connect wavlink extender to smart wifi diffuser

How to connect wavlink extender to smart wifi diffuser

Wavlink extenders are quite affordable products on the amazon without compromising with the wifi quality. And today we will learn how to connect wavlink extender to any smart wifi diffuser. You might be using Maxcio, Asakuki, SMH, Meross, etc essential oils diffusers. All these are compatible to be connected with their apps and will therefore need wifi.

So, we assume you have recently bought wavlink extender and you have working Internet connection already. If you don’t then click here to learn how to setup router.

Now, we will have to first quickly setup the wavlink extender in order to use it with smart diffuser. For that follow this simple quick guide.

  • First and foremost, plug the wavlink extender halfway between your router and your smart wifi diffuser. Wait until the power LED on it turns stable.
  • Now, on your phone or computer goto settings> then to wifi. There in your wifi list you will see your wavlink extender showing up. There are different default names for different wavlink models like “wireless-n” or “wavlink-ext”, etc.
  • Tap on this network name and connect to it. Now it will show you ‘No Internet’. So, don’t worry about it. In most cases the wavlink ext login window pops-up automatically but in case it doesn’t then open a new browser on the very same device.
  • At the top of the browser in the address bar type ap.setup. This should take you to the extender setup page. If it doesn’t then use the wavlink default ip address that is
  • On the setup page follow the on screen instructions. Later it will ask you to create an account.
  • Additionally it will ask you to select the network name that you want to extend so there you will need to select your main router’s network. After selecting it type its password for confirmation. And hit “Save settings”.
  • It will take almost 60 seconds for the extender to save the settings and to come up again in the wifi list. This time it will come up as your ‘home network name_EXT’. This ext stands for “extender”. So, you need to connect to this network with the same password as your router.

Now, after ext setup lets move on to the next step of connecting the smart diffuser to the wifi.

  • For this makes sure your diffuser is plugged in to the wall and you have downloaded the required application to use it.
  • I case you want to know how to setup smart diffuser too check here- SMH Diffuser, Maxcio Diffuser.
  • Now, go to the smart app of the smart diffuser. You might be using Tuya app or Smart Life App for these.
  • Open the app and goto add devices. Now make sure there is a light blinking on your essentials oils diffuser. It will then ask you to select the wifi network name that you want to join.
  • Select your wavlink extender network name there. It will be the one that ends with ‘_EXT’. And type its password.
  • Once connected you will be able to control the steam and colour light of your diffuser. Moreover you will also be able to turn it on and off through its app.


So, this was the information required to setup a wifi extender with smart diffuser. In case you are not happy with the wifi range of your current extender, then you can check the other good extender that we recommend.