pan and 120° Tilt 4x Digital Zoom picture quality. It is a Wifi PTZ camera that approximately covers the 355° horizontal & 120° vertical rotation range with an enormously greater vision. In addition, the signal range is also 4x digital zoom including the small blind zone.
  • INQMEGA PTZ solar camera outdoor allows you to contact free greetings to your guests and terrify off troubles by the obstacle alarm. You can essentially monitor, listen, and speak, communicate to your home outdoor guests with a built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Moreover, it is also tracked and detects the motions with the push alert. With this IP camera app, you can easily detect who is near your home security camera.
  • The INQMEGA Outdoor camera arrives with the night vision detection feature. It comes with 4pcs IR LEDs and 2pcs white lights. Its white light can be set by the INQMEGA camera app. Additionally, the horizon at night is 5M. IP67 evaluation by extensive metal casing addresses this IP outdoor security camera muscular suitable for outdoor use.
  • In addition, this supports the state-of-the-art and high-resolution video compression algorithm furthermore industry-leading high definition dual-stream technology. Let’s control this wireless security camera by using the app.

Steps for the INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Camera Setup

These are the most necessary steps to the Inqmega camera setup and its installation. Emulate all these below-mentioned steps to install it precisely.

  • First of all, unbox the Inqmega security camera and take out all the package contents from its packaging box.
  • It may include an Inqmega IP security camera, Power cable, SD card, Ethernet cable, INQMEGA Quickstart installation guide, Inqmega ip camera Wall mounting screws, etc.
  • Take out all and let’s start installing it by following the Inqmega ip camera manual instructions.
  • Adjust this camera on your home outdoor wall and fix it using the screws.
  • Let’s start its power by plugging it into the power plug using the AC power adapter. Connect it with the USB cable and generate the power in this camera.

Inqmega IP security camera review with Main features

There are several features included in this INQMEGA Wireless camera. Imitate its all overview through the below.

INQMEGA WiFi camera Main features
  • High-definition Recording
  • Cloud storage system
  • Motion detection
  • Android supported
  • Remote switch
  • Scheduled recording
  • Wireless connection
  • Remote monitoring
  • P2P service
  • Infrared night vision
  • Audible Alarm
  • Two-way alarm
  • Pan & tilt
  • Micro SD card storage
  • iOS supported, etc.
Front & back panel overview
  • Antennas
  • Speaker, Lens, Microphone
  • Photoresistance, Infrared light
  • White light, Rj45 cable
  • Power & Inqmega camera reset button
  • SD card slot, etc

Install the Inqmega camera app

After knowing all the several features of this IP security camera, let’s install the app to sync the Inqmega camera with this app.

  • You have to use the Inqmega camera software or you can use the inqmega app to manage this wireless Ip security camera.
  • Install the ARQvault Video Surveillance – VMS Software via the Inqmega website
  • If you want to install the Inqmega app then you will simply use a play store application and explore this camera name.
  • When the YCC365 Plus is installed, launch it on your Android phone and click on the sign-up option.
  • Let’s begin the Inqmega account registration and its login process.

Steps for the Inqmega outdoor PTZ wifi security camera Login

Below, there are the following steps mentioned below to the inqmega outdoor PTZ security camera login. Let’s follow them in a series.

  • First and foremost, create an Inqmega camera login account.
  • Click on the sign-up option for this INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Camera registration.
  • Enter your Email address in the designating field and receive a confirmation code on your registered email account.
  • After this, enter this received code into the confirmation code field and go ahead.
  • Now, you have to only enter the password and then again enter the same password into the next confirmation field.
  • Keep in mind that, you will register only this camera app with the Vietnam mobile phone number. It may not be applicable for login in another country.
  • After completing the registration click on the INQMEGA WiFi security camera login option.

Sync the Inqmega PTZ camera outdoor 1080p with the Inqmega PTZ camera app

Let’s rival the below-mentioned step, to know “How to pair or sync the INQMEGA Outdoor WiFi camera with the INQMEGA app?”. Here are some points regarding it.

(i) Connect the INQMEGA IP Camera with your Android phone

Here are the following steps to configure the Cloud WiFi camera app with this INQMEGA WiFi Outdoor camera.

  • Foremost, configure the wireless home security camera by scanning the QR code and Ap hotspot, after begging the power of this surveillance camera.
  • To connect this camera precisely, kindly press firstly Inqmega camera reset button to reset the ip camera to factory settings.
  • Use the app, if you wish to reset the ip camera without the reset button.
  • After this, reset this camera and get the reset successful message on your mobile phone via the notification.
  • After this, connect this wireless security camera only with the 2.4Ghz band network connection.
  • Apart from this, ensure that its connecting router is too close to this camera to access the better and stable signal range.
(ii) Scan the QR code to sync the INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Camera

Here are several instructions to connect this INQMEGA WIFi camera with this smart WiFi camera app.

  • First, connect your WiFi enabling android phone with the 2.4Ghz WiFi and let’s launch an app.
  • Now, log in to the YCC365 Plus and click on add (+) option to sync or pair this camera with this app successfully.
  • To the cloud storage intelligent camera setup to add this camera precisely.
  • You will add or scan this camera (i) adding this camera with the QR code; (ii) adding this INQMEGA Outdoor WIFi PTZ camera with the network cable; (iii) adding this camera with the AP hotspot; etc.
  • Add the devices and after adding them, kindly connect them with the 2.4Ghz WIFi connection. Enter the SSID and password of your router.
  • After this, wait for a while and “hear a beeping voice” from this camera. It is also connected with the internet connection, just wait for a while.
  • Now, welcome to use this INQMEGA cloud camera. It is still connected with the INQMEGA PTZ camera app adequately.

How to connect the INQMEGA Outdoor WIFi security camera by AP hotspot?

Here are the below-mentioned points that are furnished to connect this camera with the AP hotspot method.

  • Connect your phone with the WiFi connection and designate YCC365 Plus < to add a device (intelligent camera or smart annunciator) < click on the addition of Ap hotspot.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and add the device with the addition of an AP hotspot.
  • After that, click on the next option and move on to the INQMEGA Outdoor Camera network configuration interface.
  • Go into the settings < network settings < Designate the CLOUDCAM_XXXX Wi-Fi < Click on ultimately “Connect” option.
  • It now sounds like a beeping voice and takes a little time to connect this camera with the WIFi network connection.
  • Now, the network configuration process is favourably finished.

How to make an offline direct Ip connection between the INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Camera?

When you have no internet connection and want to watch the recorded videos of this camera. In this case, you may use the offline direct Ip connection mode. To use it, apply these steps.

  • Hold the reset button using a pin and reboot this camera just for two seconds.
  • After this, listen to a sound by this camera “Enter direct into AP mode after rebooting it”.
  • Access the INQMEGA PTZ WiFi security camera admin page using the login interface and only click on local login.
  • Click on the tool interface and simply tap on the AP networked device preview and click on simply continue opinion.
  • Apply the network settings and configure them.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set it up all INQMEGA PTZ WiFi Camera settings.
  • Ultimately, click on the “apply settings” option and save it all in the end.

INQMEGA WiFi IP security camera programming and functioning

Here are the following functioning and programming steps for this INQMEGA security camera.

  • Use the INQMEGA 1080P WiFi Pan & Tilt control and preset to watch the live interface.
  • Video playback, apply the settings for the Micro SD card and check all the recorded videos from this SD card.
  • Apply the settings for INQMEGA cloud services. Go into settings < device storage < Cloud storage management.
  • In addition, let’s apply the settings for notification. Turn on the sound detection, motion detection.
  • Enable the option to simultaneously watch the live videos from multiple cameras.

How do I watch the INQMEGA Security camera videos on the computer or Windows 10?

Visit under the INQMEGA website: or Visit the user interface and search it to log in to the INQMEGA smart home security camera. Insert the Inqmega camera default password and username to access the INQMEGA camera admin page. Follow the INQMEGA Camera instructions that are present on your computer screen and let’s watch the live videos using the interface.

INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Camera Troubleshooting Guide

Here are the following instructions to fix all Inqmega PTZ camera issues. Let’s Emulate the following steps and fix the occurring error.

(i) Inqmega PTZ wifi camera fails to connect

Follow the below-furnished instructions to settle this error suitably.

  • Press or hold the Inqmega camera reset button using a pin, just for two seconds.
  • Reset this camera precisely and you will listen or hear a “successfully reset” sound.
  • Make sure, you have to connect with the 2.4Ghz WiFi connection.
  • Connect this ip camera system with the correct username or password.
  • Wait for a few seconds while it is connected.
(ii) INQMEGA Ip security camera not working

Use the following mentioned tips below to fix this occurring issue.

  • In this case, you are simply using the YCC365 plus camera reset button and pressing it to reset the factory default settings of this camera.
  • To the ycc365 plus camera troubleshooting, obtain a ycc365 plus free activation code and visit under the cloud storage system.
  • Apply the settings and start this wireless home surveillance security camera power again.
  • Surely, it is still working.
(iii) YCC365 plus troubleshooting

These are the following tips to fix the INQMEGA camera app not working.

  • Install the INQMEGA camera app or YCC365 plus again with its latest updated version.
  • After installing it, kindly connect this app with the 2.4Ghz IWFi connection.
  • Apart from this, you will also register this app only with the Vietnam mobile phone number.
  • Use the security encryption to protect the YCC365 plus hack.
  • Moreover, if the ycc365 plus device is disconnected and shows the YCC365 plus error code -1 then simply reset this app, restart the INQMEGA camera and use it again.
  • Surely, this is working well after resetting it.
(iv) More tips for the Inqmega camera troubleshooting

Following are more tips to fix these several occurring issues.

  • If the INQMEGA security camera is not connected to WiFi or another Wi-fi connection. In this case, you should switch to the previous WIFi first. After this, connect another WiFi network again into this system using the correct SSID and password.
  • If there are some blank parts in the timeline of the INQMEGA camera videos. Then, in this case, you should designate the event recording from the memory card recording mode, if you use the cloud service.
  • Now, it will remove the blank parts from the INQMEGA security camera videos timeline.
  • If the INQMEGA camera cannot read the SD card, then simply insert the SD card again into the SD card slot. It may fix this error surely. If this is not fixed yet, then simply change the SD card.

INQMEGA Outdoor PTZ Camera Review

The INQMEGA Wireless Outdoor Security PTZ Camera is one of the best high-resolution smart HD cameras. It shows the 1080P HD high-resolution with the function of WiFi Pan Tilt 4.1X Surveillance Security. This is an IP Weatherproof Camera that comes with 2 Way Audio Night Vision, Motion Detection, and countless features. Moreover, this is the best security surveillance camera for Backyard, Office, Shop, School, and Hospitals, etc. You can use this wireless Outdoor camera with night vision including the 4pcs IR LEDs and 2pcs white lights.

It is the best wireless camera for a home that arrives with white light and can be connected by the INQMEGA app. The INQMEGA Outdoor security camera dimension is 7 x 7 x 4 inches and Item Weight is 2.64 pounds. Check the INQMEGA outdoor PTZ ip camera reviews from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, best buy, selling platforms. On this INQMEGA wireless home, security camera customer reviews are 3.5 out of 5 stars including the 282 ratings. It is the best home surveillance camera for the PTZ security camera auto-tracking.