Easy ways to setup Foscam camera using the Soft AP (Soft Access Point)

So what is a soft AP? It is software that enables any device to connect with a router even when it is not made for wireless internet connectivity. So now to activate the soft APmode in your foscam camera, locate the AP button on your camera, press the button for 4-6 seconds then leave, the camera will announce that soft AP mode is activated.

How do I login to a foscam camera?

First of all open the web browser from the device connected with your camera. Search myfoscamcamera.com, login page will appear. Enter your user name and password and press the login button. You will be able to login to the foscam camera very easily. But if you are logging in for the very first time, then the default username is admin and there is no password.

How to connect your facecam camera to wifi?

Below is a setup wizard for connecting the foscam camera to wifi:-
To do this, what you need is, a smartphone, laptop, tablet or pc. Along with a networking cable and a router or modem.

  1. Firstly plug in the camera in the desired electrical socket and then attach the router and camera with a networking cable.
  2. After this register or sign in to the foscam camera from your connected device either through the foscam camera app or through a web interface that is myfoscame.com.
  3. Now connect your foscam camera with the router.

Foscam plugin downloader

To download the foscam camera plugins please visit here:
https://www.foscam.com/downloads/app_software.html and download the desired plugins.

Change your foscam camera login password:-

To Change foscam camera login password the only way is that you have to press the reset button under the camera for about 15 seconds. When it will reboot leave the reset button. By doing this the default settings will be restored that are:- default username = admin and default password = (blank).
Now you can set up a whole new username and password for your foscam camera.

Foscam plugin Firefox

Foscam plugins do not load in firefox or chrome. app store and play store Apps Specially are designed by the company for all the required functions.
To download the app from play store click here > https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.foscam.foscam&hl=en_IN&gl=US
To download the app from app store click here > https://apps.apple.com/us/app/foscam/id924381688

Operating the foscam camera remotely

To do this firstly login the camera, after that click on “settings” proceeding with “network” and then “IP configuration”

  • Uncheck the checkbox “obtain IP from DHTP server” and click save.
  • Go to “settings” then “network” and then “port” to change the http port of your camera.
  • Login to your router to do the port forwarding for the camera.
  • Then click on advanced settings then on the port forwarding page and add custom service.
  • Enter the required information and click on the “apply” button to save above settings.
  • Then go to www.yougetsignal.com/ to check the port status.

If that gets open up, you can login the camera remotely by WAN IP address and port.
For any other help, please contact support@foscam.com.

How to resolve the troubleshooting of foscam camera

The basic way is to check whether all the wire outlets and power switches are intact or not if there is any problem in these it can be resolved easily.

  • Check the login details or login with correct username and password again.
  • You should ensure that your camera does not have the same ip address as that of any other camera, otherwise both or any one of the cameras will get cancelled out from accessing the network.
  • If you are not getting that what is the fault then you can reboot the camera and disconnect it from the main power supply for 15 sec or more, this may help in resolving the troubleshot.
  • Check if all the cables are intact, well inserted and fine.
  • And the last two ways to resolve the troubleshooting are you can factory reset your camera yes it is a drastic step but if your device has gotten corrupt then you have to do this or the final way is to call the experts for help that may be a manufacturer or anyone who can remotely helps you to fix the troubleshooting issue occuring on your device.