iBall Wireless Magnetic Trailer Hitch Camera

iBall Wireless Hitch Camera is the original camera designed in the USA since 2009. It easily allows you to hitch any trailer, be it a standard or gooseneck. Its installation process is simple, so you don’t have to be a technical expert to install it on your vehicle. Hitch camera is designed for vehicles that are run at slow speed, and it is not suitable for vehicles that are run on the highway at fast speed.

Hitch camera is also known as a backup camera or rearview camera. It is specially designed to attach it to the rear of the vehicle for using it as a backup aid and alleviate the back blind spot. It avoids the backup collision as through the camera, the driver can view the obstacles on the ground and behind the vehicle.

iBall Wireless Hitch Camera Specifications

iBall Camera Features
iBall Wireless Hitch Camera
  • It has a wireless frequency of 5.8GHz.
  • Supports wireless transmission up to 25 feet without obstruction.
  • Is durable & weather resistant and therefore delivers outstanding performance anywhere and anytime.
  • It has a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery with a USB charging cable. The battery can last for about 3 hours of continuous use.
  • Has a magnetic mounting, and therefore no drilling or wiring is required.
  • It displays a 120° field view, which ensures optimal visibility.
iBall Monitor Features
  • It has a 3.5″ color LCD monitor that provides crystal clear viewing.
  • Has a 12v auxiliary power supply.
  • It has a 6″ adjustable gooseneck for easy adjustment.

Benefits of iBall Wireless Hitch Camera

Saves Your Money:

Reversing the car is a challenge for most drivers; therefore, the number of collisions caused by them is high. To help securely reverse the vehicle, hitch trailer cameras are used as the driver can view the area behind the car and prevent collisions. With this camera, the percentage of crashes have reduced. Some insurance companies also offer discounts to the driver who uses this camera and helps you save money on vehicle insurance.

Saves Lives of People:

Often, we can hear the news that a pet or a small child was injured while a driver was reversing a car. So, this usually happens because the driver cannot view what’s going on at the back of the vehicle. Such accidents can be prevented if the car drivers install the hitch trailer camera, as they can stop reversing the car if they notice a child is coming running near the vehicle or if any pet is hiding behind the vehicle.

Easy Installation:

It is effortless to install, and also you don’t have to be a technical expert to install it. Also, you can alone do the installation without anyone’s help.

iBall Wireless Hitch Camera Warranty

This wireless system comes with the below 2 warranty coverage:

One year warranty:

If the iBall wireless camera fails due to any manufacturing defect within one year of the manufacturing date, then the camera system will be either replaced or repaired without any extra charges.

30 days Money Back Guarantee:

If the system doesn’t meet your requirements and if you are not satisfied with it, then you can return the camera within 30 days from the date of purchase for a complete refund and less shipping charges.

How to use the iBall hitch camera?

  • The camera has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. So before using it for the first time, charge the camera for at least 8 hours, and it will be best if you charge it for 8 hours daily for better performance. To charge the camera, simply lift the side tab and insert the USB charger. A solid red light will be on, which indicates that the camera is charging.
  • After the camera is charged, start the camera and monitor by pressing and holding power on these devices for 5 seconds. The light on the camera turns red when it is on.
  • Now, place the camera on your vehicle’s tailgate bumper and aim it at the hitch ball.
  • You can use the adjustment knobs on the camera’s side to adjust the viewing angle as per your requirement.
  • Return to your vehicle and plug the monitor into the 12v auxiliary port to view the vehicle’s backside. You can press the power button to on or off the camera anytime and use the menu option to adjust the monitor settings like brightness, contrast, and saturation with the help of the arrow buttons. The camera orientation can be changed by pressing the picture rotate button.

iBall Wireless Hitch Camera Troubleshooting

While using the camera, you might experience some of the below problems. So, without panicking try the respective solutions, and still if you face the issue, you can contact technical support for help.

Problem: Poor Image Quality


  • If the distance is more between the camera and the monitor, then try to move the camera closer to the monitor.
  • If the image quality is low due to environmental interference, then move away from the building or the object that is causing low wireless signals.
  • Charge the battery if it is low for better performance.
  • Check the 12v port to ensure that the monitor connection is proper.
Problem: The camera doesn’t turn on or off


  1. This usually occurs if the camera’s power button is not held for long. Try to hold the power button firmly for at least 5 seconds.
  2. Charge the camera, as due to less or no charging, the camera doesn’t start.
Problem: Monitor doesn’t turn on


  1. There are chances that the current 12v port is not supplying power, so change the port and turn on the monitor.
  2. Check whether the 12v port is firmly plugged in the outlet, if not then remove it and plug it again.
  3. Replace the blown fuse by turning the fuse cap counterclockwise.
Problem: The camera doesn’t stick to the vehicle

Solution: You can mount the camera to the iron surface like the receiver hitch.

Helpful Wireless Camera Tips

  • Don’t leave the camera attached to the vehicle when you are running it at high speed, as the road vibration can cause the magnetic bond to fail.
  • Even though the camera is weather resistant, it is not recommended to submerse the camera for an extended period.

Customer Reviews:

  1. It is an amazing device for getting your trailer ball and hitch aligned quickly. The wide-angled view makes it easy to get the job done without getting out of the cab, having a look, getting back in, adjusting your vehicle, etc.
  2. Their technical support is fantastic and helpful. Before purchasing, I contacted the company regarding the queries I had about this camera. Within a few minutes, I received a detailed reply. I did not receive any responses from other camera makers.
  3. After looking at the different backup camera systems, I decided I wanted one that was portable so I can use it in other vehicles I own. I bought this camera, and it worked great. It is portable and easy to use. It is clear, and you can place the camera in different places and angles. Highly recommend this wireless camera!
  4. It arrived on time with good packaging. It works very well, and even the monitor resolution is very good. Honestly would highly recommend this great piece of kit.