ecobee Indoor Security Camera

In this modern era, most of the devices working on the behalf of the internet, which also includes a camera. All the WiFi security cameras work quite well, but it does not fulfill your desires. In this case, the manufacturer created an ecobee Indoor Security Camera. It is definitely working well and pretty well to securing your Baby & Pet. This baby monitoring Smart Home Security System might be the most beneficial for double use cases yet. In addition, in the market also available too many cameras but it’s not well to preserving your home baby and baby. This is a spendthrift camera that comes with upgraded features. It is compelling you or anyone to use its upgrading features with a newborn.

Apart from this, the ecobee smart camera baby monitor camera arrives with upgraded specialties. Through this system, one can obtain a comprehensive picture including a 180º area of view plus auto-zoom and pan. The ecobee smart camera Homekit secures video into the SD card with 1080p HD 180 Degree FOV. Moreover, this is also great for detecting the motions into the Night Vision with the 2-Way Audio siren system. You can undoubtedly hand-free operate this device because it works with Apple HomeKit. It is Built-In with the voice control Alexa system. So, let’s use the ecobee smart camera to defend your home with smarter home security.

Features of ecobee SmartCamera – Indoor WiFi Security Camera

Before using any system, first of all, know about its all details like its features and its specifications. So, let’s obtain in a series the details of its features through the below.

  • Use this Smart Home Security System to Stream consecutive ultra-clear 1080p HD all-time videos on your handset including day or night. Assume you’re in the home with proper security, notwithstanding while you’re not.
  • This wireless security camera is also pretty good for person detection. The smart camera automatically detects or monitors a person while a person is immediate and pan across its 180º range of viewpoints to cache them in the essence of the support or frame.
  • In addition, it is also good for getting smoke alteration detection around your home-specific zone.
  • Grasp your entire household people securely. Receive an alert or warning on your Mobile phone if SmartCamera exposes a vibration of your smudge alert.
  • The Indoor WiFi Security SmartCamera can close off automatically while family members come and emphasize on-device end-to-end encryption and processing. Therefore, it’s better for your privacy.

Hence, it is the initial feature of this ecobee SmartCamera – Indoor WiFi Security Camera. Understand all the aforementioned steps to know all the peculiarities of this system.

Ultimate ways for the installation of the ecobee smart camera baby monitor

Are you struggling with this ecobee smart night vision installation and thinking about “How to install the Ecobee Smart Camera? To install it, you have to use the following steps.

  • In the foremost, kindly unbox this wireless SmartCamera system and also carry from its packaging box its furthermore accessories.
  • It brings in its accessories a SmartThermostat, 2 SmartSensor, SmartCamera, ecobee camera manual, power cable, drywall anchor, some other tools, etc.
  • Keep all the things in a safe place and let’s begin to read all guidance regarding its safety via its user manual.
  • After this, install this ecobee SmartCamera with a voice control system in an adequate location of your home. If you want to mount it then mount it in a precise location.
  • Attach the stand of this system after standing it, also fix the power cable on the back of the base.
  • After beginning its electrical power, you can attach this device with the ecobee app. Its furthermore steps are mentioned below. Follow these steps in a series to connect or pair the ecobee smart camera with the app.

Pair the ecobee Indoor WiFi Security Camera with the ecobee app

To operate this ecobee Indoor Security Camera precisely then let’s follow the steps in the order that is mentioned below.

  • Open your handset and ensure that an internet connection is available.
  • If the internet is not connecting in this system, then, firstly, connect it with the internet.
  • After this, launch a mobile phone ecobee app through the play store to the ecobee smart camera registration.
  • Emulate all the terms and conditions that are valuable for using this app.
  • To create an account click on the sign-up option.
  • Go ahead and click on the Email address box to insert in which your Email address.
  • In this manner, click on the next option and type the verification code which is getting on your Email.
  • After that, the ecobee SmartCamera WiFi system account has been created, just set your device account password.
  • Now, add the ecobee security camera system, by searching this device name through the devices name lists.
  • Pair the ecobee system with this app by clicking on the “+” or add a sign icon.
  • Now, it paired favourably. So, proceed into the settings to connect it with the internet.
  • Type the SSID (network name) and password to connect it with the internet.
  • So, it is paired and your security camera is also connected with the internet connection.
  • This ecobee Smart Camera light is blinking now to show that it is working precisely.

These are the points given to pair the ecobee Indoor WiFi Security Camera with the ecobee app. Follow the aforementioned steps to the ecobee SmartCamera installation.

ecobee Indoor Security Camera manual

The ecobee manual brings very informative instructions regarding this Smart Home Security System. Before using this system, kindly read the ecobee installation manual and then let’s begin using it. Get more information through its user manual like How to use ecobee smart sensor? How to pair ecobee smart sensor? How to connect an ecobee smart sensor? Can I use the ecobee Smart Camera outdoors? Is there any app available for controlling the ecobee Smart Camera? Will I use the ecobee Smart Camera with Apple Homekit? How To update the ecobee Smart Camera firmware? How to reset the ecobee SmartCamera? So, these are the main questions that all answers are usually included under the ecobee Smart Camera manual. Kindly understand the all mentioning details from its user manual and solve your mind all occurring queries regarding this wireless security system.

ecobee Smart Camera setup

Here are the mentioned points for the ecobee Baby & Pet Monitor Smart Home Security System Setup. Let’s review these points to make your smart device setup easier.

  • To login in, you can use the login or the ecobee app.
  • Ensure that, this ecobee WiFi security camera is paired with your favorable app, if it is paired, then, go ahead.
  • Move under the ecobee settings section to upgrade this system setting.
  • Choose the advanced settings and find from here the necessary settings that are mandatory to replace.
  • After this, to reset this camera then simply pick up the factory default settings and reset it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Through the system update setting section, you can undoubtedly update the ecobee smart camera firmware.
  • In this order, simply modify all relevant settings of this camera like its quality, notifications settings, voice settings, etc.
  • Just, emulate the on-screen presenting guidance to modify this WiFi security system settings in a precise manner.
  • In the end, save all your Indoor WiFi security camera settings.

The aforementioned steps are mentioned for the ecobee smart camera setup and to modify its settings in the correct way.

Simple Steps for the ecobee smart camera troubleshooting

Emulate the below-mentioned steps for solving the ecobee smart camera issues. Let’s emulate these steps for ecobee troubleshooting.

  • If for some reason, the ecobee SmartCamera is not working or ecobee won’t turn on. Then, in this case, you simply have an option to resolve it that is to reset it. Locate the ecobee Smart Camera reset button and press it plainly for two to three seconds. Now, it is reset precisely, then let’s verify it is working momentarily.
  • Sometimes, your smart wireless security camera app shows ecobee login problems, can’t log in to the ecobee app or shows more errors. In this case, you just access the admin page of this camera with > en-us > cameras. Login to the ecobee smart camera again, surely this device login error is resolved now.
  • If you are thinking about “why is my ecobee app not working” sometimes. Then, this issue also has a solution that is to reinstall the app with its latest upgraded version.
  • When the Ecobee has Trouble connecting to your device, then simply go into the main menu then about, after this, choose the WiFi and lastly check that it is connected to ECOBEE.COM precisely.
  • Restart your wireless router if this your smart security camera shows different errors like ecobee does not reconnect to WiFi after a power outage, ecobee keeps disconnecting from WiFi, ecobee won’t connect to WiFi anymore.
  • Modify the night vision settings if the ecobee camera night vision is not working.

So, these are the troubleshooting tips for your ecobee smart WiFi security camera, that’s all are mentioned above.

ecobee smart camera baby monitor Review

However, in this latest generation world, more than devices are intended with modest technology. But, when we actually use such a device then we don’t have to get a pretty good result. So, before buying anything, kindly check the review of this device and buy it. So, here I present the review of the ecobee smart camera homekit secure video system. This is entirely operating with the connectivity of the internet. If you are thinking about buying it, then, first of all, read the ecobee smart camera review below.

Design, Size and basic information about the ecobee smart camera:

The ecobee security camera is an ingenious wireless security camera. Its main motive is to build up to securing your home pets and baby. It monitors all the activities of your home very suitably without any hesitation. You can easily stand or mount this device in your home at any location. The size and design of this system are truly very distinct. This is fully working on the basis of the Apple HomeKit.

Specifications of the ecobee smart camera indoor:

It comes with the SmartCamera with voice control, Dual Mount Stand, Power Supply, Wall Mount Screw and Drywall Plug, Quick Start Guide, and Mounting Guide. It is manufactured by ecobee, the Part Number of this device is ‎EBSCV01. The first time it’s available is on April 21, 2020. The ASIN number of this security camera is B087D6DRCC.

ecobee SmartCamera – Indoor WiFi Security Camera dimension:

The Item Weight is 1.55 pounds. The dimension of this is ‎1.72 x 2.28 x 4.25 inches. The model number of the ecobee smart camera is ‎EBSCV01.

Warranty and price of the ecobee smart camera on amazon:

The Warranty of this camera is ‎3 Years, 90 days and let’s get the price details of the ecobee smart camera in Canada by amazon.

ecobee smart camera FAQ

How to use ecobee smart sensor?

Just attach the smart sensor with this camera to detect the smoke. Read the user manual to use the smart sensor.

How to pair ecobee smart sensor?

Install the ecobee app to paint the smart sensor with your camera system app.

How to connect an ecobee smart sensor?

Use the ecobee smart sensor app to connect it with the internet connection.

Can I use the ecobee Smart Camera outdoors?

No, you can only use the ecobee Indoor Security Camera indoors.

Is there any app available for controlling the ecobee Smart Camera?

Yes, the ecobee app is available for controlling this smart wireless security camera.

Will I use the ecobee Smart Camera with Apple Homekit?

Yes, because this ecobee Wireless Indoor Security Camera works on the behalf of the Apple Homekit.

How To update the ecobee Smart Camera firmware?

Go into the settings menu < choose the advanced settings < system update < choose the latest updated version of this camera < click on the update option.

How to reset the ecobee SmartCamera?

To reset the ecobee smart camera factory default settings, just hold the ecobee SmartCamera reset button just for three to five seconds. Now, this is reset happily.

How to assist the ecobee Smart Camera with Alexa?

Install the Alexa app and add this camera by using the pairing method. Now, you can assist this ecobee Smart wireless security camera with Alexa voice commands.