Garmin GC 100 Wireless Cameras

The all-new Garmin GC 100 wireless camera is a marine camera that will help you in monitoring the specific areas of your boat/submarine. With the dense camera, you can view your vital places on the boat. The wireless connectivity system with the boat Chartplotter ensures you freely cover your security areas. The GC wireless camera ensures high-quality images on the screen as well as you can see the video footage on the other Chartplotter on the same network. The great picture quality ensures you have a clear view in darkness, you can use the GC 100 camera for the engine room of the boat.

Chartplotter: A Chartplotter is an electronic device that is used in marines to navigate and integrate GPS data. It displays the position, speed, and direction of the ship.

  • The multi-connectivity feature bringing a change to your boat security.
  • If you want to get a view of various parts of the boat all at a time, the multi-connectivity feature of the GC 100 wireless camera enables you to connect seven cameras with your Chartplotter and get the view of four at a time.
  • Flexible installation feature giving you opportunities.
  • The GC 100 wireless camera is designed with weatherproof housing and durable/strong material enables you to place it about everywhere on your boat.
Garmin GC 100 wireless camera

Set-up the Garmin GC 100 wireless camera with the Chartplotter wirelessly

The easy set-up process of the Garmin GC 100 wifi marine camera enables you to connect it with the Chartplotter easily in a short period of time. You must configure/set-up your Garmin Chartplotter before connecting to the Garmin GC 100 camera. The Garmin Chartplotter makes a wifi network to which you can connect your GC 100 wireless camera.

Set-up the Garmin GC 100
  • Choose settings
  • Select communications
  • Go to a +wifi network, wifi
  • Click on ‘ON’ to turn on the wifi network
  • Then select OK
  • Select a name for the wifi network(whatever you want)
  • Choose a strong password for the wifi network

The password will be required to access the GC 100 wireless camera with the wifi network.

Note: The password is case-sensitive.

Setting up the GC 100 marine camera

After successfully configuring the Garmin Chartplotter, now it’s time to setup the Garmin GC 100 camera wirelessly. You just have to press the Power button of the GC-100 camera three times quickly within an unobstructed range of 76m(259 ft.) with the Garmin Chartplotter.

  • open settings on the Chartplotter
  • Go to Communications
  • Select wireless Devices
  • Select Garmin camera(Garmin GC camera)
  • Click on start and follow the instructions that appeared on the screen to start the process

Tips to set-up the Garmin Gc 100 wifi marine camera( Mounting, placing)

If the camera is not placed and mounted in a correct position, the camera may not display the correct information on the screen.
Mounting the camera means fixing the camera on something like the wall, roof, or the door.

  • The camera should be mounted at a place where it is not submerged
  • Have a test of the camera in your selected place before permanently mounting the camera
  • Mount the camera in such a way that the cables can connect easily and not bend too much
  • Place the camera in a place where it does not be an obstacle in your path in doorways or walkways
  • Always mount the camera where you can remove the camera to another place

Steps to mount the Garmin GC100 wireless camera

Follow the instruction below and effortlessly mount your Garmin GC 100 wireless camera to make it ready to connect with the Chartplotter.

Garmin GC
  1. Drill a pilot hole using a 3.2mm drill bit in the place where you want to mount the camera.
  2. Attach the camera mount to the mounting surface using the included screws.
  3. Fix/insert the camera into the housing.
  4. The front of the housing should be closed after inserting the camera.
  5. Using the included tools, Compress the tamper-proof side screws.
  6. Connect the power cable to the camera to make it ready for the Chartplotter

Safe steps while connecting the power cable

The improper way to connect the power cable may cause you several injuries. Never remove the in-line fuse holder while connecting the power cable. Connect the power cable to the power source and then to the device. Connect the wires with their respective terminals to avoid short-circuit and fuse blowing. (The white wire should be connected to the positive terminal, and the black wire should be connected to the negative terminal).

Issues faced with the Garmin GC 100 wireless camera

As we all know, nothing is perfect. So, Garmin GC 100 wireless camera also has some bugs/issues. The common issues faced by the people using the GC 100 camera are:

Issue 1. Not connecting to the Chartplotter wirelessly

If the GC 100 camera is not connecting to the Chartplotter wirelessly even after following the installation manual, try the following:

  • Reset the GC100 camera by pressing and holding the power button until the LED lights
  • Switch the Chartplotter’s wifi to Ch.1
    • Turn on the Home screen.
    • Go to settings.
    • Go to communication.
    • Click on Wifi network.
    • Choose the Advanced option.
    • Click on Channel and enter 01.
    • Click on Done and your Chartplotter channel name has been changed.

Garmin GC 100 marine camera review

Difficult to connect, the battery is rechargeable and is always on. The installation instruction that is provided is wrong, the users face a tough installation. The Garmin support is quick and easy to understand. The instructions say that the battery is full-time power but it is rechargeable. A dependable security camera, It rarely will miss any update. Camera with every second footage that will allow you to comfortably focus on your boat mission. Needs the latest version of the Chartplotter to sync with, The camera will work smoothly when you have the updated and latest version of the connected Chartplotter. It gives you a wide range of views.