How Swann Home Security Camera 1080p SWDVK-1645812WL Works?

If you want to protect your home and office, then this Swann camera is the best option to make your home secure. It has 2 cameras included and a hard drive for local file storage. If you set it up at home, then your mind will get peace. Because it will keep your house secure. With this help, we can keep an eye on our house or people and moreover record pictures and videos. This Swann Home Security Camera 1080p (SWDVK-1645812WL) includes many features Like it is an indoor and outdoor camera and waterproof 4k cameras, night vision, wireless, etc.

We can also use outdoor cameras in an indoor way but indoor cameras cannot use in outdoors. The indoor camera is indispensable protection for home and office, while the outdoor camera is strengthened so that it can withstand the weather outside. Swann security camera is waterproof and includes night vision. In the night vision, we can see what is going on in our property from morning till evening. It easily connects the smartphone, computer, and laptop. Swann Home Security Camera works with Video Surveillance. Video surveillance means monitoring a particular location through moving pictures.

How to install Swann Home Security Camera 1080p (SWDVK-1645812WL)

Swann Security Camera is a wireless camera. This camera is very famous for the safety of your home and business Surveillance. Many users are turning to the wireless camera to make their assets secure. Because it is flexible and easy to install. There are some steps to install the Swann home security camera 1080p.

  1. First of all, you get the camera out of the box.
  2. After that, you have to decide the place, choose the place where the whole house is monitored.
  3. Then you have to set the camera by the hole it on the upper wall.
  4. Now, it has to be plugged into the power circuit and turn on the power button.
  5. Then the camera will have a light indicator, which means your camera has started.

Now the installation of the Swann home security camera will be completed. After this, you can log in to the security camera.

How can I access the login page of the SWDVK-1645812WL security camera?

If you have to log in to the security camera then it is easy, you can log in with the help of the camera’s IP address. Every user easily logs in to the camera. If you are using a first-time camera, then you will have to sign in and create an account. I will tell you some setup to login which is given below.

  1. The first step is that you have to connect your Swann security camera to the device. Devices such as computers or smartphones.
  2. To login to the camera of the device you are using, that device must have internet connectivity.
  3. After that, open any internet browser (chrome, google, internet explorer, and Mozilla).
  4. Type the IP address of the Swann home security camera in the browser address bar and press enter.
  5. Then you will get access to the login page.
  6. Under the login page, you see two fields username and password.
  7. After that, type the username ID and secret password in their field.
  8. And finally, click on log-in.

After following these steps, your security camera will be logged. Now you can set up the Swann home security camera.

How do I set up the Swann Home security camera 1080p at home?

If you want to set up a Swann security camera in your home, you will have to download the app. After setting it up, your home will get a lot of safety. You can do this from the setup app and also from the web browser. The Swann SWDVK-1645812WL is a 1080p full HD Surveillance system. It easily connects the smartphone and computer. There are a few points for setting up the Swann Security Camera at home, which is mentioned below.

  1. In the initial step, You have to open Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. Then, type the App name(Swann security) in the search bar of the play store.
  3. When you write the name of the app, it will show you the app. Below that there will be a section of the install to click on it.
  4. It will take a few seconds to install the app.
  5. After the app is installed, you have to open it and enter the username and password.
  6. Then you have to follow the prompts instructions.

After that, the Swann homr security camera setup is successfully complete. Now wherever you are, you can see what’s going on in the house.

How to update the firmware of Swann Home security camera through the Swann security App

If the camera Proper is not working then you have to update the firmware. Your issues with this will be solve. There are some steps to update it, which are provides below.

Find the firmware information

To find the information of firmware, you have to follow the steps which are as follows.

  • You have to open the Swann security App on your phone and login into the account.
  • Then, click the camera to see your list of cameras.
  • A firmware update that is required by a camera is a highlight with a red and bold letter.
  • Then select and tap the camera that needs to be updated.
  • Click the setting icon on the left side of the device.
  • After that, tap on the camera. Then the updated word will appear. You have to click on the firmware version.
Update the Firmware
  • Then click on the update button, then on the start section to start the process.
  • After the upgrade is complete, the app will then go back to the camera page. And the message of the update will be remove.
  • Now the name of the camera which was in red color will not be there.

Finally, the firmware update of the camera will be complete. Now you can use it, you will not get any issue if it comes then the troubleshooting tips given below.

Troubleshooting tips for Swann Home Security Camera 1080p (SWDVK-1645812WL)

In some businesses or homes the Swann camera doesn’t work properly, Due to which they have to face a lot of problems. Your camera won’t work, no videos and photos are captured and recorded. It is not a matter of concern. The Swann Video Surveillance troubleshooting tips are very uncomplicated. These tips are given below.

  • If your camera is not working then you have to see your cable is OK. If the cable is not OK, then the video will not be recorded nor will the picture be captured. So you have to attach the cable Proper.
  • Each camera should have a unique IP address, from which it can send and receive data through the Internet and computer networks. If another device uses the same address, it will not work with your camera.
  • You need to be sure that your connection is correct and the camera should be powered ON.
  • If the security camera does not work you will need to check the settings. If not set up properly then you have to go to Settings and check.

Even after following these troubleshooting tips, your camera is not working so you can reset it.

How to reset the Swann Home Security Camera 1080p?

If your Swann camera does not work properly, or the picture is not showing clearly, then you will have to see what the problem is. If the camera does not even record video, then to avoid such a problem, reset the camera and start again. It can be reset in 2 ways by pressing one reset button and the other using the web browser. Both ways are easy, you can reset any of the two. These ways are available below.

Steps to reset the Swann camera with Reset button
  1. To disconnect the camera from the power adapter, turn it off.
  2. Then, find the reset button.
  3. The reset button is on the left side of the camera.
  4. You can use the paper clip to press the reset button.
  5. While pressing the reset button, plug the camera into the power adapter and hold the button for 30 seconds.
  6. Release the reset button after 30 seconds.

Then your SWDVK-1645812WL security camera will reset. All settings will be remove. You will have to set it up again.

Steps to reset the Swann camera with web browser
  1. You have to open the web browser on the smartphone.
  2. Then, type the IP address of the camera and hit enter.
  3. A login page will be display.
  4. Type the username and password and click on log-in.
  5. Go to the setting and click the reset section.
  6. After clicking on reset, you will show a warning notification to reset, if you are sure, click on OK.
  7. Now, after some time your camera will reset.

Swann home security camera admin password is not working

If the security camera’s admin password does not work, then we can forget the password. We can easily forget the password of a swann security camera. You have to login to forget the password. There are some steps to forgetting a password.

  • Open the internet explorer and type the IP address to access the login page.
  • After that, type the username in their field.
  • You have to type the password. If it does not work, then click on Forget.
  • Then, enter the MAC address and click the Ok section.
  • After that, you need to set the new password of the camera.

Now you can use this password by logging in and camera setup is complete.

What is the admin password of swann security camera?

The admin password is the password that is available in the toolkit that came with the camera. This password is using to login the security camera.

What is swann outdoor security camera?

The most important thing is to protect your house and keep the family member safe. Day or night, inside or throughout, you need 24 hours of safety, so outdoor cameras are the best. It is waterproof and they can face every type of weather. This camera is used out of house because it is very powerful.

How does a night vision swann home camera work?

Night vision means the ability to give anything in low light. Just like there are many animals which can be seen at night. Two things are necessary for night vision, one is the spectral range and the other is the intensity range. It works at night and include in the swann security camera .

Swann home security camera waterproof?

Yes, swann home security cameras are waterproof. We can take it anywhere. These cameras are strong which can face any weather. Apart from this, it provides clear HD photos and videos.

Swann home security camera Reviews

Swann home security camera with the latest CCTV technology. It is a waterproof camera with colored night vision. This camera provides high quality photos and work with google assistant. Swann’s product does not require a monthly subscription. It is easy to install and quick setup. This camera work with the video surveillance is great and not too expensive. This camera makes your entire house secure and protects your family members.