Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera

Initially, today’s world is not in this condition where we can live our home freely without locking it. So, looking up the condition of the world’s famous camera manufacturing company, Hiseeu Lmt. company is launching an ingenious Wireless Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera to protect your home with extra security. It’s not too spendthrift and this is the first time available into the market on October 30, 2017. If you are also wondering about buying this Hiseeu Camera Wireless system then first of all check the Hiseeu security camera system review from http://www.hiseeu.com or https://www.amazon.com. It is undividedly prompted by amazon here are most of the customers giving their positive reviews with a grade of 4.4 out of 5 stars and ratings on this product is 7,990.

The Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System allows you to control this camera entirely with the remote system on your mobile phone or computer. This HisEEu tries for ease of use among the seamless setup for this security system. In that way, it has an impeccable 1TB Hard Drive including the One-Way Audio without using the extra added video cables. The wireless network security video recorder and the cameras are combined by a power adapter. While the monitor, mouse, and ports are linked over the NVR through various cables, like HDMI, VGA, plus network cables.

Features of the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System [Expandable 8CH,2K]

If you want to know the Hiseeu camera features, then you can get information about its features from below.

  • The Wireless system camera setup is too cruel and easy in comparison to anyone else. It brings the NVR features that is a wireless connection and it also needs a connection of electrical power. It is truly a plug and plays wireless security camera.
  • To monitor NVR all videos then you have to simply connect it with your home monitor and PC. After that, kindly watch the NVL videos after connecting them with the HDMI cable and 2.4Ghz band internet connection.
  • In addition, this wireless security camera is most valuable for double data compression ratio as compared to H.264, H.265. This ratio can be able to improve your security camera video quality with a low bit rate.
  • It stores all the capturing or previously recorded videos into the 1Tb hard drive which is pre-installed. So, this wireless camera produces stable HD video including a low bandwidth network connection. This accomplishment, overcoming the Network bandwidth moreover conserves over 50% video storage space.
  • One of the peculiarities of the Hiseeu wireless security camera system is that it can run without taking the network. Fundamentally, it takes the Internet exclusively while you have to access it with the remote on your mobile device. It enables you to see the live video remotely anytime and wherever through phone and iPad.
  • Use the mobile APP “EseeCloud” for your android, iOS and PC Client. If you control it with your Windows and MAC then you have to install the computer software EseeCloud.
  • Apart from this, this camera resolution is 3.0MP manifests 2304*1296 Megapixels, about 1.5 moments more precise than 1080P. The Wireless Camera arrives including 3 array Infrared LED enabling you to observe up to 65ft night vision indeed in obscurity. Manipulating the IP66 Waterproof element supply installation.

These are some basic and initial features of this Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera. Obtain all the information of this camera features from above.

Let’s take a stretch to install the Hiseeu outdoor/indoor Security Camera

If you have bought your Hiseeu HD NVR wireless security camera for the first time and do not know how to do it with it. Then below are the steps for the Hiseeu HD NVR kit installation with proper instructions and guide. Let’s use it.

(i) Unboxing the Hiseeu Camera System

There are relevant steps to unboxing this wireless security camera, which is mentioned below.

  • First of all, you have to read its safety instructions which are written in the user manual.
  • So if you have not opened its packaging box yet, then first of all unbox it and take out all the packaging contents from it.
  • It must have brought the following accessories in its packaging box such as:
    (i) xmartO WNV series network video recorder, (ii) Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System, (iii) 1TB Hard Drive, 8 Channel NVR 4Pcs, (iv) ethernet/LAN cable, (v) HDMI cable, mouse, (vi) PCS Booster antennas, warning sticker, power supply for NVR & IPC, etc.
  • Read all the Hiseeu security camera mounting instructions and installation instructions via the user manual.
  • You have to finish the Hiseeu camera installation by following the below-mentioned detail.
(ii) Connect the Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera by power

Here are the steps given to connect it with the power, let’s emulate it.

  • Now, let’s combine the NVR to electrified power using the DC 12V plug power supply cable and connect the next NVR USB port with the mouse USB cable.
  • Another port is the WAN port, connect it with your router network LAN port using the Ethernet or Rj45 cable.
  • Now, attach the HDMI cable port with your VGA display using the HDMI cable.
  • Use the DC12V/1A power adapter to combine all four cameras with the electrical power.
  • Surely, you have to mount these all four Hiseeu IP Camera 1080P HD Wireless 8CH WiFi NVR Video Security System into your home security needing location.
  • Now, this is successfully installed, now you can watch the live videos on your monitor.

Pair the Hiseeu WK-4HB612-1T 8CH Wireless Security Camera With the EseeCloud app

Below, there are specified steps to pair the Hiseeu camera with the EseeCloud app.

  • If you want to operate your Hiseeu camera from your phone or remote system, then you have to install the Hiseeu camera app like the IP Pro app or EseeCloud app on your mobile.
  • Search this app from your Android or iPhone play store application. You can also install it directly, for this you can open the user manual and from there scan its tax code and install it.
  • In this way, if it’s installed then open it and accept all terms and conditions.
  • Sign in with your Email and register or create an Hiseeu account.
  • Insert the admin name or new password to create a Successful login account for this system.
  • Now, to add it, succeed on the “+” plus sign icon and pair your all cameras using the ID.
  • In the Add device by ID field, type your cloud ID and proceed ahead.
  • Now, the pairing process is running so wait for a while. After a minute, all the Hiseeu wireless
  • cameras are favourably connected with your mobile phone app.
  • Let’s enjoy or experience the live streaming HD videos anytime or anywhere.

Ultimately, these are the specific steps of the Hiseeu 4CH 1080P HD CCTV security camera system installation.

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System Manual

The Hiseeu Wireless system user manual guide comes in the packaging box of this camera, with the help of this you can get the important information given below. These are such as:

  • Have the Hiseeu camera app for Windows or Android?
  • How do I do the recording setup of the Hiseeu camera?
  • What Should I Do for the Hiseeu Camera reset?
  • Can I update the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System firmware, but how?
  • How to use the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera Night Vision WiFi Security Surveillance mode?
  • What’s this Hiseeu camera Low light technology?
  • How to do the WiFi setup of the Hiseeu camera?
  • Can I use the Hiseeu with a monitor or audio system?
  • How to add a camera to the Hiseeu camera wireless app?
  • Can I use the Hiseeu camera WiFi repeater mode?
  • What’s the Hiseeu Camera wireless system range?
  • How to reset the Hiseeu camera password?

Steps for the Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera Setup

Following are the Hiseeu security camera system setup steps, that’s all are mentioned below.

  • First, read the Hiseeu camera setup manual and let’s try to modify your system settings.
  • Open the Hiseeu admin page using https://www.hiseeu.com and finish the Hiseeu camera login process.
  • After that, move up on the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System Setup page.
  • Now, you can apply the settings for the Hiseeu camera from here.
  • Enable the Hiseeu camera motion detection and microphone mode.
  • Apply the Hiseeu security camera system network settings, just enter the password and SSID of your router network. After this, apply the network settings accordingly. Turn on the Hiseeu wireless security camera notifications.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and apply the settings on this Hiseeu security wireless system.
  • Lastly, kindly save your modifying settings for this Hiseeu wireless system.

Troubleshooting steps for the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

Below are mentioned steps given for the Hiseeu camera troubleshooting. Let’s follow these steps.

  • When the Hiseeu camera not working, you have to use this time to reconnect it with the power. So, let’s connect it with the power and use it again.
  • If the Hiseeu camera is not connecting with the internet then it means your wireless connection is not supported. So, make it supportive first by using the 2.4Ghz band network.
  • While your Hiseeu camera’s night vision is not working then in this case, you have to enable the settings to use this mode.
  • If the Hiseeu security camera HDD is not found, the main reason is that it does not connect with the well-built internet connection. So, connect it with WiFi then find it again.
  • To resolve the Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera password error, just go into the settings and change this password with a new password.
  • When the Hiseeu camera app is not working then in this case, you should uninstall this app. After this, install this app with its latest version and use the updated version app.
  • If the Hiseeu camera keeps disconnecting, that means your router network signal does not reach through this camera precisely. So, kindly replace your NVR recorder closer to the router to solve this occurring issue.

Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera Review

If you want to secure your home surface with Extra Security, then the camera reviewed here is one of the best devices for your home. So, let’s obtain all details about this camera to see or check the Hiseeu IP Wireless Security Camera System Review.

Initial instructions regarding the Hiseeu 4pcs 2K Cams+8CH 3MP NVR(1TB HDD) security camera system

The Hiseeu camera is a popular night vision motion detection camera, it can allow you to get all emergency alerts on your handset. The Hiseeu 3MP camera uses extra exceptional AI human apprehension technology that is intended in 2021. This Advanced AI technology is most advantageous for home security camera systems that differentiate individuals from beings or victims indoors the monitoring area diminishing perfidious alarms. During an interloper enters the monitoring range, the security will represent the personal support that will continue triggered.

Hiseeu Wireless security camera specifications

The Brand Name is the Hiseeu and the Video Capture Resolution is the 2K. Its Color is casually white of all 4pcs 2K Cams+8CH 3MP NVR(1TB HDD). The Signal Format only allows Digital. Moreover, the Low light technology is based upon the IR-CUT Infrared Mode and the Item Weight is 7.72 pounds, the ASIN Number is the B07719HQQS. The Item model number is the WNKIT-4HB612-1T and in which Batteries only 1 Lithium-ion battery is required.

Hiseeu WIFi security camera dimensions

This camera dimension is 12.72 x 7.2 x 10.91 inches. It’s released on the date October 30, 2017.

FAQs of this WNKIT-4HB612 Wireless security camera system

Have the Hiseeu camera app for Windows or Android?

Yes, the IP Pro app or EseeCloud app is available for this IP security camera.

How do I do the recording setup of the Hiseeu camera?

Just move on to the settings section using the app and apply the setting for recording and save it lastly.

What Should I Do for the Hiseeu Camera reset?

Press the Hiseeu camera reset button, it may be located on the back of this camera. Hold it just for a minute and release it. Ensure that your Ip security camera is reset now.

Can I update the Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera System firmware, but how?

Under the Hiseeu camera settings home menu, you have to lock the system update function and update this camera firmware from here by following the on-screen instructions.

How to use the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera Night Vision WiFi Security Surveillance mode?

Enable the Night vision security mode or outdoor voice listing mode to use it perfectly.

What’s this Hiseeu camera Low light technology?

It is IR-CUT Infrared Mode.

How to do the WiFi setup of the Hiseeu camera?

Just, emulate the Hiseeu Ip wireless security camera setup manual guide or quick installation guide to finish the Hiseeu camera configuration process.

How to reset the Hiseeu camera password?

If you forgot the Hiseeu security camera system password then reset it through the settings section.

Does the Hiseeu WNKIT-4HB612 Security Camera support Google Home?

Yes, you can also operate this Ip security wireless outdoor and indoor camera using the Google home.