GW Security Camera System

The GW security camera system is an ultra HD 16 channel H.265 4K NVR camera that comes with smart AI detection. The inbuilt AI with facial recognition and human or vehicle detection tools detects the faces of a person or vehicle to advance security and evade false alarms. The modern H.265 is further accelerated and captures less data that proposes you to collect more video and retains the tone of the video. It usually captures the recorded video and grants you to see it with a remote viewing feature on your PC, mobile phone, and tablet.

It can bear upto 10 users at a moment. The weather-resistant specialty permits you to install the camera indoors as well as outdoors. The NVR arrives with 16 PoE ports and 3 USB ports. The 8 Megapixel ultra HD 4K feature presents higher quality to your pictures and videos. The high-quality LED grants to observe upto 100 feet even on dark nights. The adaptability with Alexa and Google devices permits you to regulate the device hands-free and by delivering voice commands. The superior features of NVR and camera are as follows.

Useful features of NVR and Camera

The 16 channel security camera arrives with a bundle of features. Some useful features are discussed below.

  • The 16 channel NVR and camera system supports around 4K with 30 fps in the current time for all channels.
  • It arrives with modern H.265 technology which compresses the high-quality video to deliver it to the IP cameras. Also retains the size as well as the quality of the 4K video.
  • It is proficient in supporting 10 uses even while placing in outdoor conditions.
  • The USB backup, VGA, and HDMI features let you backup the deleted videos and pictures.
  • It permits you to regulate the device without touching it as it supports Alexa and Google devices. The installation procedure of the GW camera system is as follows.

Installation Process Of GW Security Camera

To begin with, open the cargo box of the GW camera system by lifting the tapes. Carry out all the essential things such as 16 channel NVR along with a hard drive, 4K cameras, both cables with 100 feet and 60 feet length, user manual, and other hardware safely. Put all these types of equipment on the smooth and sere surface. Understand the GW security camera manual and go after the installation.

HDD installation
  • To initiate it, drop the supply and then unfasten the crews from both sides.
  • Take out the NVR cover after unfastening it.
  • Attach both the HDD and power cable to the mainboard.
  • Now install the HDSD and set it above the bracket.
  • Afterward, join both the HDD cable and data cable.
  • Now put the NVR top cover back securely. However, you can manage a hard drive for higher security.
Installing Cameras
  • Position your camera to the even wall.
  • Fix it by toughening the screws. Assure that the screws are not extremely tight so that you can also tighten the additional screws too.
  • After putting in all the screws, tighten it.
  • Join the camera cable to the connector. Install all other cameras in a corresponding way.
Installing monitor and NVR
  • Install the monitor on the wall by employing metal brackets.
  • Now attach the camera wire to the network connector cable on the NVR.
  • On the next port, plug the mouse wire. Guarantee that the monitor is connected to the NVR.
  • Attach the VG port and an HDMI port for output.
  • Also, it unites the LAN port with the router utilizing an ethernet cable to obtain an internet connection.
  • Use the power adapter to the NVR for power on the device.

GW Camera Login

You require a PC with Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, or any other browser installed in it. Now go after certain actions to achieve the GW security camera login operation.

  • Firstly, open a web browser and type GW security camera default IP address in the explore section.
  • Install the plugin by banging the download button.
  • After the plugin is installed on your PC, open it.
  • Typewrite the username and passphrase, set up the initial time, and hit log in.

GW Security Camera Setup

After closing the hardware installation, it led to the GW security camera setup operation. To initiate the camera setup operation, run after these steps.

  • When you power on your NVR, the startup wizard will present itself.
  • Now install the GW security camera software by visiting
  • Move to tech support and pick the location on your PC to download it.
  • Launch the setup and prefer the location to install it after clicking next.
  • Open the software and typewrite the GW security default password 8888 and username.
  • On the following interface, by chasing the device manager selection and then the device.
  • Remain for it to detect the network by itself. If it does not, then advance to the network icon and later to the IP address. Bang on the manual and then add the name and IP address. Typewrite the username admin and password if you prefer to change it and click OK.
  • Now the state shows connecting and it represents all the info regarding the device along with a model number.
  • Now advance to the control panel and inspect your installed cameras. That’s it, your camera setup has been configured, fortunately.

GW Security Camera Troubleshooting

Many concerns may result if you are employing a camera for any purpose. Resetting the devices may fix numerous problems. But it is the last one. Try any extra tricks if your device is not working accurately

GW Security Camera not working? Here are the tips

If your security camera system is not working, then attempt the following solutions. It may help you to get freed of it.

  • Recheck that the power supply is enough.
  • Also, review that the connection and the cable are in serving condition.
  • Power spike may further generate this matter. Practice a surge protector to preserve your camera from power threats.
  • Validate that the wire and cable are joined to the camera and NVR, and are not damaged. It should be operating properly.
  • If you are receiving a low internet speed, then monitor your router bandwidth. Also, check the connections to the router or reset it to setup it again.
  • Do the gw security camera firmware update, if available. It may tackle the query.
How to Fix video loss? Solutions
  • Reverify the power connectors, power splitters, and cable connectors to the NVR port are strongly established.
  • Do not attach the camera to the PoE port. It may supply abnormal power. Attach the IP camera right to the NVR port.
  • Revalidating the router is presenting enough speed. If not, then swap the bandwidth or contact ISP.
  • Get sure that IR is on NVR settings to maintain an eye on the night view.
  • Assure that you are connected with an identical IP address. Ping before setting the IP address.
  • Deploy UPS to overcome sudden power outages and video loss.

GW Camera Review

Purchased this device recently and I am pretty fortunate to review it. It was a nice deal. It takes around 6 days to install and set up the cameras. And comes with the latest H.265 technology which compresses the high-quality video to deliver it to the IP cameras. It also retains the size as well as the quality of the 4K video. It is capable of supporting 10 uses even while in outdoor conditions. However, the quality of the video it delivers to the app is not up to mark. If you are looking to purchase this camera security system, then I must suggest you try it once.


Q1. Can I change the 6mm camera lens?

No, the lens is not changeable.

Q2. Can I replace the hard drive?

Yes, the hard drive can be replaceable.

Q3. Does this camera equip with a zoom-in function?

No, the camera does not zoom.

Q4. What to do if my camera system is not working?

Verify that the power supply is enough. Also, check that the connection and the cable are in working condition. Power spikes may also create this issue. Use a surge protector to preserve your camera from power threats. Check that the wire and cable connected to the camera and NVR are not damaged. It should be working properly. If you are getting a low internet speed, then check your router bandwidth. Also, check the connections to the router or reset it to setup it again. Do the GW camera firmware update, if available. Hope it helps.

Q5. How many ethernet cables are in the camera shipment box?

There are two ethernet cables in the package box.

Q6. Can I use cat6 wire?

Of course, you can use cat6 wire.

Q7. Does this camera equip with an inbuilt microphone?

No, it does not have a microphone.

Q8. Does this camera system run on 220-240v?

Yes, it does.

Q9. This system come with a talk-back feature or not?

No, it does not have a talk-back feature.

Q10. How far can the camera and the NVR be set up?

Around 100 feet employing an amplifier.

Q11. How long does the wire come with the package box?

There are two wires having 60 feet and 80 feet in length.

Q12. Can I add a separate microphone camera to this system?

Yes, any type of camera with an inbuilt microphone can be run with this system.